12-24-18 THIS WEEK: Outfit Planner for the New Year

December 24, 2018, 2:39 pm by MSP

New Year Special: An Outfit Planner from MSP. Get it this week!

It's an awesome way to end 2018 and start 2019.

Everyday you must get dressed. Imagine how nice it would be; to effortlessly select something to wear each morning. This can be your daily reality. No more feelings of uncertainty, wondering if your outfit is a hit--or a miss. Instead, each day you are a dressing success! It will be yours in 5 easy steps.

Often I'm chatting up about "go-to" outfits. This an essential way of dress for any woman who wants to look stylish, yet is constantly short on time. But, just exactly how do you make this happen with your wardrobe? No worries...relax. This week your MSP body type style membership ...gives you a simplified version of wardrobe planningYou can use this 5-step planner right away and get amazing results! 

This week-something special to start off 2019... A VIRTUAL OUTFIT PLANNER! With this simple planner I've created, you will be able to take a few basics and make lots of chic looks-instantly! No need to buy anything new when you have this closet-boosting tool to help you use your basics correctly. It's a clever way to mix and accessorize what's in your closet!


This week: "how to put an outfit together" templates that show you five (5) easy steps to follow.  Nothing could be easier...and more fun! This week's information will revolutionize how you dress, now and into 2019.

Learn to dress for your body type.
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MSP's Weekly Style Mission

The Style Mission for this week is: Take an inventory of your shoes. 

Do you have the right shoes to meet all your wardrobe needs? Think about it. Do you have dress shoes and casual shoes for a variety of pant lengths? If shoes can so often make or break the outfit… are yours worn-out and scuffed up? Do you have what you really need as far as a basic shoe wardrobe goes?

This week, take an inventory of your basic shoes. (We're not talking about fancy “dinner” shoes!) Assess your current shoes and decide what you need for winter. Inventory your basic shoes (you know, the ones that you rely on each and everyday). Do you have enough of them in rotation so you aren’t wearing the same shoes day in and day out?

Your everyday basic shoes should be simple, comfortable and functional. You should have flats, dress heels, boots, sandals and athletic lace-ups in basic colors like black, brown and tan.


Once you have the "basics" covered ... add cute colorful shoes to your shoe wardrobe...



Once you've acquired an essential-core shoe wardrobe, add in a few fun pairs too! Consider shoes with animal prints, embellished flats and bright colored pointy-toe wedges, etc. A stylish shoe can even become a fab focal point of your outfit. 

Psst! Shoes say a lot! You can tell a lot about a woman’s personality and social class based on her shoes. Some people notice a woman’s shoe right away. What are your shoes saying about you? Neat, clean, modern woman? Or worn, tired and needing an update? 


What SYSters are Saying

Dear MissusSmartyPants,

Just thought I'd post a thought or two on the “I'm not the size I wanna be” mindset.  

I've been working for over a year on my weight. I've gone from a 38inch waist to a 34. So far I've lost over 45 lbs in the last year. It has been a moment by moment journey.  One mouthful at a time..of course the fact that I've painfully discovered that if I eat certain things I'm in tremendous pain has been an incredible motivator.  So I've learned to make healthier choices.

I recently joined Missus Smarty Pants, like FlyLady has said so many times "you're not behind just get started right where you are." I've been amazed at the change in having a bit of direction has done for how I see myself physically. 

Last night my daughter and I went clothes shopping. I've avoided "shopping" unless I absolutely had to.  I found two pairs of the cutest leather shoes for $4.99 each. I've been looking to add wardrobe pieces that would compliment my bodystyle. Having a specific type of clothing in mind and already knowing my color palette has certainly changed the way I shop.

Dressing now is so much faster and less stressful. A year ago I didn't even feel like I had a style, let alone find something to compliment it. So for anyone debating whether or not its worth it to sign up for the Missus Smarty Pants emails… my answer is YES... I'm worth it and so are you.

Thank you, Joy


MSP: How do I roll my sleeves up like you?


I've seen photos of you and love that way of rolling up your sleeves. How to you roll them to get that look? Can you share it some time, please. My sleeves always roll down and end up uneven, so this would be nice to know.

Love your services, Jane M.


MSP HERE: Dear Jane, 

Thank you for your style question. It's "perfectly" timed I might add since we are wearing more long-sleeved shirts this time of year. 

I'm not the only one that rolls up her sleeves this way... J.Crew has created a "how-to" pictorial which I have copied below to share with you. 

Not only is this a stylish way to roll up your sleeves; they actually stay up better (I should know. As a tall gal 5'11"... I'm always rolling up my way too-short sleeves, LOL!)