10-29-18 THIS WEEK: 15 Key Items to Elevate Your Style

October 29, 2018, 2:31 pm by MSP


Dear MSP SYSters,

Have you ever noticed your favorite black slacks are the same "go-to" ones that you wear all the time? Don't you wish you had few exciting new ways to pull your style together?

Lucky for you, this week, I've got a list of 15 key items that will elevate your style. This list is above and beyond the basic wardrobe essentials. It's a list of items that will set your style above and beyond everyone else's.


Lose the snooze style..ELEVATE YOUR STYLE TO A NEW LEVEL!

You will look chic and fab by simply adding these 15 items into your regular wardrobe mix.

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MSP's Weekly Style Mission

This week's Style Mission is to care for what you already own. NO shopping allowed!

Think about how many clothes you have relegated to the back of the closet (or shoved to on the top closet shelf) because they are missing a needed button, or the hem is coming undone, or the zipper needs replacing? Wouldn't you LOVE to put these clothes back into rotation?

It's anti-procrastination week at MSP! DO IT NOW. I challenge you to gather up all the clothes that need mending/altering...and get it done! Now that you have removed everything that needs fixing, take inventory of what needs to be mended, hemmed, etc. If you have the ability and/or tools to fix these items... do it right away. If not, put everything into a bag (and into your car). Next time you run errands, drop them off at tailor shop!

For just a minimial cost, you'll get these clothes back into rotation...making it feel like you've got "new" clothes, LOL!

Love, Leslie MSP


Dear MissusSmartyPants


New Video Posted!

Here's a quick 1 Minute Fashion Tip (easy-to-do, and will cost you nothing!)

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Take a look and please share with your Facebook friends! Thanks.

Love, Leslie MSP




Thanks to your wonderful and informative jean article, I removed three BAD pairs from my wardrobe. Why did I wait so long to do this?? I don't know but now I feel like I was torturing myself, lol! I have a whole new attitude now.

My husband and kiddos are so happy to see me in my new jeans instead of those frumpy ones. I feel years younger and I know I look really good too. Before I kept wearing the same baggy ones that made me look tired, old and sad. 

Buying a couple of pairs of new jeans is a lot cheaper than therapy and it's definitely more fun! I feel renewed and young again.

Because of your article I learned my best style of jeans for the first time. I would never had tried this style before MSP. You are the best!

Thanks again, Shelley


MSP HERE: Dear Shelley,

I'm happy to help a SYSter!

Updating our wardrobe is something we need to do seasonally. The biggest "style favor" any woman can do for themselves is to make sure they select the right styles for their body shape!

I've received lots of emails regarding the last jean article. Jeans are a wardrobe staple for most, making fab looking jeans essential.

If you are one of those ladies who has removed the ugly jeans for her wardrobe and replaced them with a new sassy pair (first off, Way to Go Girl!)... and second, here's an idea of what to do with your OLD jeans (just in time for Christmas crafts/gifts):

"Green" uses for old, unwanted jeans...creative, and crafty ideas!


What to do with old jeans

Dear MSP, 

Guess what! Last night I was putting my outfit together and decided I needed to dig deep into my jewelry box and be thankful for the beautiful things I have. I found a brown topaz (stone bracelet), shined up the silver settings so I could wear it (I also have the necklace and earrings) no matchy-matchy here! Instead I paired it with fun silver swirl earrings, a soft yellow top and chocolate slacks. HOW FUN! I feel special too!!

Thanks Leslie for the weekly style missions!

Fondly, Jennifer