3-9-20 THIS WEEK: Update Your Hairstyle

March 9, 2020, 4:09 pm by MSP

THIS WEEK'S ARTICLE: Update Your Hairstyle

Dear SYSters,


This morning as I poured my coffee, and I managed to spill some coffee on my tan slacks (I attempted to wash the stain out, but it was noticeable all day). In the afternoon I opened the mailbox to an unexpected bill, plus I had an extra deadline to meet. There were lots of stressors today—but I handled all of them without freaking out! What was it that made me so resilient? I was having a “good hair day”!


Knowing my hair was styled just right made me feel like I was wearing a suit of armor. I was having a “good hair day” and nothing could penetrate my good mood. Having great looking hair is like wearing clothes that flatter your body type--it’s something you do for yourself because it positively effects your confidence.



“Life is an endless struggle full of frustrations and challenges, 

but eventually you find a hairstylist you like” ~Author Unknown





According to my hairdresser-the latest hairstyle trend is the "undone" blunt bob:



Your hairstyle is a significant part of your self-image.



As your your style journey begins, finding the right clothing styles for your body type is critical. However, to complete your look, you simply can not overlook outdated, or tired looking HAIR!


If you are still wearing the same hairstyle that you wore in high school (or for at least the last ten years) listen up—it’s time for a change. As we age our hair thins, it becomes duller and darker too (I know this sounds depressing, LOL...but it's true)! Older hair needs serious styling. A new playful or spunky hairstyle will add movement to your hair-- and it will add youthfulness to your image. Let’s update our hairstyles this week!


Make an appointment. But, get informed first. Before you sit in the stylist’s chair and she’s ready to color and cut...do your homework. Thumb through magazines, check out celebrities with a similar face shape, research hairstyles that are best for your hair texture, face shape and lifestyle. Next, narrow down your best hairstyles using this week's article. This week's article is full of lots of hairstyle photos by face shape, and offering suggestions for coloring dark hair, light hair, and gray hair! 


Get Ready For Spring

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MSP's Weekly Style Mission

Dear SYSters,

Either your clothes create a good impression, or they don’t. With that said, I can’t help but jump up on my soapbox (again) and mention the importance of wearing the right clothes for your body type! That's what fab style is all about; the right fit AND styles that make you look fabulous.

The problem is, as women, we often “buy into” the current trends even if they don't flatter our shape. This leaves us with a closet full of clothes we won't wear and no longer like.

This week’s Style Mission is to de-clutter and remove those "style mistakes" that don’t flatter your shape (you're not wearing them anyways)...

As a MSP SYSter, your closet should be filled only with clothes you love 100%


NOT wearing 'em?

Out they go! Bless someone else with clothes that no longer serve you...


Some “trendy” styles will NEVER look good on you (or me)—no matter how hard we try—and that’s the reality of it. Certain styles can make us look “fat” or out-of-proportion. MissusSmartyPants is all about helping you select the best style for your body type

Use these guidelines to help you decide which garments must go:

Shape of garment: items like mumus, baby doll dresses, full-pleated skirts, boyfriend blazers (long & boxy and from the 80's), very short skirts.

Fabric texture: wide-whale corduroy, shiny metallics, taffeta, boucle, satin, quilted fabrics, wide horizontal stripes, large loud prints.

Color: overly bright neon colors, any color that makes you look sick or washed out.

Garment fit: anything too big or too tight. Anything that is an “odd” proportioned and you never looked right in it (like capris perhaps?).

This week...please remember: Either your clothes make a good first impression, or they don’t. So... what’s still in your closet that isn’t doing you any fashion favors?

Love, Leslie MSP

"Dear MissusSmartyPants, I have thick legs!"...

It is that time of year when everyone is getting excited about wearing shorts and sundresses. When it does warm up I am not so excited. The reason I am reluctant is because I have thick legs. For my body size my legs, especially my calf muscles are quite large. I'm self-conscious and wonder if you could possibly help me with some suggestions. I'm tired of wearing pants in the summer! Your sis Alicia 


Dear Alicia,

You can't change the way your body naturally is, but you sure can visually "slim" those areas of concern. For example, to visually slim your legs, you want them to appear longer/slimmer. 

Use these 5 style tips to help you visually slim your legs:

1. Wear heels. Even a slight heel will make your legs appear longer/slimmer--no matter what you wear.

2. Wear longer pants. Forget the slim-cut cropped pants...they only emphasize your thicker legs! Instead, opt for longer straight to full-cut slacks for the longer/leaner leg look!

3. Wear this season's "it" skirt! Wear an A-line skirt (see below) or fit and flare dresss. The wide hemline actually helps balance your lower body--and looks fabulous on you. Avoid pencil skirts (the slim cut emphasizes your thickness).

4. Bring attention upward. Draw attention upward towards your upper body and face! Wear bright colors on top, add playful accessories and jewelry to the good stuff!

5. Don't cover up! Enjoy wearing anything you like this season...because you can!


Wear a swingy A-line skirt like this! 

Match it up with a bright semi-fitted top for a fabulous spring look!


What SYSters Are Saying



Dear Leslie,

I am so excited about spring now that I have of the Spring Previews (1 & 2) from Mrs Smarty Pants! 

I could have bought several fashion magazines and easily have paid $15 for them. But I would not have gotten nearly as much style help from them as I get from you! You give us ALL the top styles and trends and the best part, you have NO ADVERTISING! Thank you for keeping your website free of ads. Magazines are full of ads. Even the articles are a sale pitch full of products that are costly. You on the other hand, show us how to wear a trend instead. You give us lots of examples.

For the price of my MSP renewal, I save money plus my time by coming here to get everything I need! I have totally redone my closet now (with help of my DH of course). I painted my closet a pretty marigold yellow and hung hooks for all my necklaces. Everything has its place. I can now pick through and decide what to wear because I love everything I have in my closet.  

I am excited about style again and each day deciding what to wear is fun, yes it is fun again. I thank you for that and for giving so much style help at a price that is affordable!

Your fan, Pandora

P. S. It is still snowing here, so hopefully it will melt soon!


MSP HERE: Dear Pandora,

I hope your snow melts quickly! By now, I'm sure everyone is ready for spring.

Both Spring Previews are now available (this week) in all 5 body type Personal Profiles and will remain posted for the next 4 weeks.

Start planning your spring wardrobe today! You are correct, the style guides are created to help you make smarter clothing/accessory purchases.

Love, Leslie MSP


Dear Leslie,

 Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the knowledge you have imparted to me.  I am so confident as I purchase clothes and put outfits together now.
My closet has been purged, even down to new and almost new Pendleton suits!  As I have lost weight, I fit in to my old (but not worn) wool suits and jackets.  I am even giving them to the Thrift Shop because they are "not my style".  It hurts, but I do realize the improved difference in how I feel when I am dressed in clothes that flatter my body shape.  Thank you again.
Hugs, Karen