4-13-20 THIS WEEK: 10 Tips for Buying Online

April 14, 2020, 2:08 pm by MSP


10 Tips for Buying Online

Since the Coronavirus, stores have been shuttered closed, and if they were open any time soon; you’ll probably be a little hesitant to shop inside. Perhaps this will change over time, or perhaps we will shop even more online. Either way, shopping online definitely has its benefits: no need to wait in line, leave the house or even change out of your pajamas. 


While buying online comes with a long list of pros, it can have a few drawbacks too, like those fancy jeans arriving several sizes too small. To save yourself time and aggravation (no returns or disappointing surprises), use these ten tips for shopping online.



Never be diappointed from an online purchase again! Buy with confidence. These 10 tips (in tomorrow's article) will show you how.



Take the time now to get your closet (and style) in order!

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MSP's Weekly Style Mission

This week’s Style Mission: FLING at least two (2) items from your closet you have not worn in at last 6 months. 

You've got lots of time at home (at least most of you do!)......

Be honest. You know there are at least two items in your closet taking up valuable real estate. You have no plans to wear these items because either they no longer fit, or they are the wrong color for you. Fling them now and release yourself of this closet guilt!

Spend 15 minutes in your closet...and FLING two (2) items!

“Give and you shall receive”. You get more closet space when you give someone else the cast-offs you are no longer wearing. It’s a win-win Style Mission this week!

Love, Leslie MSP


What SYSters Are Saying

"I finally get it!  I've been using the "capsule" way of dressing since you posted it earlier this year. I've been a member for a few years and have enjoyed the style advice and shopping suggestions. As a full time professional who also travels for work, I am so glad I finally understand the capsule concept. I leave my capsule ready for the morning and grab my outfit and go.  
Thanks, Penny"


Hi Leslie!

I subscribed one year ago, and I'm thrilled with all I have learned. I get compliments when I follow the MSP style guidelines, and I KNOW when I look in the mirror and something looks good.

I have purged my closet, but still struggle to let go of everything I know I need to. It is time again to do that in fact~ maybe I can manage to pull out more that just doesn't work! When I do put myself together well it is totally due to the advice I've gotten from  you, between your blog information and my specific shape (B - Beautiful Me).

I get compliments on my clothing, and get asked if I lost weight, when I dress well. It is so awesome to feel that I know what I'm doing!!!

I do still struggle though, which is why I so need the reminders and the advice, and why I'll continue to follow MSP! For instance, I travel every week for work. Sometimes I have to be more business (and I have that 'uniform' pretty solid!) and other times more business casual. I might grab clothes for the suitcase thinking certain things will look good together, or I'll have a top I want to wear, and everything goes with black slacks, but then it doesn't quite look right once I get it all on. So, I'm certainly not perfect, but I'm so much better, and more confident. I always try to find a completer piece, even if it doesn't stay on all day....

When I know I look good I feel good, and project confidence. I have been told I am now dressing 'like marketing.' Since that is what I do now, I feel good about that!!!

Thank you, Leslie, for your assistance in making me more confident, showing me what flatters me. Keep pushing me to purge anything I wouldn't buy now, that doesn't fit or doesn't look great on me. 

And THANK YOU for helping me to NOT spend money on clothes that I might like while on a hanger, but that won't look the best on ME.

Have an awesome day! Lori