2-18-19 THIS WEEK: Accessories Worn Right

February 18, 2019, 3:03 pm by MSP


Accessories Worn Right

Looking for a quick way to improve your style? Who isn't, right? Have you ever considered the accessories that you wear as problem solvers to many of your fashion dilemmas? It's true, accessories can do wonders to pull together a woman's style~instantly.

Accessories are the best way to get "instant" style without spending a lot of money. Accessories can do wonders for even the most basic (read:boring) outfit. They can take the same ‘ol pieces and instantly give them a new and updated look (and at a fraction of what it would cost to buy more clothing). Yes, accessories can save you money-now I've got your attention!


Avoid accessory overload! 

The is NOT stylish...

"Always remove one thing before you leave the house." ~Coco Chanel


Wearing accessories correctly can:

1. Pull unrelated pieces together

2. Transform an outfit into something completely new and different

3. Make you look taller, thinner, richer, or whatever
4.  Create a trendy look inexpensively

5. Bring attention to your desired areas (face, neck, earlobe, waist, forearms)

 Once you realize how accessories can complete you--you’ll wonder why you didn’t give them the full attention they're due!



Boggled by boatnecks? Wondering what necklace you should wear with this (or other) necklines? What about a v-neckline? Which should you choose, a long or short necklace? This week, MissusSmartyPants tells you HOW to match the correct necklace to your neckline. You'll also learn about selecting the best earrings for your face shape. Find out what works, and what doesn't. 

Knowing how to complete your outfits using accessories will make your style come together-instantly!

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What SYSters are saying...

Dear Leslie,

Today I wore a sweater top with an attached crocheted belt. Where the belt ties I wore my gold pin as a buckle for the belt.  Even through I've worn it several times before, today I received a complement on my sweater!  I would never have thought to try this without you.  

I've been a subscriber for about a year and a half. . . And I still have a problem with sticking with just one or two neutral colors for my basics. Last week I wore the same pair of gray pants for 3 days in a row with different tops, jackets, jewelry, and shoes. Those three days were some of the easiest day in getting dressed I've ever had because I was wearing the same basic neutral color. . . .and NO I didn't feel that I was wearing the same thing everyday! Looks like I'm finally catching on to the concept of stylish dressing.  

Thank you for helping me dress my "D" figure for success!  Jennie in KY


MSP HERE: Dear MSP SYSters and Jennie,  

Narrowing your basics down to just a few neutral colors makes getting dressed so darn EASY! It's amazing how so many outfits can be made using only a few basics from your color palette.

In Jennie's email (above) she shares how adding an accessory made her outfit extra-special, and she even got compliments. This proves that accessories are important completer pieces--not meant to be left off.

Thank you Jennie for sharing your story.

Love, Leslie MSP

P.S. Jennie's email is also the inspiration for this week's Style Mission (below).


This week's Style Mission: Wear an accessory you haven't worn before! 

What accessory are you a little fearful of wearing? Do you shy away from bold earrings or wearing brooches? Or perhaps, you don't ever wear belts or scarves. 


What one accessory are you going to break out of your comfort zone and wear this week?

Here's an idea! Don't buy anything...use old necklaces you already have.

Make your own statement necklace by tying together several necklaces!



Check out these fab ways to store jewelry!


Dear MSP,
I thought I'd share a MSP inspired idea I had to organize my jewelry.
I had my handy son install a set of hooks in my closet (he nailed to side of closet shelves instead of hanging over door for more stability).
I use the bottom row of bigger hooks to hang necklaces by color (gold, white, black etc) and the top smaller hooks to hold bracelets.
I like having my own jewelry store!
It's made my wardrobe accessorizing so much easier.
Love your weekly tips and shopping pics.
Devotedly, Paige

MSP HERE: Thanks Paige for sharing your story about jewelry organizing. I agree, it's important. If you can't see it, you probably won't wear it! 

Below are two fab ideas for displaying (aka storing) your jewelry!

I love this idea above. With so many earrings, this needlepoint grid can be hung up to display them all!