3-18-19 THIS WEEK: Big Spring Preview-Part Two

March 18, 2019, 4:07 pm by MSP


This week is week two (2) of MSP's "Big Spring Preview"

The fun and fashions continue! 

This week, the remaining LIST (MSP's top 14 Trends you'll want this spring)!

I've been getting lots of love regarding The Big Spring Preview (Part One)! You're welcome. I'm just as excited as you are to start wearing these new spring trends as soon as the weather warms up. Luckily, there has recently been some beautiful weather here in the south. Even though it might not be warm enough in your neck of the woods without a sweater, start wearing the lighter, brighter colors of the new season.


Spring has almost sprung!

If a sweater is needed; wear it in the lighter, brighter colors of spring...

Talbots Elegant Stripe Ruana


Are you loving the new spring trends and colors thus far? MissusSmartyPants is all about helping you keep your style up-to-date. 

But, not just showing you the latest trends, but EXPLAINING how to wear them. THIS WEEK COMPLETES THE LIST OF 14 TOP SPRING TRENDS!


STYLE TIP: before you buy something...make sure you can think of several ways you can wear it.


This week (part two). You'll get the complete LIST of spring trends, so you can start planning your warm season wardrobe! 

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See you on Thursday when "Big Spring Preview-Part Two" posts. 

Love, Leslie MSP



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MSP's Weekly Style Mission

Style Mission: shop off the beaten path. It's one of the best ways to spice up your current wardrobe.

Adding onne unique accessory makes your style really come together in a very special way! All eyes will be on you--and your fabulous style when you highlight a really cool-looking necklace.

Try shopping where you don’t normally shop. Consider stores like Pier One, World Market, a local flea market, an African import store; a craft fair—or even at Target or Forever 21!

The idea is to search out an ethnic or vintage-looking accessory to add spice to your wardrobe.  You can take an understated, simple outfit (like white button-down shirt and black pants or LBD) and add "instant style" by wearing a one-of-a-kind necklace, earrings or bracelet!


This sparkly, fun necklace will give any outfit awesome appeal...

Francesca's Jane Crystal Statement Necklace


What SYSters are Saying


Help! My black pants always fade...

Dear MSP,

I remember reading about black pants that don't fade. I have worn black cotton/spandex flares that fade badly and constantly need to be replaced. Please let me know what black pants you have recommended in the past that hold their color well.

I like to look put together for my job in a lab but I quickly look shabby with my faded black pants. Please help!

Thanks. Theresa

PS. I have made wonderful clothing choices since subscribing to you service!!!!

MSP HERE: Hi Theresa,

It's not always easy to keep black pants black and looking new.

Here are some tips that will help you… First of all, always wash them INSIDE OUT and in COLD water. Only tumble dry, if you must. It's best to line-dry black pants (and dark jeans) to keep the finish new looking.

Cotton and other natural fibers tend to fade more quickly. If this happens and you still love the pants--try dyeing them with RIT black dye. You can use a large plastic bucket or the washing machine. (follow the package directions) Soon you will have like-new black pants again!

Love, Leslie MSP



"Dress for the beautiful (yes that's YOU) woman you are today!"

Dear MissusSmartyPants,

Just thought I'd post a thought or two on the “I'm not the size I wanna be” mindset.  I've been working for over a year on my weight. I've gone from a 38 inch waist to a 34. So far I've lost over 45 lbs in the last year. It has been a moment by moment journey.  One mouthful at a time..of course the fact that I've painfully discovered that if I eat certain things I'm in tremendous pain has been an incredible motivator.  So I've learned to make healthier choices.

I recently joined Missus Smarty Pants, like FlyLady has said so many times "you're not behind just get started right where you are." I've been amazed at the change in having a bit of direction has done for how I see myself physically.  

Last night my daughter and I went to Cato. I've avoided "shopping" unless I absolutely had to.  I found two pairs of the cutest leather shoes for $2.99 each. I've been looking to add wardrobe pieces that would compliment my bodystyle. Having a specific type of clothing in mind and already knowing my color palette has changed the way I shop now.

Dressing now is so much faster and less stressful. A year ago I didn't even feel like I had a style, let alone find something to compliment it.

So for anyone debating whether or not its worth it to sign up for the Missus Smarty Pants emails… my answer is yes... I'm worth it and so are you.

Thank you so much, Joy


Dear MSP, I have seen you mention that you would discuss at what age one should stop dyeing one's hair to cover gray, but I have not been able to locate this topic in the personal profile or on the blog. It's something that has been on my mind and I would very much appreciate your thoughts on this. Thank you, Louise


MSP HERE: Dear Louise,

I gave my thoughts about when you should consider no longer dyeing your hair and letting it go gray. Please read this past Style Forum posting where I gave my humble opinion, as did other women that have considered going gray or even a few beautiful 'silver foxes' chimed in!

Love, Leslie MSP

Well styled hair always looks fabulous...no matter what color it is!


Dear MSP
I just wanted to send a heartfelt "Thank you" for all you do. I had a personal profile once in the past, but I just didn't feel it did anything for me so I let my sub slide. Then in January I decided to try it again and this time something “clicked” with me.
I am one of those people who keeps waiting to lose weight to invest in a wardrobe when I realized the waiting to lose weight had become my life. So I decided to at least dress the best I could while I was "weighting". Now I truly know what I should and shouldn't wear, no matter how much I like something. It made it easier to donate gorgeous outfits that I can no longer wear because I know that they aren't for me anyway. It also makes it easier to shop (understatement). I live an hour from any store and I am not much of a shopper so I do a lot of online shopping and your advice has made my returns few and far between.  
Unlike other praise reports you get, I don't get many compliments on my new look, but then I am a size 26 and compliments are rare, except from my husband. God bless him! But I feel good about myself when I go out and even when I am doing the laundry. However, now I have a new problem! My wardrobe has grown so that I am not sure what to wear because I have so many nice things!
Again, Thank You