6-1-20 THIS WEEK: 12 Must-Haves for Your Closet

June 2, 2020, 8:20 am by MSP


Summer style is about the right pieces in your closet. 

Do you find you are always missing "something" to complete your outfit? Do you wonder why your style comes up short when you are trying to look your best? What are you missing? How can you easily create one stylish outfit after another? Guess what? I've got the answers you need...in fact, 12 answers. That's all you need, these 12 items in your closet


Create lots of stylish outfits this week. 

When you have these 12 items in your closet...style is as easy as 1,2,3!

Caslon Chambray Shirt (petite, misses)



12 items = a stylish summer. You don't need more clothes, you need the right clothes. Find out what you really need in your wardrobe to look stylish all summer long. 


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MSP's Weekly Style Mission

This week’s Style Mission: FLING at least two (2) items from your closet you have not worn in at last 6 months. 

Be honest. You know there are at least two items in your closet taking up valuable real estate! You have no plans to wear them because either they don’t fit you, or they are the wrong in color, etc. Release the clutter and lose the closet guilt!


List of Summer Basics for every SYSter...



14 Things to Buy at the Summer Sales 

_White tee-shirts. These need to be replaced each year. Buy a few now during the June sales.

_Accent colored-tees. Have fun with these!  And remember fit is important. Nothing baggy! V-neck, wrap styles, crew-necks, ¾ sleeved, etc. Great layering pieces come fall.

_Camisoles, thin tank tops. Wear now and later as a base layer under cardigans and jackets.

_Button-down dress shirts. Short, 3/4 and long sleeved. Look for no-iron options.

_Classic shorts. White, khaki, dark brown, olive drab, black.

_Jean shorts. Knee length (or just above the knee) are most classic and versatile.

_Classic 5-pocket denims and colored twills. 

_Sundress/warm-season LBD (Little Basic Dress).

_Cotton A-line skirt. 

_Denim skirt.

_Cardigans. In your wardrobe colors...short-sleeved, 3/4 and/or long-sleeved.

_Lightweight jacket.


_Straw/canvas handbag.


What SYSters are Saying

This eBook made all the difference...

Having received the emails from MSP for a couple of years, about 6 months ago I decided to act. Did the big wardrobe cull and rearranged it with new storage units etc. Then I printed out the Styles eBook. I, too, am a visual person so I then read every style article I could lay my hands on and cut and pasted all sorts of pictures that MSP sent and put it with the Style eBook. 

Now I have clothes that I wear and that can be worn in many different ways so I don't need as many clothes. I have gradually built up my basic wardrobe and bought some nice accessories while reading and re-reading the e-book. I am 68 and I have to say I have never received so many compliments about my way of dressing as I have in the past 6 months - my way of dressing before wasn't that bad just a bit conservative and too many style mistakes and no accessories. My whole attitude has changed. Thank you MSP for the Style eBook. Carleen


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