09-25-12 The Secrets to Looking Great in Jeans

September 22, 2012, 11:41 am by MSP

This is the second straight week of gorgeous weather! It's warm, sunny and with clear blue skies. The best part is, there is no humidity! How perfect is that? You can't help but fall in love with autumn. It's temperate days like these that makes you yearn to be close to nature; even if it's only for a short walk outside! Be sure to set aside some time soon enjoy the simple pleasures of a pretty fall day... it's what makes life special.

Recently, I've tried several new bright color combinations I haven't worn before. Here, I'm wearing green and blue together.

I also gave my summery handbag a rest and switched it to something a little more fall-like.

I even added a colorful scarf to my handbag...

Right now, I'm having a blast preparing my wardrobe for the cooler months to come. I kinda feel like a squirrel preparing ahead of time, LOL! I've been busily moving my summery clothes to the back of my closet and going through other skirts, dresses and pants I haven't worn for awhile because it's been so dog-gone hot... soon I'll start wearing them again. I've added 3 new hooks to accomodate my over-populated necklace area on my closet wall (more is better, right?). I'm moving my other jewerly (again) back into my top two dresser drawers and rearranging all the earrings and pendants together, as well as all the bracelets in another area. (See, I do the weekly Style Missions too!)

It's good to take this time each season to go through what I have because it makes me more aware of what I DO have (makes me grateful too) and it also gives me fresh ideas of how to use these items once again. While this "regrouping" reminds me of what I have, it also helps me think about how I can apply them to the latest trends. Some things may need a rest, while others are perfect for this fall season. Less purchasing, smarter wearing <smile>.

It's not cool enough yet for boots and tights, however I'm already enjoying a couple of my new fall pieces I purchased last month. Since the weather is still warm, yet a lot milder, I've been able to wear pants on occasion. I've put away the light summer sandals and intead I've been wearing darker heeled sandals, closed-toe shoes (like these animal-print ones in the photo above) or flats so my look is less summery. If you need more ideas to help you transition your wardrobe from summer into fall, I wrote a blog post you might find helpful: Transition Dressing--from summer into fall.


What's new for fall???

COLORED DENIMS! These are the hot new look for fall! Best part, there's a color and cut for every body.

 I've added a couple of colored denims already to my fall wardrobe.

They are bringing a lot more versatility to my wardrobe than I thought possible...

Liverpool Jeans Co. 'Sadie' Straight Leg Jeans (5 colors, sz. 2-16) at Dillards


What's the best thing you can do right now for YOUR fall wardrobe? Update your denims! By far, looking sassy in a pair of jeans you will get the biggest bang for your buck!  Because the truth is: it's not about how much dollars you dole-out for your denims that will make you look great...it's about selecting the RIGHT STYLE OF JEANS FOR YOUR BODY TYPE! That's the secret to looking fabulous in a pair of jeans. You must discover your correct style of denims, and this week I'm going to help you find yours!

WHY is it, some women look amazing in their jeans...even though they don't have a 'perfect' body??? How is that possible they look so good when other women dressed in denims look frumpy? What is their secret? The fact is, not all denims are created equal. The secret is learning what jeans are your best jeans.

So, if your jeans are saggy in the bottom, "grow" (stretch out) soon after you put them on, or simply fit poorly and are unflattering....this week is for you. This week, I break down "The Secrets to Looking Great in Jeans"! There really is a pair of jeans that will look amazing on every woman. This week is the complete jean guide to finding the right style and cut as well as jean washes and silhouettes. From avoiding the dreaded 'muffin top' to ugly 'camel toe' you'll learn how to steer clear of these fit faux-pas and get the right jean fit every time.


A fabulous pair of jeans can help boost a woman's self-confidence like no other article of clothing can!

Wearing the right jeans makes you look younger and feel more 'hip'... no matter your age.

So Slimming By Chico's Black Bootcut Jean (sizes 000-4)


Updating your denims can take years off of your dated style---instantly! Current jean styles can makes you look instantly on-trend (no matter your age) and it brings your style forward. More importantly, finding the right jean style will improve your body proportions. There are jeans that can actually make your thighs appear slimmer and hold in your tummy. There are jean styles for every body type...the secret is knowing which styles to try and which ones to avoid. Nothing ages you like bad jeans!

This Thursday, "The Secrets to Looking Great in Jeans" will be posted in all Personal Profiles. Sign up today and get your copy!

