10-21-19 THIS WEEK: How to Mix Patterns Like a Fashionista

October 21, 2019, 8:06 am by MSP


How to Mix Patterns Like a Fashionista


When I say pattern mixing, do you instantly think, "Oh, no! It would look like I dressed in the dark!" 


Mixing unexpected patterns and prints has become a huge fashion trend, and I for one like it! Of course, there can be a fine line between looking stylish, or looking like a hot mess! I'm here to help you get it right. Go bold with pattern mixing, or keep it simple-the choice is yours. Either way you will look more stylish and more than likely you will get twice the use out of the clothes you already have.


Look chic and on-trend. Yes, you can look stylish and chic by mixing several patterns in one outfit. Use MSP's "does it mix" chart + 6 mixing guidelines shared in this week's article for members, "How to Mix Pattern Like a Fashionista". This informative article will help you get it right every time. No more guessing. Look at MSP's mixing chart to find the pattern you want to mix-then see what you can wear it with! It's EASY-Peasy style for you.



Be subtle or bold with pattern mixing-the choice is yours...

THIS week, MSP shows you how to mix patterns, prints, florals and more!



Give pattern mixing a try! Mixing prints and fabrics is a fab way to show style personality. Just a touch of pattern mixing will give any outfit a touch of sass. It's also great way to breathe new life to some items in your closet that you've been neglecting. 


No need to buy more clothes, instead learn how to mix a few prints to create fab "new" looks!



Update Your Style

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MSP's Pattern Mixed Outfit (What I wore last week)

As many of you know, I'm a fan of pattern mixing. Last week I attended a fun event (a High Tea) that has us dress up in our finest. As any proper lady attending a tea-you wear a hat or fascinator. I chose this black fascinator. I also chose this leopard-print chiffon blouse and striped high-waist knit midi skirt. However, after taking these photos I felt cold and changed my outfit. Instead, I wore a wine-colored sweater dress with a long strand of pearls. 



  Learn this week the "how to's" of pattern mixing. In essence, what goes with what and what doesn't look right. SAVE this week's article for future reference!   


MSP’s Weekly Style Mission

This week’s Mission: It's a Jewelry Box Raid!


Wrap two necklaces together, or wear two long ones (one bold, one simple) to create a unique accessory!

Dig into the depths of your jewelry box this week! Let's pull out those long forgotten necklaces, earrings, brooches, and lockets, etc. and give them a second chance to bedazzle you.

Do you have a long strand of pearls? Layer them with a long chained locket for an eclectic look or simply tie them with a knot! Pull out a one-of-a-kind bracelet and plan an outfit based on the colors of that bracelet (you can do this with a brooch or scarf too). Get creative and have fun with your long-lost jewelry!

My 2 jewelry boxes and top drawer (yes, I have a drawer full of jewelry as well as two jewelry boxes!) are desperately in need re-organizing. There’s lots of great stuff in there I really should be wearing--but I'm not because my jewelry is a mess. This week I’m going through it and I'm determined to wear something “new”.


Won't you join me? Challenge yourself with this week’s Style Mission and together we will “Show Your Style” SYSter!



What SYSters Are Saying



Poncho for a petite...


I love the poncho look, but for a petite (5'1"), they all seem too long for me - especially keeping in mind your 1/3 - 2/3 proportion rule. How to get the poncho look without it overwhelming my body? Thanks, Leslie. I look forward every week to your style tips! Elizabeth B



MSP HERE: Elizabeth,


Excellent question. Start by shopping in the petites section. You will find clothes that are more proportional for your stature. While this is true, sometimes manufacturers make ponchos and jackets still too long and this spells style disaster for a petite!


Look for a poncho that is simple in construction and then have it hemmed up shorter to help you keep the 1/3 to 2/3 rule. These are the best proportions for any woman-and a style essential for a petite woman. While not every poncho (or jacket for that matter) can easily be hemmed, finding one that can be shorter will be a game changer.


Love, Leslie MSP


Dressing is so easy and fun…

Dear Leslie,

I've been subscribing to your service for a couple of years, and I have been happy with my new style (where I had none before).

 When my 4 year old asked me if she could pick out my clothes for work tomorrow, I hesitated.  Then, I agreed, reserving the power to veto.

 To my delight, she's been going into my closet and picking out lovely outfits, including shoes.  I'm attributing this to you because:
1) Even when my weight fluctuates, my closet ONLY contains clothes that fit me right.
2) Everything in my closet feels good to me, and looks good on me.
3) My clothing colors complement each other.

I couldn't make any of those statements two years ago!!!
 There's probably also some natural talent in play, in that she's not putting florals and plaids together.  But having a closet full of clothes that fit right, feel good, and look nice together gives her a great base to work with!

Thank you so much, Linda


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