11-13-19 Here's 11 Ways to Wear a Brooch

November 13, 2019, 4:53 pm by MSP


11 Ways to Wear a Brooch
What's an amazing accessory that's hardly ever worn? It's a brooch. It's time to bring this fab accessory center stage. Give it a go in your wardrobe and see what happens. 
Here are 11 Ways to Wear a Brooch:
1. Add to a winter hat.
2. Add to a knit cap.
3. Pin onto a sash belt.
4. Cluster 3 brooches on a sweater (at your collar bone).
5. Make a simple handbag sparkle.
6. Glam up a basic dress.
7. Hold a scarf in place.
8. Decorate your jean jacket.
9. Hold a fly-away cardigan closed.
10. Close up your neckline on your buttoned up shirt.
11. Add to your hair or up-do. Pin a brooch on the hair tie. 
If you are tall or petite, adjust your brooch placement...
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