Love, Leslie MSP


MSP's Weekly Style Mission

As we continue to prepare our wardrobe for fall there's just one more thing that would really help. Our closets would be so neat and organized with matching hangers! To some of you this might sound a little OCD or silly...but really it helps a lot. Of course you could make do with mix 'n match hangers you've collected over the years...but having ALL one style of hanger makes your closet look so much neater and shows you are "invested" in your wardrobe AND your style! It will give you the right attitude about your wardrobe..just like "getting dressed to shoes" helps you get your day started off right!

Instead of making do with the 'free' hangers from the dry-cleaners (and who knows where) decide upon the color and style of hangers you want.

This week's Style Mission: Pick a hanger style that will hang various clothes in your closet. (All one color, all one style if possible)


These felt covered hangers are similar to the black ones I use in my closet...they hang up EVERYTHING!


Lillian Vernon Soft-Grip Hangers


Need ideas for selecting the right hangers? Check out my closet ( I use several hanger style--but consistantly throughout for an organized look).

You will love that your closet looks more streamlined (organized) because it energizes you like nothing else can! (Your closet is one of the first things you see every morning)

Love, Leslie MSP


What SYSters are Saying

Yay MSP!

The last 3 or 4 weeks I have been following your E guidelines, have gotten proper fitting bras, and paid attention to my proper colors. Since then, I have gotten comments at the post office the grocery store, the mall, and at every one of my twice weekly Bible meetings about how good I am looking. Of course, at the Bible meetings I know everyone and they feel more comfortable telling me details! lol

One of my dear friends has been out of town for 3 weeks, so she hadn't seen my progress. She gave me a hug after the meeting and said I have to know how much weight you have lost!!! Her sister was standing nearby and said "Oh, she got the girls where they are suppose to be". They both wanted the name of my bra fitter and the URL for MSP!

Everyone is noticing I am wearing flattering colors, as well. I had been punishing my 'fat' self by not wearing flattering colors as well as not wearing proper cuts in my clothing. Ugly, non-flattering clothes from Wal-Mart sales racks, as long as they covered my body for under $5 a pop.

MSP has now encouraged me to look good at this weight, and that will help me lose weight! It is so nice to look good, and it shows that I love my DH to make the effort.

Cathy an Autumn E


Dear Leslie,

I am so excited I discovered this website a month ago. It has changed my life, well at least how I look and feel, LOL!

I'm trying hard to understand all this fit stuff. I have to say I look good now, even though my hips are big and all. One thing I can not yet figure out is high hip. What do you mean when you say this in my personal profile? Please explain this because I want to keep learning the correct fit for my body type.


Thanks so much, Veronica


Dear Veronica,

That's a very good question. I'm sure there are other women confused about the term "high hip".

It is important to understand about this body proportion (high hip) so you will look your best in your clothes! Many women with larger hips are tempted to 'hide' them under a longer top. However, a longer length can make you appear shorter and heavier.

It may be counterintuitive to you, but wearing a shorter (mid-length) top ( lighter or in the same color) is better. At the "high hip" means NEAR the top of your illiac crest (top of hip bone). This means your top or blouse should come a couple inches down from there. You will need to work with a full-length mirror and find your "sweet spot". Each woman is slightly different depending upon her total height and more importantly where her waist is located on her body (long, short or average waist).

TIP** Use this "high hip" measurement for your jacket lengths too!

Love, Leslie MSP

Below, I've edited a photo to show these proportions on the body...Upper left arrow is high hip, arrow on the right side is mid-hip, lower left arrow is low hip. 


Dear Mrs Smarty Pants,

I recently went shopping in a very unusual place-my own closet! During a closet purge, I tried on new combinations of the things I already owned and found some great new outfits. You have helped me to get creative with the things I already have and to use accessories to completely change a look.

I also have a suggestion for SYSters who aren't quite sure when the last time was you wore an outfit (or aren't quite ready to part with an outfit). This idea is so simple and clever that I wish it had originated with me! Turn all hangers in your closet backwards (yes, hook facing out). When you wear something, replace it with the hanger hook facing toward the wall. In six months (mark it on your calendar) revisit your closet. Then you will know what you wear and what you don't. 

Thanks again for helping me improve my style, Monnie


Dear Monnie,

Thanks for sharing your style story and helpful tip.

I'm always encouraging my SYSters to shop their closets first. Not only because it saves them time and money...but more importantly it helps them improve their style like nothing else can!

I'm not sure where the 'backwards' hanger tip came from either. But it's always worth mentioning!

Love, Leslie MSP