11-12-18 THIS WEEK: 4 Ways to Improve Your Style-Yet Buy Nothing

November 12, 2018, 1:55 pm by MSP


THIS WEEK: How about 4 ways to improve your style-yet buy nothing? Doesn't this idea sound fabulous since we are entering into the holiday season? I mean, who doesn't want to look her best, yet not spend any money in the process. 


This week: top tips to dress your best by re-working your closet!

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MSP's Weekly Style Mission

In a style rut? Try something new, or wear something in a new way.

This week's Style Mission: Remix your clothes in a different way OR wear something completely new to you!


Jump out your comfort zone by try something new!

When is the last time you wore a dress?

Layer a shirt under a sweater dress, then add opaque tights and boots-and you're instantly stylin'!

Gianni Bini Scalloped Neck Sweater Dress-red


Instead of the same ‘ol clothes worn the same ways, over and over ...change things up! 

This week, try one of the complete outfits suggested for your body type, found in your Personal Profile. Copy everything you see (including the accessories and shoes). Enjoy your new-found style confidence AND the compliments that will coming your way!

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What SYSters Are Saying

Leslie Answers Your Style Questions...


DEAR MSP: What styles do older retired women wear? i am 65, live in a small town and I am retired .i currently wear jeans and t-shirts .i want to dress better without looking overdone..thank you. Elaine


MSP HERE: Dear Elaine,

Your lifestyle at this point is probably based on comfort and keeping things simple. No more "dressing up" for work or investing in an expensive wardrobe to keep employment. 

Celebrate your "relaxed" lifestyle by adding just a bit more style to your "jeans and t-shirts". Jeans and t-shirts can get boring and well, lack style...so dress 'em up! Add a "completer" piece...this means a stylish/colorful jacket or sweater. It also means enjoying accessories with every outfit. Find out what accessories you love the most and make them your "signature style". For example, if you love dangle earrings...wear the cutest dangle earrings ever! Look for ones that really celebrate your style. You may love handbags, shoes or statement brooches or necklaces or scarves. Figure out how YOU are going to express your style by adding some "fun" to your daily jeans and tee outfits! Don't leave home without your "fun" on.

Hope this helps you rock your style SYSter!

Love, Leslie MSP