4-15-19 THIS WEEK: Finding Style Inspiration

April 15, 2019, 3:40 pm by MSP


Need a style refresher?

Perhaps you don't feel style-savvy at all. How should you go about getting "inspired" when you've been wearing the same ho-hum few things, over and over? Even you have become bored with your style (or lack of it).

How do you get style-inspired and become the stylish woman you've always dreamed you could be?

I'm glad you asked. This week at MissusSmartyPants we explore fun ways (and some unusual places) you can find inspiration. So, strap on your seatbelt and get ready for a wild ride-it's going to be a fun! Find out how everything around you, including nature, like a sun-soaked sunset or vibrant butterfly (and a few celebs mixed in, for good measure) can help you refresh your style.

Need more clothes? Nope. One of the biggest style blunders women make is thinking they need MORE clothes in order to be truly style savvy. This is simply not true. Instead, most women need is a fresh dose of style inspiration. Women need new ideas to help "re-work" what's in their closets right now!  How awesome is that?! More with less...that's what this week's article (posted this Thursday) is all about!


This week MSP gets you "Style Inspired".

For example, this splendid setting in nature offers color inspiration...

This week: lots of outfit ideas to use and copy with your own wardrobe!



Breathe new life into your existing wardrobe.  Remix, rework, and reuse everything you currently wear, but in new ways. By adding only a few new spring pieces, your closet (and wardrobe) will be totally transformed!


Order your Personal Profile and start dressing for your body type!


MSP's Weekly Style Mission

This week’s Style Mission is budget-friendly. Shop your closet!

I'll bet you have lots of great 'stuff' hiding in your closet...just waiting to come out and play, again! This week’s article will help you for sure; but you can get a jumpstart by challenging yourself with this style mission.

In the past, I’ve shown you photos (in all 5 body type Personal Profiles) of how I've taken one item and worn it 3 different ways. I’ll do it again…but perhaps you have been waiting to try this for yourself. NOW IS THE TIME! Take one item from your closet this week, get creative and wear it a different way! 

For example, take a skirt you hardly ever wear and find different tops, sweaters, vests, layering tees and blazers you can wear with it—but you have never tried with it before. Get a little crazy, (why not, right?) by adding a belt or put something you never thought possible and find what works with that orphan skirt never worn!!! You're going to amaze yourself (and others) with your new-found style abilities by doing this week's Style Mission.


LOVE your white sundress but it's still a bit chilly to wear it? 

ADD a chambray shirt and belt over it. Now you can wear it...

BP. Fitted Chambray Shirt (misses & plus)


Psst! How about "lost" jewelry buried deep inside your jewelry box? Give an 'ol' piece a chance to shine again!

Let’s wear clothing and accessories you already own (yet, hardly wear) again.


What SYSters are Saying



I look forward to hearing from you twice a week!  Whenever I read the stories from other SYSters I want to write and tell you about something that goes on in my neck of the woods.  

A couple of years ago a member of my church, Sarah, began a Clothing Exchange which takes place about every 6 weeks throughout the school year.  Here's the idea: come and get it!!  Everything is FREE and you do not need to donate in order to "buy" anything.  This ministry has really grown.  It has expanded into about 6 more outreaches including a foster parent that takes any infant/toddler clothes at the end of the Exchange day and makes the items available to young foster children.  Another group from a local hospital takes sweatpants and tee shirts for discharged patients who may be in need of a change of clothing they cannot provide for themselves.  The current coordinator holds on to special occasion dresses for possible prom attire.

What I like best is that I can go there knowing just what I am looking for and scour the racks.  I have rarely come home empty handed.  Lately I have gained enough weight to put me in a new dress size and the Clothing Exchange has enabled me to stay fashionable despite putting on pounds.  Of course, it is much like a thrift store in that some items are dated or worn, but there are a lot of gems there as well.  I think my best find was a black leather jacket.

When I am on my Free-cycle network and see people trying to get rid of clothing I suggest the Exchange and always get a positive response.  Eventually items are weeded out and sent on to places like Goodwill, but you can't beat the convenience, not to mention the price! Sarah's original idea has blossomed into a blessing for so many.

Thank you too for helping me be a better fashion shopper. You are a blessing, too! 

Love, Karen (California)

MSP HERE: Karen,

Thank you for sharing this Clothing Exchange idea! It is brilliant. Churches are such a good resource for so many people. I love the idea of helping each other—and being fashionable at the same time!

You are proof that you can be a stylish woman and keep it affordable. That's what the MSP style system is all about--affordable style! I want women to know what styles are best for them so they don’t waste money on clothes that don't flatter. It’s all about dressing for YOUR body shape.

Thank you for sharing! Love, Leslie MSP