8-27-18 THIS WEEK: Six Ways to Wear White Jeans

August 27, 2018, 1:47 pm by MSP


Six Ways to Wear White Jeans


Our mamas told us, "NO white after Labor Day". Well, that no longer holds true anymore. Those days are long gone.

Today's fashion scene takes just about every "rule" we once believed in, and breaks it. Along with the notion of double-denim as a style faux pas; wearing white in the cooler months is not only okay, it's now super-stylish! That's fashion for you: fickle and ever-changing!


NYDJ "Clarissa" Stretch Slim Jeans (petites and missus)


This week's posting: Six white jean outfits that you can wear all fall and winter! Yes, white jeans in winter is quite chic, when done right. Use these tips and copy 6 chic white outfits for the most stylish season you've had yet!


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THIS is what MissusSmartyPants is all about!

Dear Leslie,

A recent compliment from a stranger made me think that I needed to send you a Cost Per Wear story!  In early spring of 2009 I bought the purse in the attached photo.  It is woven in a neutral shade and about 8.5 x 10-inches not including the handles which are firm circles of colorful, probably plastic, jewel shapes.  I don't remember the cost but it was not over $35 I am sure.  I carried it in May, 2009, when I went to my daughter's college graduation out-of-state.  This year, 2018, has been the 10th spring/summer that I have carried this purse!  Every year I get compliments from complete strangers when they see the purse.  I have had at least two complements this year!  

Several years before I joined MissusSmartyPants, I had my colors done by Color Me Beautiful and I try to purchase only warm spring items.  I don't like large purses so when I saw this purse, I thought that it would be something that I would enjoy using.  I didn't realize at the time that it would have such a low cost per wear value!  I am a believer in using the Color ID to look your best!  I get compliments all the time from strangers on my clothing.  Last week a woman stopped me in a parking lot to complement my dress!  It makes me feel guilty that I don't give more compliments to women I see who look good.  It is a small thing that can make a woman's day a little brighter!!!  

In a few days I will carefully pack this purse away for another year!  I realize that each year it is getting more fragile but I am hoping that maybe I can lower the cost per wear a little more before it becomes too worn for use.  A basic style and the right colors always prove to be the best.  I enjoy my MissusSmartyPants membership that is helping me get compliments that brighten my day!  Thank you!!! Judith


MSP's Weekly Style Mission

This week's Style Mission is a "style challenge". It's where I ask you to join me and challenge yourself, style wise. 

This week, won't you join me in a "Sweet Repeat" challenge? 

Here's how to do the "Sweet Repeat" challenge: Select one (1) item from your closet (a pant, a skirt, or a dress) and create three (3) different outfits with it. 

Choose something to "repeat" that is challenging for you to wear. In other words, don't pick jeans and wear them three days in a row! Nope. Challenge yourself with a noticeable pair of pants or a skirt like this one here...

The objective is to challenge yourself style wise and put together some fabulous looks you might not otherwise thought of. The fact is, we have more than enough in our closets right now. We simply need to take the time and figure out in different ways to wear the same things. Let your creativity fly. Have fun, and please share by posting your outfits in the MSP Style Forum!

Love, Leslie MSP 


What SYSters are Saying


Dear Mrs Smarty Pants, 

I recently went shopping in a very unusual place-my own closet! During a closet purge, I tried on new combinations of the things I already owned and found some great new outfits. You have helped me to get creative with the things I already have and to use accessories to completely change a look.

I also have a suggestion for SYSters who aren't quite sure when the last time was you wore an outfit (or aren't quite ready to part with an outfit). This idea is so simple and clever that I wish it had originated with me! Turn all hangers in your closet backwards (yes, hook facing out). When you wear something, replace it with the hanger hook facing toward the wall. In six months (mark it on your calendar) revisit your closet. Then you will know what you wear and what you don't.  

Thanks again for helping me improve my style, Monnie


MSP HERE: Dear Monnie,

Thanks for sharing your style story and helpful tip. 

I always encourage my SYSters to shop their closets first. Not only because it saves them time and money...but more importantly it helps them improve their style.

I'm not sure where the 'backwards' hanger tip came from either. But it's always worth mentioning again!

Love, Leslie MSP


STYLE TIP: Turn all hangers in your closet backwards (yes, hook facing out). When you wear something, replace it with the hanger hook facing toward the wall. In six months (mark it on your calendar) revisit your closet. Then you will know what you wear and what you don't.

I've been a MSP member for a couple of years now and have seen my style gradually improve. But this summer I feel like I've turned a corner. I'm putting together outfits that make me look and feel great, I'm wearing items in multiple ways, I'm getting compliments on my style, and I've built a coordinated (but not large!!) spring/summer wardrobe that makes all of that possible.
One thing that has really helped was I started a "style file" -- in my case, just a simple table to list what I wear each day (including accessories) so I can look back and see which combinations I haven't worn in a while or which items I didn't wear last week...that way I don't put items together in the same way all the time and get bored. I also rate the outfits and sometimes add suggestions for how to improve an outfit next time I wear it.
Just wanted to tell you how thrilled I am that your fabulous lessons are finally sinking in!
Now to tackle this fall/winter season...LOL!
This fall, start your own Style File where you keep notes of outfits you love, list of what essentials you still need, shopping guides, style articles...everything related to style you love!