11-19-18 THIS WEEK: The Only 5 Pieces You Need This Fall

November 20, 2018, 8:22 am by MSP


The Only 5 Pieces You Need This Fall

Continuing the "do not buy" theme from last week...there are only 5 pieces you really need this fall. By paring down your wardrobe and concentrating on fewer pieces (that mix and match) you'll dress more stylishly and in quick order too!


This week how to apply only 5 pieces to make fabulous looks.


Start your style journey today! 

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MSP's Weekly Style Mission

This week’s Style Mission: It's a closet fling!

FLING at least two (2) items from your closet you have not worn in at last 6 months. 

Be honest. You know there are at least two items in your closet taking up valuable real estate. You have no plans to wear them because either they don’t fit you right, or they are the wrong color for you. Fling them now and release yourself from this guilt that hangs in your closet!


Set your timer. 

Spend 15 minutes and FLING at least two (2) items you don't wear!

BONUS: Get hangers that all match.

Remove the wire and plastic hangers. Go with felt covered hangers for a cohesive and organized look.

With felt covered hangers, nothing slips off and everything hangs evenly. You'll be surprised how nice it looks!

What SYSters are Saying

Hi Leslie,

I just wanted to thank you for everything you've taught me.  I've been a subscriber for 6 months and have learned so much.  I just can't believe it.  Everything you said is true. Which by the way, it's very difficult to find a "product" that is worth its value such as yours.  I'm a type A and I was skeptical how much you could help me.  After all I was thin enough to wear pretty much anything I wanted, right?  Well, that's partly true.  I could wear anything but did I feel and look great?  No, I didn't and now I certainly do.

I got my hair cut per your suggestion for a square face and have even changed my hair color to reflect my “new” autumn coloring.  I particularly also love your suggestion of buying the things I love.  I recently came back from a vacation and gained a few pounds.  My first instinct was to grab something baggy but I thought no, MSP says put on something that will make me feel beautiful.

When I feel beautiful I take better care of my self.  I'm back to watching what I am eating and know I would have hated myself for gaining the weight I did (about 7 lbs) but you know I don't feel that way today.  I know that if I continue to take care of myself the extra weight will come off and I can still feel pretty until it does.  

Your system is so much more than looking good on the outside.  It’s about feeling good on the inside.  Something that is finally happening at this age and this weight.  Who would have thought?  You have been so helpful and I am so grateful for everything I have learned.  

Again, I want to express how rare I find a product that is really worth its value.  If anyone out there is debating on whether to use this service, please do it.  I have saved money, feel wonderful, and look beautiful.  I have more than enough clothes to wear and for once feel that I have and am enough.

Leslie, you're the best.

Love, Joy