12-9-19 THIS WEEK: Happy New You!

December 9, 2019, 1:59 pm by MSP


A new year is just around the corner and this means a renewed opportunity to "update" yourself. When it comes to fashion and beauty, no woman wants to suddenly realize that she has become "outdated" and frumpy.  A yearly "review" or personal assessment, is the perfect way to personally evaluate yourself. It's an important tool for every woman.

The fact is, most women want to be seen as classy and classic. We do not want to be an example of bad style choices, or one wearing outdated clothes and is stuck in a fashion moment from the past! The best thing we can all do for ourselves is to know what's "in style" then decide what styles are our best for us. 

Don't compare yourself to others!!! If you don't have a designer handbag or fancy shoes...you can still be fabulous (FYI: A "fancy" handbag doesn't make anyone better than someone else...but you already know that!). Comparison steals our joy. Decide how YOU are going to go about updating your style and be realistic about what's possible for you. Take into consideration your current body, your age and lifestyle. Be your best version of YOURSELF! 



As you prepare to celebrate the upcoming year, you'll want to know what to wear and what NOT to wear.  

Get your copy of "Happy New You". It's a list of 12 personal assessments you should take right now to reset your image. This is a personal list just for you. Ponder each of these update suggestions and decide what areas you need to make improvements on. It's all about YOU being your best...and now's the time to newly commit to yourself.


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MSP's Weekly Style Mission

THIS WEEK: De-clutter and organize your jewelry box and/or accessories.

Too busy because it's Christmas time? Think again. How about organizing-decluttering your jewelry box while watching TV? It's a good way to make use of your time. You'll find something you haven't worn in quite awhile. It's time to wear it again.

Later this week: wear a statement necklace that has been “missing” in the bottom of your jewelry box. Oh, the lovely compliments you will get!

Love, Leslie MSP

My Gift To You: Festive Style Tips


Since it's the season of giving and I've been so blessed by your support and continued positive comments; I would like to thank you all. 


It's my turn-to give back to you. So, I've put together a list festive style tips just in time for the holidays!  





From festive-casual to dressy holiday looks, I've got outfit ideas to help you get your festive look just right. 


Warm wishes and holiday blessings to you and your family! Love, Leslie MSP 


Click here to view "Festive Style Tips"


What SYSters Are Saying

"Thanks for sharing photos"

Dear Missus Smarty Pants, THanks so much for sharing photos of yourself wearing your own clothes and giving great examples of outfits. You look great in the photos and it gives me more confidence to try new combinations of clothing. I have been a subscriber for many years and I really appreciate all of the pertinent fashion knowledge you share with your sisters. I am thankful for you! Sincerely, A


"Thank you" 

I messaged you about a lost email, thank you for such a quick response. The date it was sent was during a 5 day period when inexplicably I stopped receiving emails. Please tell Leslie thank you for all her style advice, I love her hair cut, and thanks to all of you for your hard work! Peggy


Question about sheer hosiery...

Hi Leslie, The beautiful outfit you modeled in your newsletter brought a question to mind. It looked like you had on sheer hosiery with your booties instead of tights. Are pantyhose back in style? I know most women seem to hate them, but I wouldn't mind having another option besides bare legs or tights to wear with dresses in cool weather. Thank you for your help! Sherry from Alabama


MSP HERE: Dear Sherry, Yes you can wear sheer hosiery in colors, as well as black. It's again a fashion Do.

Solid opaque tights, patterned tights are warmer options, yet sheer hosiery is starting making a come back. You will still see sheer hosiery being worn mostly for special occasions, evening formals, and with festive looks-but don't be afraid to wear hosiery again!

Love, Leslie MSP


Hi Leslie!

Nearly two months ago I sent you a message for some help with transitioning from stay-at-home mothering back into the workforce, and you wrote back with some good suggestions for slowly building a most versatile wardrobe.

I went to my local outlet mall and nearly got frustrated because of how things didn't fit so well (but realized afterwards that I was grateful to not have spent money on clothes not right for my body type)

Finally I ended up at the Ann Taylor outlet (probably wouldn't have tried that store if you hadn't featured it one of your shopping guides!) and found pants that fit my shape, something I haven't found in a few years.  I ended up with a ballet neck (I think?) sweater, a few blouses in vibrant colors that are cut to flatter my smaller top half (darts that actually hit in the right place, who knew?!), and some earrings and a scarf.  I've always wanted to wear a scarf, figured I didn't have the sense of style to pull it off, and never tried.  Because of some of your advice, I realized that a scarf might be a great way to redirect attention for my body type and decided to try.

The days I wear my scarf, I get so many compliments on my outfit!!!  I've been called classy and elegant on more than one occasion, and my husband says that he finds the glamour of a scarf to be downright sexy!  ;-)  

Who knew?!  

Thanks so much for the advice and boost of confidence!

As usual, thanks!

Blessings and love,

MSP HERE: Dear Pauline,

Thanks for sharing your style journey thus far. Feeling good both inside and out do go hand-in-hand, don’t they? I’m delighted you are feeling pretty and loving your new  sense of style--that’s what being a confident woman is all about!

Love, Leslie MSP