1-27-20 THIS WEEK: Styles That Slim Your Waist

January 27, 2020, 1:42 pm by MSP


Some things in life are inevitable...like taxes and getting older. Another thing that happens, as we age, we tend to gain a little "extra" flesh around our middle! Between dealing with an over-scheduled life, and natural shifts in our hormones; before we know it...we end up with a fuller waistline. 

What's a SYSter to do? What is the best way to dress when your waistline has become somewhat undefined? Should you continue to squeeze into what you've always worn, or hide under something loose and baggy? The correct answer is NEITHER of these. Both are poor options for women with undefined waists. Both (squeezing into tight clothes or wearing baggy ones) will make you look bigger than you really are!


The right styles can enhance your shape...even if you have unwanted weight on your mid-section...

The key is choosing the right clothes, the right proportions, and understanding "camouflage" basics!

Dressing slim requires a new approach...

Our bodies have changed since our teen years—therefore our style must change too. We can’t use the same style-sense we once relied on. Both my personal shopping clients, and my MSP SYSters realize they first must dress for their body types—but many of them are also concerned about dressing to minimize an undefined waist. It's a BIG dressing dilemma for so many--this week we tackle it head on!

Does a bigger waistline mean style is a thing of the past? NOPE! Do not “hide” under boxy, unstyled clothes. Instead, learn new dressing techniques to slim and balance your shape--and that includes learning how to minimize your waistline. You'll be amazed how wonderful you feel, plus how fabulous you look!

Loose the “fashion doldrums” you’ve acquired over the years. Start dressing your womanly shape in a new beautiful way (while learning how to balance & slim a fuller waistline). Women’s bodies change, our waistlines expand...and that means new style techniques are required.

What slimming styles do I recommend? For starters, I always recommend investing in a quality pair of fabulous fitting jeans. By finding jeans that flatter your shape (with lots of stretch, yet retain their shape) you can really up your style quotient...instantly! The Not Your Daughter's Jeans (NYDJ jeans) will “lift and tuck” your tummy and booty. Yes, they are expensive…but they are so much cheaper than a real tummy tuck, LOL!


My favorite denims for slimming the “tummy” are a worthy investment!



Nordstrom Marilyn Straight Leg Jeans (Petite, Misses 0-18)

Modern marvels of style (clothes with stretch and structure) can do a lot for our waistlines, so we must take advantage of them. But, this doesn’t mean we must wear heavy-duty Spanx everyday for the rest of our lives! Far from it. By dressing in ways that look slim, and more balanced, wearing styles that minimize torsos, and clothes that “give” the appearance of waist definition; we will look and feel our best.

This week: be prepared to be amazed and look slimmer in your clothes
FYI---NO abdominal crunches are required!

Love, Leslie MSP   


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MSP's Weekly Style Mission


MSP’s Weekly Style Mission: Check the length of your pants. Not sure what the correct length is? Read on--

Take 30 minutes and try on all your pants (with the shoes you typically wear them with). Evaluate each pair of pants by standing in front of your full-length mirror.

FYI: This Style Mission will help improve your body proportions! Many women simply don’t know what the correct length of their pants should be. Most often women wear their pants too short! Psst! Wearing pants too short can make you appear shorter and heavier. The longer the legs look—the leaner YOU look!


These pants are too short. You can tell because you are able to see the whole shoe...

CORRECT LENGTH: Your pant hemline should fall between the top of the heel and mid-heel (heel of the shoe, not heel of your foot). 

You want the pant leg to hang straight and smooth and even slightly rest on the shoe in front..

Pants are the correct length when you can hardly see the shoe. When you walk your pants naturally ride up a bit and that’s when your shoes become more visible.

What do you do when you wear both flats and high heels? You need to commit to a certain length with each pair of pants. You simply can’t wear the same pants with your flats and with your heels. This means you’ll need multiple pant lengths since you have many different shoes in your wardrobe.


How to your pants stack up? This link will take you to a picture showing correct pant length on my facebook fan page: MissusSmartyPants show you correct pant length!

Love, Leslie MSP


What SYSters are Saying


"Thanks for the visual examples..."

Dear MSP, 

I’ve been a SYS sister for two years now and I dress more stylishly now than I ever have. The two most important changes you’ve helped me make are to know what basics I need to look put-together and to wear body-skimming clothes – no baggy shirts, pants, or dresses. My waist is almost more short than petite sizing, so shopping was understandably frustrating for a long time. Baggy shirts were almost my only option, dresses never fit quite right, and a good-fitting jacket seemed nonexistent.

Thanks to changes in the clothing industry (more petite-sized clothes available in more styles) and YOUR help opening my eyes to the options, I’ve found a great jacket to wear with pants – something I thought would elude me forever. Thanks for giving us visual examples of the principles you’re trying to teach us and for encouraging us to keep trying. 

Your Style Sister, 
Erin in CO


Dear Leslie,

I'm an A body type and joined a year or two ago. The main thing I've learned from you so far is to always dress like I am dating...and, after four children, in my 50s, I am in fact in the dating world again. I have found that this just means taking a teensy bit extra time when I'm getting dressed in the morning to pull together an outfit.

I wear necklaces now, and find the small addition of an accessory makes a huge difference. I buy them at Goodwill or on consignment or now and then at Target. I have also learned to lean towards V necks, the right shirt length, and knee length skirts instead of longer ones. I feel much more feminine in knee length skirts. I look for jackets to create a silhouette for my A body type, since I have not much of a waist.

I learned these things over time by reading your articles and looking at the shopping guide each week. Little by little I incorporate what you are teaching us. I get many more compliments than ever before and more importantly, feel more confident and put together. I work at home part of the time but often go out in public, to my clients' homes or to meetings, and I can just walk out the door, ready to go.

Thanks for everything. Kathy, St. Louis


MSP HERE: Way to go Kathy! It's all about taking baby steps with your style. You can learn how to dress in a stylish way over time. 

But sometimes you can take big leaps (like a big "Aha" moment) when you learn what styles are best for your shape and declutter your closet of the clothes that you now know are not flattering! It's good to feel more put-together in confident!

Love, Leslie MSP


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