6-3-19 THIS WEEK: Style Mistakes That Age You

June 3, 2019, 1:18 pm by MSP


Mistakes That Age You

Wouldn't it be gratifying to look instantly ten years younger? Well guess what...it really can happen.

This week's article (posting in all 5 body type membership pages this Thursday- join if you're not yet a member!) will show you the top mistakes women make, and more importanly, help you avoid them.

It's important you check through this list, because some of these faux pas might be aging YOU. Just a few of these quick changes and you will look amazing-better than you have in years!!! It really can be that simple.


Do you know why the outfit on the right looks better?

Well, I do...and I'm sharing with you how to look AGE-AMAZING!


If you have been wanting to make changes, but didn't know where to start, you've come to the right place. Let this week be your "springboard" to new and exciting changes with your appearance. This week at MissusSmartyPants.com  you get the list of "Style Mistakes That Age You".

Begin your journey of self-discovery...you never know where it's going to take you...and now is the time!


Women don’t realize some things they've been doing for years is now making them look OLD...


Let it go! Relax, kick your fears and excuses to the curb! MissusSmartyPants will share these amazing style-resets; as always, with an upbeat positive spin. You'll want to jump right in and try all of them. Let's hear if for looking and feeling stylish, sassy, and years younger-whoo hoo!

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MSP's Weekly Style Mission

Dear SYSters,
How would you like to wake up in the morning and know you could quickly find something fab to wear? This week's Style Mission will help make that happen.
This week’s Style Mission is to concentrate on purchasing one (1) missing wardrobe basic.
For example, if it’s great fitting jean shorts that still eludes you, this week go and search for (and try on lots) of jean shorts—and only jean shorts! 

Ignore the rack of trendy blouses hanging nearby, stay away from that clearance table of colorful tee-shirts (I'm watching you!), put on your “style blinders” and stay focused

NYDJ Briella Stretch Denim Shorts (petite, misses)


TIP: By filling in the gaps of your wardrobe basics, your will finally have what you need to be stylish--everyday. Remember, it’s great fitting basics that are the glue and foundation of your wardrobe

Love, Leslie MSP


What SYSters are Saying

Dear MSP
I just wanted to send a heartfelt "Thank you" for all you do. I had a personal profile once in the past, but I just didn't feel it did anything for me so I let my sub slide. Then a couple of months ago I decided to try it again and this time something clicked.
I am one of those people who keeps waiting to lose weight to invest in a wardrobe when I realized the waiting to lose weight had become my life. So I decided to at least dress the best I could while I was "weighting". Now I truly know what I should and shouldn't wear, no matter how much I like something. It made it easier to donate gorgeous outfits that I can no longer wear because I know that they aren't for me anyway. It also makes it easier to shop (understatement). I live an hour from any store and I am not much of a shopper so I do a lot of online shopping and your advice has made my returns few and far between.  
Unlike other praise reports you get, I don't get many compliments on my new look, but then I am a size 26 and compliments are rare, except from my husband. God bless him! But I feel good about myself when I go out and even when I am doing the laundry. However, now I have a new problem! My wardrobe has grown so that I am not sure what to wear because I have so many nice things!
Again, Thank You


Dear Leslie,

I’m a newbie but with your shopping guide in hand I’ve managed to buy a couple of new basics for my wardrobe. With just these two new items I have so many more dressing possibilities and it is becoming fun to dress in the morning.

Love, Candice


BACK BY DEMAND! The DIY Scarf Top...

How cool is this? Simply take two scarves (equal in size) and make an unstructured top out of them! 

I'm digging into my scarf basket right now...if I can't find 2 scarves equal size... I'll buy a couple second-hand ones or hit up Forever21 etc....


DIY Scarf Shirt