1-6-20 THIS WEEK: Winter Into Spring-10 Essentials

January 6, 2020, 3:52 pm by MSP


It's the start of the second week of January. Christmas and all the festive activities are now behind us. The ornaments are packed away, until next year. Our living rooms are reset back to their normal arrangements, and the expired Christmas tree is a distant memory. Our lives have hit the reset button. 

January is the "back to routines" month. There is nothing special happening anymore, and these days are often referred to as the "winter doldrums"--that funky in-between time. It's the middle of winter and all we can do is wait impatiently for spring. We can do nothing to change the cold weather, but wait. 

This in-between time is a good time to bed down, hibernate, and organize our closets....after all, we've got at least three months of cold weather still remaining. As the frigid air and dreary gray skies strongly insist upon our patience; comfortably retreat and wait for spring. 


Bundle up in your comfy yoga pants and a snugly sweatshirt... 

It's wardrobe planning time!

Plan your wardrobe now...soon your fuzzy slippers will be exchanged for summer sandals!


Make this in-between time count. Instead of begrudging this time of year, use it to your advantage. This is the best time of the year to plan a master wardrobe! Just like you plan your spring garden when outside your window is nothing but snow and frozen tundra, this is also the best time of year to plan your wardrobe

Examine what you have in your wardrobe now...piece by piece. What really makes up the bulk of your wardrobe anyways? Do you have a lot of clothes, or not that many? What are you still missing as far as basics go? What do you wear almost everyday? What don't you wear often--and why? Ask yourself these questions as your go through your closet, item by item. Make this in-between time, a time well spent. 

What are the best wardrobe essentials for winter into spring? This week we explore the 10 best essentials that will make your wardrobe a stylish one!

This week at MissusSmartyPants.com is "Winter Into Spring: 10 Wardrobe Essentials". Find out this week what you need in your wardrobe to look stylish all the way into spring. 

There are 10 essential wardrobe items you can wear now to jazz up your winter outfits. Use these same 10 essentials to make up your early spring wardrobe. Get this list of 10 Wardrobe Essentials this week!


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MSP's Weekly Style Mission

Got closet clutter? I thought you might. So do I.

With the buzz of all the holiday activities, it's hard to find enough time to keep our closets organized and the mess catches up with us. In fact, it's the holidays that creates the closet chaos in the first place. It always takes extra digging around in our closets to find that special Christmas sweater, or create a party outfit.

This week, let's slowly cull through our clothing racks, our closet shelves and drawers. Release the clutter--then organize what's left. How do you store things? Do you have some creative/clever ways of storing your 'stuff'?! 


This week's Style Mission: Store your accessories and clothing--creatively! 

How about tying your long scarves around a shower curtain tension rod?           

Repurpose a baking rack to display your earrings (and necklaces)...



This costs NOTHING to make!!! Yet, twine and cup hooks are quite effective for displaying hook earrings!



What SYSters Are Saying


Thanks for sharing your fitness story Leslie.  I have diabetes and need to eat for better blood sugar and that is what is helping me - I just had not realized that it could be "the vehicle for getting fit" until I read your letter.
May I suggest for girls who run or walk - running skirts!!  I have two of them and they are way cute.  One of them is all in one compression capris with skirt and the other is a cute white and black paisley skirt that I wear over compression tights.  So here I am size 3X or 2X but when I go running in those skirts I feel fabulous about running. I also have excellent running shoes - New Balance Minimus trail shoes which have barefoot technology.  
Having these cute things to wear while running really make a difference.  Skirts cover up a lot of things best not seen LOL



"Help! My Black Pants Have Faded!"

Dear MSP,

I remember reading about black pants that don't fade. I have worn black cotton/spandex flares that fade badly and constantly need to be replaced. Please let me know what black pants you have recommended in the past that hold their color well.

I like to look put together for my job in a lab but I quickly look shabby with my faded black pants. Please help!

Thanks. Theresa

PS I have made wonderful clothing choices since subscribing to your service!!!!

MSP HERE: Hi Theresa,

It's not always easy to keep black pants black and looking new.

Here are some tips to help you… First of all, always wash them INSIDE OUT and in COLD water, and tumble dry only if you must. It is best to line-dry black pants (and dark denims) to keep the finish looking new.

Cotton and other natural fibers tend to fade more quickly. If this happens and you still love the pants--try dyeing them with RIT black dye. You can use a large plastic bucket or the washing machine. (follow the package directions) Soon you will have like-new black pants again!

Love, Leslie MSP



I've subscribed to your Personal Profile for about two years now and want to share with you another way I utilize the weekly MissusSmartyPants Personal Profile.  Before MSP, my wardrobe mostly consisted of dark, baggy clothes in hopes of covering up the fact I was overweight.  Now, based on your wonderful advice, I'm proud to wear close-fitting clothes in a variety of colors that are good for me. 

I found another great way to use your weekly profile suggestions.  I print out the page, "MissusSmartyPants Selects" which shows an outfit recommended by you that includes clothing, shoes, and accessories.  I place the sheet inside a clear page protector, punch a hole in the margin, and hang my collection on a jump ring.  I keep these "outfit suggestions" hanging near my closet to give me great ideas for putting together an outfit I wouldn't think of doing myself. 

I'm currently in a weight loss program and have lost about 10 lbs.  The incentive behind my becoming healthier has lots to do with how I feel about myself since I've learned how to dress for my body shape and size! So thank you for that. 

I've had lots of fun mixing and matching different outfits rather than being in a rut.  

Thanks so much for all your great advice and encouragement.

 Love, Tina