10-7-19 THIS WEEK: 5 Steps to a Perfect Layered Look

October 7, 2019, 1:35 pm by MSP


Mornings are becoming cool enough to start the day with a light sweater (or jacket). It's refreshing to feel a bit of crispness in the air. This change in weather also means it's the start of layered outfits. However, many women come across a few problems when they try to create a cool "layered" look. If done wrong, your layered look can make you look over-dressed, or even worse; heavier than you really are.


Wearing layers correctly, not only helps you adjust to the fluctuating fall temperatures; it's also very stylish!

Talbots Lined Quilted Vest (petite, misses, plus sizes)


Careful! You don't want to look like the Michelin Man! 

This week: "5-Steps To A Perfectly Layered Outfit" shows you how to layer successfully. So, don't fret your "layered" outfits are gonna make you look over-stuffed or silly!


This week I will show you how to "Layer Like a Pro"...like how to wear two dresses at one time, and more!


This week's article gives you practical "how-to" advice to get your layered look right. You certainly don't want to look baggy or feel messy when layering. No more mistakes when you have the basics of layering...step-by-step. You will learn to layer like a pro.

"5-Steps To A Perfectly Layered Outfit" will show you how to mix short and long tops, dresses and skirts, blazers, sweaters, short and long vests, belts, leg-wear and more to create one stylish outfit after another! 

Get excited, get ready! This week's layering article will be posted on Thursday in all 5 Personal Profiles Pssst! SAVE this article to help you layer all season long!



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MSP's Weekly Style Mission

This week's Style Mission: Purchase a full-length mirror. 

If you already own one...are you using it daily? If not, put it where it will be accessible to you every morning! It's critical that you view your COMPLETE OUTFIT in a full-length mirror (head to toe)...before walking out the door. When you see your complete outfit, you may want to make an adjustment to keep your look balanced.


You're not a little girl anymore...but dressing should feel like "dress up" everyday!


Of course MSP encourages you each week to dress for your body type...but great style is more than that. Great style is about dressing for your proportions and the only way to know you've got it right is by looking in a full-length mirror. Great style is about balancing your body's proportions. It's about the length of your legs in relation to your torso. It's about the width of your shoulders in relation to your hips. All of these individual body proportions matter in relation to your body as a WHOLE. Dressing for your body type will help you learn these "style basics" of course...but in order to practice and get better at dressing "balanced" you must have a full-length mirror to see your complete outfit.

Remember: the ONLY way to improve your style is by looking at what you are wearing on a daily basis!

Love, Leslie MSP

P.S. Already have a full-length mirror and using it on a daily basis? Awesome. Keep on using your full-length mirror every morning and smiling at what a wonderful woman you are. Feel free to read below if you are interested in some ideas to help keep your skin soft and smooth during the cold weather months ahead.


Dear SYSters,

I’ve had several requests for help with dry hair and skin. There are so many products available and they can be quite expensive too. As a “fashionista” who also lives on a real budget I decided to share some inexpensive (and natural) products that I love and personally  use:

For your hair:
Mix 4-5 drops of Extra Virgin Olive Oil with your conditioner
Apply it to your hair
Let it sit for about 20 minutes wrapped in a warm towel (or shower cap)
Rinse hair completely
Do this one to two times a week (depending upon dryness of your hair)

What’s the buzz about coconut oil? By now you’ve been hearing the many praises of coconut oil. It has many natural beauty and health benefits you’ll want to learn more about it.

Most often pure (virgin) coconut oil is used as a healthy replacement for solid shortenings in cooking. However, it also moisturizes, conditions, nourishes your skin and hair!

Here are 5 ways to use coconut oil as a beauty product:

1. To moisturize skin. It is often an ingredient in expensive skin care products. Coconut oil has a lot of fat, which is great for moisturizing dry skin, as well as reducing the appearance of wrinkles. Use it after the shower or bath. It is usually recommended for the body—not the face (may be too oily).

