2-3-20 THIS WEEK: Choosing Your Spring Colors

February 3, 2020, 2:41 pm by MSP


Color-Inspired Style

Don't wait for spring! Update your wardrobe now by adding in MORE COLOR!

This week at MSP, we explore creative ways to mix more color into your wardrobe! 

Instead of relying on your main color choice, (probably way too much BLACK) let MissusSmartyPants introduce (and inspire) new ways to add more color into your core wardrobe. 

No more boring combinations of “black + another color”. Get excited about mixing fresh colors combinations like: lavender with peachy pink, a rose pink with soft brown, soft fuchsia, deep periwinkle, turquoise, and daffodil yellow with other colors—all pretty colors, found in nature! Plus mix in this season's new color: Classic Blue.


This week:

1. Mix unique color combinations successfully

2. Mix three, or more colors into one outfit

3. Add a “pop” of color stylishly to an all neutral outfit

4. Mix color saturations correctly

5. Use this spring's Classic Blue to start... 





 The element of COLOR will make your wardrobe look new & exciting! This week: Your closet gets COLORFUL-see how easy it is to do!


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P.S. Only wear colors that bring out your natural coloring. It's important to know which colors flatter your skin, eye and hair coloring. 

Need help? Order a Color Season AnalysisIn a color season assessment, I will evaluate your personal coloring based on your photos and information you send me!



This week’s Style Mission: “feature your best feature”. Just pick one (1) body part you feel pretty good about showing off-then show it off.

What's your best feature? It could be your shoulders, back, forearm, your gams, your smile or often women highlight their décolletage (neck and chest area).

Wear one outfit that highlights this featured body part. If it is your forearms, how about a ¾ sleeve jacket (or wrap sweater) worn with 3 stacked bracelets that coordinate with your outfit?

Ready, set, go! Take this challenge and see how stylish you feel!

Love, Leslie MSP

Make a "Style Statement" this week!


What SYSters are Saying


Thank you for what feels like a friendship!

Dear Leslie and team- Thank you for another year of weekly emails. It is with regret that I will allow my membership to lapse. Thank you and God bless all of you! I have gone from a near hatred of shopping to being often complimented and one who can smartly shop a department store, a boutique or my local consignment shop with a sense of adventure. Thanks for teaching me skills that give me confidence! Don't grow weary of your work! With love and gratefulness, Beth


Dear Missussmartypants, 


I have just the opposite story of most emails. 


I was a size 5 in my 20's and 30's, but in my 40's my health failed and I required massive doses of Prednisone. I went up to a size 14 in 30 days. 


Unfortunately, I had to use Prednisone at least once or twice a year since then. I would lose the weight when I went off of it, but put it back on during the next round. I've crossed the 50 boundary and am currently a size 10.


The good news? I have been a member for several years and I've never been told I was fat. I've received compliments on my outfits from 20-year-old women who are a size 1! 


(Note: There was no size 1 when I was 20; 5 was the smallest size available. I think the size 1 is the same measurements as the size 5 in the 1980's.)


It doesn't matter what age we are; what size we are; or whether we are losing weight; or gaining weight. MSP can help us all!


Thank you,


Pamela from Iowa




Thanks so very, very much for your service, I did my colors and get the weekly updates. It has most certainly blessed me.  I am devoted FlyLady follower.  Since we adopted our twins, I have search for a "garanimals" way of shopping.  Garanimals was a way of making outfits for children by matching animal label - from about 20 or 25 years ago!  Hello, I work full-time and have a great family and not one ounce of spare time. 

But, now that I have done the closet purge and realized I am lady filled to the brim with great basics.......I am having a ball putting together suggested outfits and purchasing fun jewelry and shoes. 

So, I give YOU the most excellent title of " Missus Garanimal". 

Sincerely - MSP baby, Marlene



I really enjoyed the information on the what to buy now for spring.  I have lost 22 pounds since joining the Missus Smarty Pants club. All the great info and ideas that went into my clothes last year are pretty all gone. So now I begin again, however at the moment I still have more weight to lose so I cannot plan on long term clothing at the moment.

The style plan has helped me put some outfits together so I can look as good as I feel. Do you have any ideas for those of us that are currently dieting and going through the sizes, as far as basics to have on hand during our weight loss progress? I try to keep a few pair of jeans and black slacks but I was curious as to how you would handle this process.
All ideas are appreciated and needed!
Thank-you! Patti


MSP HERE: Dear Patti,

What to wear during weight loss is a good dilemma to have. I’m glad you are doing so well, but I do understand that it’s a dilemma all the same.

First of all, I can tell you what NOT to do…don’t wear those same old baggy clothes! You have to show off your progress to yourself and other around you! Wearing the right sized clothes will keep you motivated because they will make you look and feel good about your progress and shrinking shape. Isn’t that what it’s all about…motivation and progress? 

You need to have several great fitting basic pieces that you can wear over and over in different ways. Look for simple constructed garments like a pant without a stitched in waistband or an A-line skirt. Both of these garments can be easily taken in 2 sizes before needing to be replaced. 

Shop at thrift stores, second-hand, etc. to find bargains, and then play up your style with cool accessories!

Love, Leslie MSP



Your advice works! 

I went shopping after receiving my profile and bought a simple flared brown skirt to wear with a plain cream colored blouse I already owned. I never paid much attention to accessories before, but I also bought a multi colored scarf to go with it.  I got 4 compliments at church on Sunday on how lovely I looked. 

What fun! Loretta