4-6-20 THIS WEEK: The Right Shoes for the Outfit

April 6, 2020, 1:39 pm by MSP


The winter boots have been put away, now you must choose from sandals to sneakers. What warm season shoes should you wear? The right shoes can be harder than selecting your outfit. Often, you doubt you've choosen the right shoes for what you are planning to wear.

How can you tell if your favorite shoes are right for your outfit, and if they are still 'in style'? Outdated shoes for sure will make you look outdated. So, how do you know when it's time to retire your favorite kicks and buy something new? 


This week MSP helps you: 

1. Navigate the latest shoe trends

2. Determine the right shoes for your outfit


Shoes are "completer" pieces that improve your style. This week-the shoe guide will explain the latest shoe trends and show you how to wear them. Find out the best shoe trends (that are comfortable) and instantly update your style. 


Stylish shoes keep your look current...

Plus they "finish" your outfit!

Don't miss this complete spring shoe guide! 

This week in the Personal Profile sections, you'll get this guide to the latest shoe trends...plus how to choose the right shoes for your outfit. From dresses and skirts, to shorts and pants-how to choose the right shoes!


Start your style journey today! 

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MSP's Weekly Style Mission

Question: You know that one item you always LOVE wearing? Grab it right now.

This week's Style Mission is to figure out WHY you like this one particular garment. Why does it gets worn so often?

Ask yourself questions like these...

__It fits me well.

__It is classic and can be worn almost year round.

__It makes me feel fabulous (happy, comfortable, slimmer) every time I slip it on.

__The color looks great on me.

__The color works with most clothes I wear.

__I get compliments when I wear it. 

__It projects an image I want to project.

__It flatters my body because...


This "thought provoking" Style Mission will help you mindfully select similar items when you shop.


What SYSters are Saying

Dear MSP:

Success story...a few weeks ago at work a co-worker who I don't interact with a lot stopped me in the hallway and said "You are looking good. What are you doing? Your hair looks good, you outfits are stylish and you look like you have lost weight." SMILE. Why thank you! I have started an exercise program (and in my head continued to list off I'm taking care of myself, AND dressing for my body type, standing up straighter, having a better attitude, etc.) Another SMILE.

Love, Linda


Benefits of clearing out the closet: You can see everything!

Dear MSP! I FINALLY DID IT (slowly & with some pain). I've gotten rid of all the clothes that don't fit, colors don't work & also -- the clothes that look cheaply made.
The result? It is soooo much easier to get dressed in the morning. Just about everything coordinates with everything else.

I used to have this weird habit where I wouldn't wear my favorite things to "save them." Now, I only have my favorite things, so it feels like I'm spoiling myself every day.

Thank you MSP!!


Set your timers, 15 minutes at a time—you can do this! How to Purge Your Closet by MissusSmartyPants


Painted chair-rail molding from a hardware store...creates a great way to store shoes!


Dear Leslie, 

My style and confidence have definitely been improving since I subscribed over a year ago, and I faithfully read the style articles where you tell us that knowing your body type and some basic style principles can help you with almost any style dilemma. However, I don't think I really believed you until today. 

A major event is coming up, and I didn't have anything to wear (Oops!). Here's the thing: I'm living in Africa, and the most appropriate attire for this event is the traditional national dress. Beautiful, but if chosen badly it can make any woman look bulky and shapeless. Did I mention I am type E? By the way, this is a government event, and the press is invited. Even with some local friends to help me shop, I was completely overwhelmed. 

Ok, what does Missus Smarty Pants say? Know my colors, check. Wear three ways (or at least to three kinds of events), check. Watch placement of horizontal lines, check. A little décolletage to draw attention to my face? Check. Print in scale to my body size? Check. Fabric with the right weight and drape? Check. Use color and design elements to balance my proportions? Got it. Great fit? Local seamstress is taking care of that. The fabric was even a bargain, and washable. The dress is gorgeous and looks great on me, and I actually can't wait for the big day. 

Ok, I think I believe you now! 

Thanks, Leslie.