8-26-19 THIS WEEK: Your Best Jeans

August 26, 2019, 4:05 pm by MSP


Denims. As the fall season begins, we start to set aside the shorts in favor of our favorite denims and blue jeans. Soon, they become one of our regular go-to items. Wouldn't you like to know your jeans are flattering for your shape?

Our typical fall/winter outfits often consist of one of our favorite pairs of jeans matched up with knit tops, fuzzy sweaters, long tunics, a jacket and cardigan, plus a fun scarf added for good measure. This cold weather "uniform" is perfect; however the key is to make sure our jeans fit us properly. Don't let saggy inseams and ill-placed pockets make you look dated. Get the latest this week in denim styles and get your best fitting jeans based on your body type.

Are your jeans flattering your body? Are you sure your denims are making the most of your shape? Are you wearing the correct size, the right cut, and style with the right pocket placement? Are your back pockets "lifting" your booty or making it long and flat? How do you know you've got the right jeans on?

This week, I share with you, my latest findings in denim sizing, colors, washes and more importantly, FIT! Get the latest scoop on what to look for in the current denim trends. You will also get lots of casual chic denim outfit suggestions!


Our lives are more casual than ever before. 

For most women, wearing blue-jeans OR some form of denim is daily choice...

This week's style article gives you NEW ways to wear your denims +  how to select your best fit of denims! Learn how to update your fall style with these modern denim outfits you will see in this Thursday's Personal Profile (all 5 body types). 

This week's style guide was planned to help you create fabulous denim outfits. Simply "copy" these suggestions and you're good to go--all season long. 


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"Check Out My Jeans!"

SYSter Michelle Finds Amazing Jeans at Feed Store...


Hey, Leslie!!


I want to tell you about a big win for me!!  


I have been desperately needing a pair of good quality, well fitting, classy dark washed jeans for work and home. I mean, desperately!


Earlier this week, I stopped by our big farm store for some feed. I thought, “I’ll see what they’ve got for jeans."



What I found, and fell in love with are Ariat jeans!!  I tried a bunch of pairs on, and found my size, and cut. 


They didn’t have my length, though. So I got online and with a promo code that saved some $$, i was able to buy a gorgeous pair of wear-everywhere jeans!!


And.... they have 6% stretch (yeah!) 



Thank you so much for teaching me so many years ago, how to get a great-fitting pair of jeans!!





MSP HERE: My dear Michelle!!!!


So good to hear from you! That is so funny you found a great pair of jeans at your local feed store. Who knew this would be a good place for fab jeans?!


Here’s why I think it’s so funny…I’ve done the same thing! While visiting my son years ago (at the time he lived in Kentucky) I checked out the jeans at his local feed store and found some fabulous classic jeans (I still have them-and still wear them).


With your permission, I’d like to use you story and photo.


I love that you got your best length by waiting (and using a promo code) and ordering online. That’s what us tall gals must do most often for our best ;)


Thanks again for sharing.


Love, Leslie



Here's Michelle's jeans (perfect for the curvy gal).


Even better, check out the jeans ON Michelle!!!




Thanks Michelle for sharing how a great fitting pair of jeans are the perfect fall wardrobe essential!


MSP's Weekly Style Mission

This week's Style Mission: Wear a color you've never worn before!

The best thing about color in my opinion is that it evokes an emotional response in all of us. For instance, wearing green is a soothing, earthy color compared to red which is considered an aggressive or powerful color. What colors do you love to wear? Most often we wear colors that we "feel" comfortable in. What colors do you avoid? Do you avoid certain colors only because they look bad on you or also because you don't "feel" good in them?


What new color are you going to wear this week? 

One of the best ways to incoporate a new color into your outfits, is with a scarf.



Colors are like wearable "vitamins". When you wear a really vibrant, or especially flattering color for your eye, hair and skintone...you look positively radiant and your skin glows! It makes you look and feel good...a therapy of sorts! Always wear your "seasonal colors"...but this week give a new color a try in your color palette you've never worn before! See what happens when you wear a "new" color!


What SYSters Are Saying


"Your program is making a difference in my life FINALLY"

I must say your program is making a difference in my life FINALLY. I have subscribed over the years and even had my colors done but continued to be drawn to the beige colors which made me look washed out. My colors were summer and you suggest charcoal grey/ rasbery and winter white. Suddenly it's as if I am surround by those very colors and my closet is filling in with the greys and beautiful rasberrys with winter white thrown in and I love the new look and wonder why it took me so long to get into it. Thank you for your continued help. It's fun as well as informative. Beverly Ann


Dear Leslie (MSP), 

Thank you, thank you! With your weekly help I'm actually getting comments about how great I look almost daily. This is a big deal for a woman over 40 that is not so trim and slim anymore. It's huge ego boost. I've had a rough year (with personal issues and with my health) but now I have gained such a positive attitude because I am dressing better. Who knew this style program could be so helpful in my life?!!! So thanks for helping women like me reach my full potential though this clothing program.

Between your weekly style missions (I do almost all of them, by the way) and your style help for this body shape, this style-thing has actually become FUN! I particularly liked last week's article about winter coats. It was timed just right. I found a really stylish and warm winter coat based on your suggestion and just in time for the cold weather to arrive here. The store was having an extra 20% so I got a really good price on a top name brand! I could not be happier!

Keep doing what you are doing. You are changing lives, one woman at a time. I'm living proof! Hugs from your SYS, Julia


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