7-22-19 THIS WEEK: 25 Ways to Revamp Your Style

July 19, 2019, 4:05 pm by MSP


25 Ways to Revamp Your Style

Want to know the best ways to revamp your style? I thought so. I mean, what women doesn't, right?

With so much crazy advice floating around the internet, in books, and in magazines, it can be hard to figure out what you should focus on. Should you follow the current trends, or try to define your own sense of style? Of course, you want to look your best for your age (or perhaps a few years younger) so, how much should you change your looks based on your age without looking like you're trying to be a teen again?

This week's list of the "Top 25 Ways to Revamp Your Style" will help you check-off fabulous ways to look amazing-yet age appropriate! 


This week: ROCK your unique style! 


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MSP's Weekly Style Mission

"Mix it up" week! 

This week’s Style Mission is a do NOT buy anything week. Instead, mix-up your clothes and create “new” outfits using what's already in your closet! 

Start with one (1) basic...then build your outfit from there. (I usually start with a basic bottom, then select my top, then my accessory)


That’s right ladies...put on your creative "thinking caps" and create something “new” to wear directly from your closet. 

TIP: Include accessories! They are often the “catalyst” that helps you create “new outfits”.

Love, Leslie MSP


"Dear MissusSmartyPants"

HELP! My tummy sticks out!

Dear Leslie Mrs. Smarty,

I've been a SYS for about a month now and I love your program. I must say my style has improved just by paying attention to what I'm wearing and not wearing any more. I no longer wear styles not right for my body type because I used your shopping guide to help me remove them from my closet. The truth is most of it I was no longer wearing because its dated (been in there for many years and dusty) and lots of it no longer was my size either. I have grown in size (unfortunately).

Perhaps you will or have addressed this problem but I need help. I need to dress for my tummy. It protrudes quite a bit and I would love your style help trying to hide it. I realize you can't simply hide something sticking out so much, lol! But perhaps make it look smaller? In the meantime I'm back to eating healthier and my nightly walks since the weather is warmer. Whatever you can do to help me is gratefully appreciated!

With love, Joelle


Dear Joelle, 

You are not alone. Dressing issues when you have a tummy or undefined waistline is a common concern. It is one that is continually addressed at MSP. I certainly do have lots of dressing tips for your undefined waist....however, let me share a quick one with you right now. 

For minimizing an undefined waist...dress in monochromes (all one color). Monochromatic dressing (typically but not exclusively in a darker color) is quite slimming. By adding a jacket, light sweater, bolero, vest, etc. as a top piece and leaving it un-buttoned you create one long vertical column of color. The all-one-color 'hides' your waistline issues along with the over-piece you've added that create a nice vertical on your upper body.


Notice how a different colored top and bottom (on left) visually breaks up the body

VS. one long column of color (on right) slims and minimizes...

NO                                                    YES




I love this vest for summer because its light-weight yet it will add a certain amount of sass to everything you wear! You could also wear it with a sleeved tee.

Love, Leslie MSP


What SYSters Are Saying


DEAR MSP: Your style advice is so helpful!

Please keep these coming! I"ve been a subscriber for several years, and the "capsule wardrobe" article you posted last month was the most helpful and useful to me so far. I'm a very visual person, so it really helps me to actually see things to mix and match. It even gave me the courage to apply the principle with similarly-styled pieces in other colors from my list. Tammy


Dear MissusSmartyPants,

I wanted to let you know I gave a copy of the closet purge (from your front page) to a co-worker last week. She told me today she did it over the weekend and she was totally thrilled with the results. She said it was a lot of work and a whole weekend but, she took out 8 large garbage bags of stuff to donate and put together the outfits in her closet the way you said to do it. She found things she did not even know she had, and she found all the stuff she knew she had but could not find. She said her closet rod was ready to fall it was so overfilled and now it is great and she is so happy. She could not wait to tell me today, so I thought I should tell you.

You are a blessing and my friend appreciated your advice. She sure appreciates what you made available and thanks you for your help. She is 62 and works full time and cares for her mother who lives with her. You helped make things easier for her.

Thank you!!! Corrine