7-18-19 Duplicate Your Color Contrast in Your Outfits

July 18, 2019, 8:48 am by MSP


Did you know looking your best has a lot to do with the colors you wear? Perhaps you wear a lot of black because it's so slimming and it goes with everything, but is it your best color choice-or should you choose another neutral color instead? How do you know what's best?

Here's an easy way to choose your best colors-choose based on your own natural coloring. Think of it this way, to look your best choose outfit colors that blend nicely with your eye, hair, and skin coloring. You can never go wrong when you do this. It's called dressing for your color value and contrast.


Take a look at the photos below. Notice how light skin, eyes, and hair looks best when wearing an outfit with a medium to low value and contrast vs. a deep eye, dark hair, and fair skin looks best when worn with an outfit of deep value and strong contrasting colors. Dark skin, eye, and hair is another high contrast combination.



Value = the lightness or darkness of a color. From soft whites and pastels to rich jewel colors.

Contrast = the difference between two colors. Low contast (not much difference) medium contrast (some difference) high contrast (big difference).


Celebrity color contrast examples. Below are three celebrity examples. Why do I use celebrities? Because they are easy to look up online, and you'll find many outfit examples that may help you choose your best.

Start by figuring out your own color contrast. Is it low contrast, medium contrast, or high contrast? Once you've decided your best color contrast-use the celebrity examples to help you put together outfits in the right color value and contrast. FYI: your hair color (even if you dye it, like most of us do) has the strongest effect on your color contrast level.


1. Nicole Kidman. 


contrast-medium to low


On left, while Nicole is a beautiful woman-not wearing her correct color contrast leaves her dull. On right, wearing a dress in low to medium contrast, and one that's similar to her own lip color makes her look amazing!




2. Emily Blunt.




No, no Emily. On the left, that top is wearing you! This top is too strong a contrast for your medium coloring. Instead of seeing you first-we see the bold striped top!

On the other hand, on the right-we see you and your pretty eyes right away! This medium contrast blue dress shows off your medium blue eyes and your medium coloring perfectly. 



3. Anne Hathaway.




Below on left, Anne is soooo blah looking. She has no business (style wise) to be wearing a soft pastel. Personally it does nothing to highlight her strong contrast level. On the right...Wow! Such a better choice. Bright red is a high value-strong contrast color-it's perfect. Adding a strong red lip brings home that high value-strong contrast is best for her!




Did you find your best color value and contrast level using these examples? Remember, you always look your best when you duplicate your personal color contrast level with your clothing.

With love, Leslie MSP