2-10-20 THIS WEEK: 10 Styles You Are Not Too Old to Wear

February 10, 2020, 2:25 pm by MSP

Dear MSP SYSters,

Nothing annoys me more than being told I can not wear something simply because of my age. Really? Just exactly who decided certain items of clothing should no longer be worn by woman who's over a certain age? Is thirty, forty, or fifty-or beyond, that's too old?

Of course we need to assess our own bodies and decide what's best covered up and not exposed. But, what we wear should be of a more personal choice-not necessarily an "age" related thing. By using a full-length mirror and reviewing our backsides, most women can come to an intelligent decision whether they should be wearing something, or not. A good rule of thumb is; if you have doubts, then you should not wear it. Listen to your gut.

As a stylist who has helped many women dress well based on their body shape, I know the truth is; you are as young as you feel. Clothing is a necessity, but what is more important, it's a personal choice. The truth is; you can be stylish without dressing like a teenager! The key is to cover up the areas that are showing signs of aging (wrinkled skin, spotted skin) and to wear clothes that fit you nicely. Avoid baggy clothes because they make you look tired and old. Fit is everything when you are of a "certain age" <me chuckling>.


This week, let MissusSmartyPants help you navigate the current trends and styles. I help you wear them correctly, so that you appear ageless.  See how you can wear 10 trends you thought you are too old to wear! This week's "age defying" tips will help you dress with a new-found sassy attitude!


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MSP Weekly Style Mission

Dear SYSters,

Either your clothes create a good impression, or they don’t. With that said, I can’t help but jump up on my soapbox (again) and mention the importance of wearing the right clothes for your body type! That's what fab style is all about; the right fit and styles that make you look fabulous.

The problem is, as women, we often “buy into” the current trends even if they might not flatter our shape. This leaves us with a closet full of clothes we won't wear and no longer like.

This week’s Style Mission is to de-clutter and remove those "style mistakes" that don’t flatter your shape (you're not wearing them anyways)...

As a MSP SYSter, your closet should be filled only with clothes you love 100%


NOT wearing 'em?

Out they go! Bless someone else with clothes that no longer serve you...


Some “trendy” styles will NEVER look good on you (or me)—no matter how hard we try—and that’s the reality of it. Certain styles can make us look “fat” or out-of-proportion. MissusSmartyPants is all about helping you select the best style for your body type


Use these guidelines to help you decide which garments must go:

Shape of garment: items like mumus, baby doll dresses, full-pleated skirts, boyfriend blazers (long & boxy and from the 80's), very short skirts.

Fabric texture: wide-whale corduroy, shiny metallics, taffeta, boucle, satin, quilted fabrics, wide horizontal stripes, large loud prints.

Color: overly bright neon colors, any color that makes you look sick or washed out.

Garment fit: anything too big or too tight. Anything that is an “odd” proportioned and you never looked right in it (like capris perhaps?).

Remember: Either your clothes make a good first impression, or they don’t. So... what’s still in your closet that isn’t doing you any fashion favors?

Love, Leslie MSP


Dear MissusSmartyPants....


Dear MSP: I am loving the more detailed style articles lately! They are so helpful and I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate all the work you're putting into it.

Since subscribing, using your advice has helped me pare down and revamp my wardrobe. I am finally wearing clothes that look great and project the look I want. These in depth articles are really helping me to polish my look and I have been getting compliments left and right that usually have the word "gorgeous" and "classy" in them. As a tired busy lady with a fuller figure, it has been years since I've gotten feedback like that. But it has helped me to remember how vibrant and choosy I used to be with my appearance.

I joined MSP because I needed help dressing my new shape after two kids and I realized I rarely took the time to look put together unless it was required. Now I feel confident because I know everything in my closet looks good on me. Not to mention the colors! What a difference a color palette makes! You were the first to tell me I am a Winter and I doubted at first, but once I gave the Winter palette a try, I was amazed at how it made by skin glow and hair shine.  Thanks for the inspiration and the patience to be picky until I find the items and colors that enhance me the way I am right now.  -Islandgrl


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