2. Condition your damaged hair. Just massage a dime-size of coconut oil into your hair and scalp—let set 15 minutes and rinse well. You may only need to do this every couple of weeks. Virgin coconut oil is the only healthy oil proven to penetrate hair shafts. It creates fullness to your hair and reduces split ends.

Forget about pricey hair conditioners, hot oil treatments, thickening mousses and gels to nourish your hair. You’ll save $$$ by using coconut oil instead.

3. To relieve itchy skin irritations and bites. Dab on some soothing oil and let set.

4. It removes mascara. One dab of coconut oil on a cotton swab gets off all the mascara build up.

5. Dry lips? No problem…try these DIY recipes using coconut oil, of course: DIY Lip Balm 

In addition to these beauty benefits, coconut oil could possibly protect against disease and cancer, relieve stress, promote weight loss, heal scrapes, boost energy, and aid in digestion. I’d say coconut oil is  pretty impressive! 


(FYI: I buy my coconut oil from Trader Joe’s)
Here’s to happy & healthy skin!

Love, Leslie MSP


What SYSters are Saying

Dear MSP,

Thank you for the help you are giving women so we can dress nice and feel good about ourselves!!!!  I am a "C" body type, and have NEVER felt good about myself--always comparing my body shape to that of my small and petite sisters.  

But after receiving just ONE of your weekly messages and shopping suggestions, I was finally able to catch on to the advice you were giving about what styles of clothes would look best on my shape.  I went into my closet and put together ONE outfit with clothes I already had.  I NEVER would have put these items together before reading your web site and the personal profile, but I did it and wore it the very next day.  I received probably the very best compliment of my life, from my 13 year old son--who told me "Mom, you look kind of elegant today!"  I was THRILLED!

And all I was wearing was a nice pair of jeans, a button shirt that had princess seams and small shoulder pads in it, and some flat loafer type shoes--instead of the typical jeans, t-shirt, and tennis shoes.  What a difference!  And I still felt like I was wearing casual clothes that I could get down on the floor and play with my two year old in!  

Thank you SO MUCH--for helping me to finally love and appreciate my body shape, and showing me how to accent my positive points! Susan


Just had to send you a note to say "Thanks" for telling us to purge our closets.  Two weeks ago I switched out my summer clothes for the warmer ones for autumn & winter.  I decided to sort them all while I was at it.  30 mins. later found me with a large pile to give away PLUS a very organized closet!  

I thought I needed a lot of new things for fall and instead I found I need one white shirt, a pair of warmer shoes, some socks and maybe a few nicer blouses for "good".   

While I was putting the clothes away I organized them by kind and color (like you suggest).  It's amazing how many options I have now!  I won't have to repeat an outfit for 3 weeks.  Now I am able wear 1 item more than 3 ways, LOL! Just like you MSP!

 Thanks again for helping me with an area I've struggled with for so long.

Sincerely, Kay

Hi Leslie,
I've been a member of your website for a year and a half now.  I get the yearly subscription and it has really helped me.  I'm an A and even though I've always been good at hiding my stomach because of my short waist, you have really helped me to understand that I am not as fashion challenged as I once thought.  I have been enjoying making new cute outfits with the clothes I have.  Sometimes I make something that I think turned out really cute and then I think maybe I should wait and wear the outfit for a day when I'm going somewhere else, but it suddenly hit me that it doesn't matter, because I can come up with another cute outfit then thanks to your help.  (although sometimes what looked good in my head doesn't work when I put it on ;-)
This was really evident last month when we were packing up in case we were evacuated when there was a fire burning behind our house.  I was upstairs putting clothes in a suitcase and my friend came up and asked how she could help.  I looked at the suitcase and said, "by telling me that I don't have to take my ENTIRE closet!  I realized that I really do like just about all of my clothes now.  (I had recently donated 3 large trash bags full of clothes). 
Thanks for helping me to discover a creative side I didn't know existed.  I anxiously await your e-mails every week!