7-9-18 THIS WEEK: The Art of Proportion

July 9, 2018, 3:09 pm by MissusSmartyPants


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This style advice is life-changing, and quite frankly it's just about all you need to put your style together. It's ageless, classic and for every woman, every shape. So, what the heck is it? It is the art of proportion. Knowing how to apply this knowledge of proportion means you'll re-think your daily outfits. Knowing the difference between a bad look (for you) and one that makes you look amazing means you'll never feel frumpy again. (See I told you this is for every woman)


Do you feel like a frumpy caterpillar when it comes to style? If this sounds more like you than not, use this week's article to create your own metamorphosis and become a beautiful butterfly! It's a dressing "secret" stylist never share with any of their clients~this week it's all yours.


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MSP's Weekly Style Mission

This week's Style Mission is: plan your outfits for one week

Spend a few extra minutes tonight planning your weekly outfits. Just think of how peaceful your mornings and evening will be during the week. I can't think of a better gift could you possible give yourself-- can you? Don't we all need a little more free time during the week? 

Be sure to include on each daily outfit hanger your accessories too (you can put them in a little zip-lock bag and hang 'em on the hanger). Putting together outfits for the complete week will not only help keep you stress level down...it makes you start thinking more about "outfits"...not just wardrobe pieces!

Enjoy your week! Love, Leslie MSP

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What SYSters are Saying

Hi, I am new here, my name is Gina. So many times I have cried after shopping for clothing, mostly due to fitting issues. Because of my waist to low hip ratio I haven’t worn jeans for about 15 years. This struggle with my body has left me feeling like I am “off” somehow. 

After talking to Leslie personally about my fitting issues, she said something that brought such clarity. She said “Gina, you have a size 8 waist and a size 12 hip, how would an off the rack garment fit you correctly?” For once, it felt like a light bulb went off in my head, she gave me the “permission” I needed to face my body and realize it’s okay that I don’t fit into RTW garments. I was looking for the “right” pants in their RTW state. Today I went to see a tailor for the first time, he said that based on my body measurements, I will most likely need to alter all pants and skirts. I told him I sew and He offered to teach me how to alter my pants! 

Leslie, without your advice I would have never gone to a tailor. You are right; off the rack clothing really doesn't fit most people perfectly. I feel like a major burden has been lifted and now I will buy that larger size without shame and alter them to fit ME. I hope this encourages anyone who is discourage with fitting issues. Seeing a Tailor is worth it. No more tearful shopping trips. THANK YOU!!!!


Dear Missus Smarty Pants,

I have had sooo much fun choosing a basic wardrobe. This took me a few months to get together. I was methodical about the whole process.

The most important thing was throwing out my old clothes I didn’t like or wear. Some actually had sentimental value. Out to the trash they went. Now I am ready to go anywhere anytime. 

Then there is my closet. What a real mess. I went to Ikea and for 80 dollars my closet looks and FUNCTIONS Great!! I even put on a fresh coat of paint. 

I got myself re-measured and bought 2 new bras. One Black and One Nude.

I want to thank you because you made me realize I am worth it. I didn’t have to spend a fortune. When you know firsthand what you are looking for you can find the right price.

Thanks so much for this great site and all your help. 

Next week a hair appointment and a pedicure. It is so much fun taking care of myself. This whole process made me feel more confident. This will stick with me forever! 

Yours fondly, Barb


MSP HERE: Dear Barb, 

It sounds like you have created a good basic wardrobe with the proper clothes that fit and flatter your body type. Job well done! 

Remember, taking care of yourself is not selfish. It's self-loving and necessary!

Love, Leslie MSP