5-18-20 THIS WEEK: Staycay Swimwear

May 18, 2020, 5:20 pm by MSP


Are you going to the pool this summer? That's a question you probably can't answer quite yet. Given the current conditions, most of us don't know. If the answer is "yes"....you must have a pool in your own backyard. If not, perhaps it's a kiddie pool or an oscillating sprinkler that will keep you cool this summer. Regardless, a nice swimsuit, one that fits you correctly and makes you look fab is in order. 

It is that time of year. Time to think swimwear.  What will you be wearing this season? Will you be needing a new swimsuit? Or, perhaps you are wondering if the one you have right now is good for your body type?  

Shop early while the selection of swimwear is strong, and the sales are just beginning. Take advantage of shopping early so you'll have lots of options and can choose your best swimsuit ever!

No travel worries-just fun in the sun this summer. This week's article is all about finding your best swimsuit based on your particular fit issues. 

Let MissusSmartyPants help you select YOUR best swimsuit style based on your body type (and fit issues).


Choose your best swimsuit by using MSP's "Staycay Swimwear" guide. There are lots of "hot" trends to try like "high-waisted" styles that are quite flattering for so many women. There are also suits with sheer fabrics mixed with fun cut-outs, and so much more!


This retro silhouette (below) is a trend-setter for this season!

The higher-waist is quite flattering on many body types...


When it comes to swimwear...a gal's got to know her best swimsuit styles in order to get the best one she deserves. Don't make a mistake, swimwear is expensive too! Get ready to enjoy summer fun (before the season starts) by getting your best swimsuit~now!


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MSP's Weekly Style Mission

This week: Mix it up!

Nothing to buy here. This style mission is going to "test" your creativity.

Set aside enough time so you can play around with, and mix-up your clothing and accessories to create new outfits you've never tried before

You've got plenty of clothes; you just need a little "push" in the you-know-what to get you going. HERE'S YOUR PUSH!!! Bam. Consider yourself pushed :)

STEP 1: Grab something you haven't worn for a very long time. 

STEP 2: Put on your creative thinking cap...What could you possibly wear this with garment? 

STEP 3: What other ways can you wear it?


Example: start with a striped tee...

What SYSters Are Saying


Question about previous shoe article...

In your shoe article you said that wearing flats with skirts below the knee is dowdy, but in the spring preview you said that the midi could be worn with flats. I am confused. Is it the style or fullness that determines whether flats can be worn with a skirt below the knee? Debra


MSP HERE: Dear Debra,

Thank you for your question. This is a great question worthy of an explanation....so here it is!
Wearing flats with midi skirts can look dowdy. This is especially the case of the skirt is full-cut and the length is close mid-calf vs. a skirt at-the-knee.
The best way to wear flats with midi skirt is to choose a slim or A-line styled skirt. Also, avoid longer midi lengths that are mid-calf. Instead, opt for a length just below the knee. 
Love, Leslie MSP


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