11-4-19 THIS WEEK: 4 Items = 12 Outfits

November 4, 2019, 12:18 pm by MSP


4 Items = 12 Outfits

There are only 8 weeks left in this year, and I've been thinking. I have been thinking about what I hope you've learned (fashion wise) by being a SYSter at MissusSmartyPants. One concern that keeps coming back to me is wardrobe planning. Did I explain it enough, did I break down HOW to get the most success from your wardrobe basics?


Did I stress how critical it is for every woman to put together a wardrobe-with a plan?

Simply put; it's one of the best things a woman can do for herself. 


Reality is: a lot of women secretly live with chaos in their closet. They have a closet full of clutter, yet no real planned wardrobe. Too often they buy clothing on impulse and sporadically...again, without a plan. Sure there are some outfits in there, but most often these women are "flying by the seat of there pants" hoping they can pull off something stylish when they suddenly have a presentation to make, or a fancy dinner to attend. My friends, there is a better way.

This week's article takes you back-to-basics. The "nitty gritty" of Dressing Well 101, if you will. This means the bare-bone basics of outfit planning-so you can figure it out in your own wardrobe. You will see how to take four (4) basic pieces and use them over and over (along with only a couple of other items from your closet) and create 12 different outfits. That's right 4 pieces = 12 different outfits! 


This week's visual "wardrobe planner" will help you see how only a few items can have a HUGE impact on your wardrobe. 


Posted: This Thursday in all 5 Personal Profiles "Four Items = 12 Outfits". 

Use this informative article as your wardrobe template to create fabulous outfits!

I can't think of a better time to get started on your style than RIGHT NOW!


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MSP's Weekly Style Mission

What's your “signature style” STYLE MISSION: Define your signature style.

It's good to know what your signature style is before you go shopping the fall sales. You don't want waste your hard-earned money on clothes you might not wear!
Think about what clothing styles best describes you? Are you a classic, a conservative, funky, preppy, or perhaps a romantic? Maybe you are a mixture of several dressing styles?
It’s important that your clothes reflect who you are as a woman. If you purchase clothes that trendy, but not “you” they probably won't be worn much, and end up being a waste of money.
Know your “signature style”...then don’t venture too far from it. When you wear your “signature style” you always feel comfortable in what you are wearing. It also saves you money by not being a victim to the seasonal trends.


Don't forget a BIG part of your personal style includes wearing clothes from your seasonal palette!

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What SYSters Are Saying

Dear MSP

I just wanted to send a heartfelt "Thank you" for all you do. I had a personal profile once in the past, but I just didn't feel it did anything for me so I let my subcription slide. Then last June I decided to try it again and this time something clicked.
I am one of those people who keeps waiting to lose weight to invest in a wardrobe when I realized the waiting to lose weight had become my life. So I decided to at least dress the best I could while I was "weighting". Now I truly know what I should and shouldn't wear, no matter how much I like something. It made it easier to donate gorgeous outfits that I can no longer wear because I know that they aren't for me anyway. It also makes it easier to shop (understatement). I live an hour from any store and I am not much of a shopper so I do a lot of online shopping and your advice has made my returns few and far between.  
Unlike other praise reports you get, I don't get many compliments on my new look, but then I am a size 22 and compliments are rare, except from my husband. God bless him! But I feel good about myself when I go out and even when I am doing the laundry. However, now I have a new problem! My wardrobe has grown so that I am not sure what to wear because I have so many nice things!
Again, Thank You


Dear Leslie,

I’m a newbie but with your shopping guide in hand I’ve managed to buy a couple of new basics for my wardrobe. With just these two new items I have so many more dressing possibilities and it is becoming fun to dress in the morning.

I want to make smart choices with accessories. Can you give my some guidelines? Thanks again for all you do!

Love, Candice

MSP HERE: Dear Candice,

Sounds like you are off to a good start. Investing in good basics will give your wardrobe the strong foundation you are looking for (this week's article will also be super-beneficial). 

Love, Leslie MSP

P.S. Below I've posted my list for shopping and getting what you need-and nothing more. You can also use this list below to shop the fall sale racks.

Shop…With a plan!

Retailers seriously need to clear out all the early fall merchandise ASAP! Take advantage of this clearance mode at the stores, but be careful! You'll want to spend your dollars wisely…and that means you MUST shop with a plan.




1. Ask yourself over and over, “Do I need this?” Remember this mantra—DO I NEED THIS?


2. Does this look good on me? Is this the right style for my body type? Knowing the best styles for your body type will save you time and money…not to mention, you’ll look like a million bucks!


3. Is this my color? Is this a color that fits into my wardrobe plan and complements my own skin and hair coloring? (Refer to your seasonal color guide in your Personal Profile)


4. Buy for the body you are currently in. Don’t beat yourself up and reminisce about when you wore 3 dress sizes smaller! This negative thinking won’t help. Don't buy hoping to fit into something. You need to dress for today!


5. Remember the MSP Rule: you must be able to wear it at least 3 different ways. If you buy something but have nothing to wear with it—it’s not a bargain. Now, you need something else to wear with it!


6. Stock up on basics. Look for camisoles, tanks, tees, cotton v-neck sweaters, cardigans, and your favorite bras or underwear. Look for pieces that extend your wardrobe into spring.


7. Fewer things, better quality. No one will remember if a dark neutral jacket is repeated later in the week. But, a bright fuchsia jacket is a lot harder to repeat in the same week.


8.Try a trend—don’t invest in a trend. Long gypsy sleeves never stay in-style long enough and same goes with many of the trendy trends! No need to invest designer dollars on a passing trend. Try a trendy item when the price is right or pass on it all together.


9. Shop everywhere. Bargains are to be found at end-of-year sales in every price range. Don’t discount (pun intended) more expensive stores! Every store and every sales rack is where you should be shopping---because you have a list, and know what you're looking for!


10. For serious shopping—go it alone. When you concentrate on the styles, fit and colors that you like and the clothes on your list—less chances of getting sidetracked.

11. You gotta love it! Don’t buy anything unless you love it! It's only a "bargain" if you wear it all the time. Always use this philosophy for sale racks, outlet stores and full priced merchandise.

Happy Shopping-and wardrobe building! 
Love, Leslie MSP