7-6-20 THIS WEEK: Summer Color Remix

July 6, 2020, 2:15 pm by MSP


Getting your style to come together (often for the first time) in your adult life can either be a frustrating ordeal, or one of the most amazing life experiences a woman can have!


I’m on board for helping you rediscover your style as an amazing experience…and I’ve got just what you need. This week, we play with color. By using the element of color you will get a fresh perspective on your current wardrobe. Summer is the perfect season for wearing more color. So, let’s do this! Let’s fire-up our wardrobes and our style with more color and more style!


Summer is the perfect season to infuse more color into your outfits.



Using COLOR as our main style element, think about summer pieces you already own that are bright and colorful. We will start with those few pieces. Look at your bottoms (shorts, crops, summer pants). Next, sort through your summer tops. Now go through your summer skirts and dresses. What else do your wear regularly in the summer months? It's time to see how to remix these pieces...


This week let's put together some fun outfits, using color...

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MSP’s Weekly Style Mission

Wondering how to look special and unique? Do this week's Style Mission!

This week's Style Mission: Wear a NEW accessory. If you don’t ever wear scarves; this week wear one (if it hot outside, tie a colorful scarf on your handbag instead). Necklaces aren’t really your thing? This week, wear one. You get the idea. Jump right in and try wearing a new accessory. The fun begins when you step out of your comfort zone.

Explore new accessories...by always adding something to even your everyday clothes...

Your style always looks "on point" with the addition of one statement accessory.

Dear Leslie...
Hi Leslie,

I signed up for MSP two weeks ago and I'm loving the personalized style program.  

I wanted to thank you because today I had (what is for me) was a big step.  Even though I have all the head knowledge and know all the steps to cleaning out the closet, I have not been able to get motivated to make a dent. 

However, the regular messaging from you is very reinforcing and somehow when I heard you say "edit" your wardrobe, that term really helped make it less painful.  I was able to embrace that and I brought 15 items to consignment today and they took them all.  I also filled 3 shopping bags of clothes and shoes for donation.  I have lots more to go, but your encouragement got me to make the first leap.  

Thanks for all you do!
Dear MSP:

I have just renewed my membership. Since learning so much from you, I hear all the time about how I "Always look so nice!" and "Dress like you're rich!" when most of my things are second-hand but selected and put together using your advice.

I am very frugal but your advice is well worth the cost.

Thank you so much, I now look and feel 10 years younger and have so much more confidence!!!