10-4-18 How to Layer Correctly...Every Time!

October 4, 2018, 8:17 am by MSP


How to layer correctly...every time:


To layer successfully you need to do 2 things:


1. BOTH layers made out of lightweight fabrics (bulky fabrics make you look bulky, therefore they don’t work well).


2. The first layer must fit you snug. If not, your layers will slide around and not look right or stay put. The first layering is usually longer too. (See photo below)


12 Layering pieces to consider:  


__Short and long sleeved thin soft tees (in pretty fall colors)

__Tanks and camisoles in every conceivable color

__Vests in menswear plaids or long sweater vests

__Variety of scarves

__Long or layered necklaces

__Classics like v-neck sweaters (long & short-sleeved)

__Turtlenecks/mock-turtlenecks, cowl-necks

__Thin zip-up hoodies (long and s/s)

__Classic cardigan twin-sets

__Button-down fitted shirts or chambray shirts

__Bow-front blouses

__Belts. Colorful, wide, shiny, skinny...they are all good layering items.


All of the above items make wonderful layering options!

Throughout the year look for these basic pieces in your seasonal colors. BE ON THE LOOKOUT YEAR-ROUND FOR LAYERING PIECES.