6-29-20 THIS WEEK: 12 Steps to Chic

June 29, 2020, 10:36 am by MSP


Change begins by taking the first step. It's this first step that often feels shaky and uncertain when you are embracing a change in your life. Sometimes it feels more like a leap of faith or perhaps it's a jump out of your comfort zone. Regardless of how intense this first step might be; it's a good thing when it comes to your style. This feeling of newness and excitement means something awesome is about to happen!

This week's article: "12 Steps to Chic Style" are simple steps that will energize your wardrobe and help you get your style mojo back. 

This list of 12 items shares clever ways to take that first step. It will amaze you how doing just one of these twelve steps can propel your style forward...you'll want to do them all!

One tweak can change everything! This week, learn how you don't have to spend a fortune or go crazy shopping to update your appearance. If you have the main wardrobe essentials, staying current and modern can be as easy as changing just one thing. If you always wear your hair the same way, apply the same lipstick, grab the same style of shoes-find out the new ways to shift your ho-hum style into style fabulousness.

12 steps to chic style will have at least one thing that's going to perk up your style-pronto!



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MSP's Weekly Style Mission

How closely do your clothes reflect your style, your body, and your personal coloring? 

Each week, your Personal Profile shows you how to select clothing based on your body shape and explains what is flattering for you-and what’s not. Let's not forget the importance of wearing the right colors for your skin, eye and hair coloring too. Why? Because color gives off an emotional connection and when chosen correctly, wearing the right colors will make you look vibrant! 

Wearing your ‘seasonal colors’  (ones that complement your hair, eye, and skin color) make YOU look naturally stunning!


This week’s Style Mission: Figure out two (2) colors that make you look fab.  

Having a couple of “go to” colors makes shopping so much easier. Do you know what your “go to” colors are? You can try to find them by holding up certain colors you like near your face. Do they make your natural coloring come alive? Or do you look pale and washed out when they are held near your face. If so that means that particular color is not for you. 


Here are color suggestions based on hair color:

Brown/black hair: black, turquoise, cool reds, fuchsia

Blonde hair shades: grays, earth tones, blues, chocolate brown, peachy pink

Redheads: mint green, earth tones, camel, light gold


Do you need help finding your “go to” colors? 

If so, order your personal color analysis today!

Based on your coloring: You will get from MSP a wardrobe color chart +Seasonal color information!


What SYSters Are Saying


Hi MSP! 

I’ve been following MissusSmartyPants for over a year now.  My mother-in-law recently asked me to go shopping with her to help her pick out clothes.  She said, “You always look so put-together”.   I couldn’t believe it, because that was something no one had ever said to me before.  I was able to help her and she picked out a very nice outfit that she loves. 

Thanks for all that you do to help us look “put-together”! 

Fondly, Valerie



First of all, thank you for all your wonderful ideas. I cleaned out my closet and gave away about half of it to a friend who could use them. I kept the basics (as you suggested) and started adding color to make new outfits and have never had so many complements.  

I just returned from a three week trip and for the first time ever, I packed right. I used your packing list and adjusted for the length of the trip. Thank you! I even used it as a basis for my husband's list by just changing the obvious differences.  

I look forward every week to your column.



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DEAR Missus Smarty Pants,

I just joined your style service yesterday.  Since then, I have been pouring over the information on your website.  I am ecstatic at finally figuring out how to shop and what to buy for myself!  I am like many women who don't shop because I didn't know what to buy.  I was looking at the shopping guides today, deciding what shirts would be appropriate for me, and in which color!  I was able to decide for or against clothing because of the style or the color.  This is so amazing to me!

I am currently a stay-at-home Mom who recently became Music Director at my church.  Other than the obvious, dressing up for Sunday services, there are rehearsals and a semi-casual service during the week!  I used to wear t-shirts and baggy jeans to these casual gatherings, and last night, I had on a very simple outfit that really made me look more put-together - how I've been wanting to look, but not knowing how without being super-dressed up!

Yesterday, when I went to the wholesale discount club (BJ'S) where they sell clothing laid out on tables, I was able to purchase 2 basic items for my wardrobe that look great in both fit/style and color (and were quite a deal)!  I was also able to put back 2 sweaters because they were too bulky and didn't emphasize my waist.  I had the right color, but not the right style. 

All of this to say thank you! I had given up on being able to find flattering clothing and played the "hit-or-miss" game every time I went shopping or even got dressed! 

Thank you for restoring my confidence in the fact that I will be learning how to care for myself and present myself as a person with confidence! 

Sincerely, Leah