10-22-18 THIS WEEK: 5 Style Essentials Every Woman Should Know

October 22, 2018, 2:38 pm by Leslie aka MissusSmartyPants

Every woman is beautiful in her own way. We always hear this and want to believe it, but what we all really want is to look our best-period. But, sometimes unknownlying we fall short because we do not understand what I call "the five essentials of style". These are the understanding how to enhance one's appearance using: proportion, line, color, texture and accents. My goal is to take the guesswork out of getting dressed. Once you get these five basics, you will know how to enhance your assets and minimize the other bits. 


In this week's article I go in-deepth of how to use each of these five elements every time you dress.

From this day forward...You will always look your best. 


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MSP's Weekly Style Mission 

Dear SYSters,

Either your clothes create a good impression, or they don’t. With that said, I can’t help but jump on my soapbox (again) and mention the importance of wearing the right styles for your body type! That's what it’s all about ladies; the right fit and clothing styles for YOU.

However, I know women often “buy into” the current season’s trends even though they might not be the best choice for us.

This week’s de-clutter  and remove those clothes that simply don’t flatter you...

While you are decluttering your closet, why not fix it up? 

Hang a long mirror, add a shelf, use hooks for jewelry and baskets for accessories.


Some “trendy” styles will NEVER look good on us—no matter how hard we try. Certain styles make us look “fat” or out of proportion-that's why we always hang them back up in the closet. You're not wearing them...so out they go! 


Use these guidelines to help you decide which garments need to go:

Shape of garment: items like mumus, baby doll dresses, full-pleated skirts, boyfriend blazers (long & boxy and from the 80's), very short skirts.

Fabric texture: wide-whale corduroy, shiny metallics, taffeta, boucle, satin, quilted fabrics, wide horizontal stripes, large loud prints.

Color: overly bright neon colors, any color that makes you look sick or washed out.

Garment fit: anything too big or too tight. Anything that is an “odd” proportioned and you never looked right in it (like capris perhaps?).

This week...please remember: Either your clothes make a good first impression, or they don’t. So what’s still in your closet that isn’t doing you any fashion favors?

Love, Leslie MSP


What SYSters are Saying


Thank you for posting makeup tips for older women! I know my face has changed, but I didn’t know how to change my technique. Thank you! Your service is worth every penny.

MSP HERE: Thanks Paula. If you have been applying your makeup the same way for years...It's good to refresh your makeup application (as well as your style) from time to time. Here is the link to this posting: Makeup and the Older Woman

MSP, I am a long time subscriber who appreciates your good advice and seasonal updates.

I was recently in the hospital for knee replacement surgery and realized how deeply your philosophy has penetrated. When I was packing for my 10 day stay (between the hospital and rehab after), I knew I'd need practical, comfortable clothes that were easy to get into and out of. Shorts and t-shirts filled the bill, but it didn't but a few more minutes to throw in some jewelry and scarves. I was quite a hit in Physical Therapy when I showed up with a little bling and lots of MSP style. It raised my spirits too and was especially important to me because I had my surgery in the hospital where I have worked in the past. The biggest hit were my slipper socks that look like Dorothy's Ruby Slippers. Quite a switch from the brown ones the hospital issues. 

As you frequently tell us, style doesn't have to cost a lot or take a lot of time. And believe me, when just finishing getting dressed required a nap, adding a necklace or scarf and earrings wasn't too much additional effort. Thanks again for everything you do! -Lynn


Dear MissusSmartyPants,

I wanted to let you know I gave a copy of the closet purge (from your front page) to a co-worker last week. She told me today she did it over the weekend and she was totally thrilled with the results. She said it was a lot of work and a whole weekend but, she took out 8 large garbage bags of stuff to donate and put together the outfits in her closet the way you said to do it. She found things she did not even know she had, and she found all the stuff she knew she had but could not find. She said her closet rod was ready to fall it was so overfilled and now it is great and she is so happy. She could not wait to tell me today, so I thought I should tell you.

You are a blessing and my friend appreciated your advice. She sure appreciates what you made available and thanks you for your help. She is 62 and works full time and cares for her mother who lives with her. You helped make things easier for her.

Thank you!!! Corrine