5-28-18 THIS WEEK: Summer "go to" Outfits

May 28, 2018, 3:24 pm by MSP


Yipee!!!! This week marks the start of the summer season...

Wouldn't it be nice to have a few stylish outfits ready-to-go? 


Want to look stylish all summer long? 

You can! With this week's "The 'go-to' Guide for Summer Outfits" 

you'll have what you need to look fab all summer!


When the summer heat starts, it's nice to have few 'go-to' outfits ready. I use templates (that I've created)...and this week I'm sharing them with you. This "template" way of dressing makes me (and you) look stylish in a blink of an eye.

Last weekend I went out for dinner and a movie. I wore a textured pencil skirt, a peplum knit top and soft-pink kitten heels. It was an easy-peasy outfit for me to put together. I felt dressed nice, but not overly dressy. (Note to self: next time take a photo, so it can be shared). 

While out that night, I noticed quite a few women wore t-shirts and jeans-and they look uber-casual. This "light bulb" moment made me realize that dressing-up just a bit means so much. I knew right there and then...I MUST share this template way of dressing! Look, I'm not trying to be mean; I'm trying to keep it real (and be completely honest) that a night out always feels more special when you look and feel your best. Dressing well is necessary; it's part of self-care and self-love.

Start dressing TODAY for that woman you want to be!!! The best part is it can be really easy to look good-even in the summer months...You just need a 'template' or formula to make it happen!


Find out how to CREATE lots of summer outfits, like this by using MSP's template formula!

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Use this week's "templates" to help you create stylish combinations you'll wear over and over...all summer long! It's similar to the MSP eBook "Style Recipes" but on a smaller scale.

This wardrobe formula works for every lifestyle! From a stay-at-home moms to working professionals, or even as a retired woman-this is a easy way to dress stylish. The idea is to start with one main piece--and then build from there. This week you will get the formula and how to replicate these looks using your own wardrobe!


Get this week's "Go-to'" Guide for Summer Outfits" with your MSP Personal Profile 

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MSP's Weekly Style Mission

Need a new perspective on life? Simply change your hair! Yes, I know at first it sounds frivolous. But seriously, a new hairstyle gives you a whole new perspective on life.

This week’s Style Mission: Change your hairstyle. It's just what you need for the warmer months ahead.

How about trying out a new layered or shorter hairstyle? Or how about adding some sassy bangs? A updated hairstyle can lift your spirits and take years off your face like nothing else!

This week, make your hair appointment and consider a layered style (more hair movement) and/or try a style with bangs (they soften our faces when we've got a wrinkle or two we'd like to hide).


Want to look years younger? Change your "old" hairstyle!


Go for it! Then, EMAIL ME about your new hairstyle! Email us at: missusmsp@windstream.net  

Subject Line: MY NEW HAIR! Let's share with each other how we feel with a new hairstyle (younger, refreshed, renewed, sassy...etc.) 

Love, Leslie MSP


Dear MissusSmartyPants...

(Enjoy this suggestion from a past article) "Breaking out of my style rut..."

I love the suggestion that I choose one item of clothing that I haven't worn for awhile and create a new outfit. I did it today with a turquoise top I never wear. I paired it with a brown suit (a combination I learned from an MSP article to look at nature and see colors that go together) and a necklace that tied it together. I have used this technique of choosing one piece and creating a whole new outfit and it works for me because I am definitely stuck in a rut! Thanks MSP.


Dear Leslie and Staff,

I'll try to make my thank you as brief as possible: For a number of years now (8 or 9, I don't remember now, maybe longer) I have been subscribing to Missus Smartypants, off and on at times, but I've always had my eyes on the newsletters that come out. Growing up I was the long-haired girl that ran around barefooted in short short cutoffs and t-shirts (think 60's hippie wannabee)for way too long with no one to blame but myself. As a consequent I had no idea how to dress myself, and a four year stint in the Navy was uniforms all the time, that is, when I wasn't running around in cutoffs, t-shirts and flip flops. Then I graduated to blue jeans, etc. Over the years, people have tried to help me with this, much to their pain and my frustration, until one friend of mine began to bug me about you. Finally, to get her off my back, I began to subscribe and honestly, at times I was in angry tears from some of the things you would say about people who don't know how to dress themselves. Unfortunately there was so much for me to change, I couldn't do it all in one year or even three or four due to cost and time. So I started with panties one year, bras the next and so on from the inside out.

This year I had my pants altered, it was a huge expense for me (I get things from Walmart sometimes) but I did it anyway, not realizing how much more comfortable my pants would feel. All these years I was holding my pants up with belts (my waist is at least one size smaller than my hips) not realizing I could do something about it. Meanwhile, after reading your articles, I began to get an eye for clothes. Do I look fashionable now? Well not exactly, I have something much better...I have style! I love spotting things that would look good on me, can be altered if I wish and everything color coordinates. I actually enjoy going in my closet. Now, people tell me I'm always nicely dressed, that I seem to "have it together" and I tell them about you. Last year I decided to lose weight (another story all by itself, maybe share it on another occasion) and lost twenty five pounds in one year (I had the pant alterations to burn that bridge)!

So I'm still working on this lifelong project, now with joy instead of sorrow and just wanted to let you know how much your style articles mean to me and most likely a lot of other women just like me. With that, I will close with a deep, heart-felt "Thank You!" and wish you more of the same from many others on the same road as myself.

Sincerely, Anonymous PS I didn't know if my name would show on the style forum, I wanted to be anonymous, so that's why I sent it this way.

MSP HERE: Dear SYSter,

Thank you for sharing! 

Yes, you've found your style. You also realize it's a lifelong project (or style journey) and it's all about being the woman you truly were meant to be! Enjoy.

With love, Leslie MSP


Dearest Leslie, 

I have really been enjoying your weekly style service for the last couple of months and I can't believe I am getting many lovely comments on my style! Me? Yes, I have never been a fashion girl by any means. It's utterly amazing since I'm in my mid-forties and older I figured I just blended now, so why bother? I kind of always thought style was reserved for the young but never really tried (or felt I deserved) to be fashionable in my younger years.. But since getting a personal profile I think this no longer true! I am happy with my new self (grin).

My only problem of concern (even though I am fairly slim and in shape because I exercise regularly) is my flat bottom. That is right I said FLAT not fat. It's a flat as a pancake. I'm a body type A and everything works well but I'm not sure about my back end.

Any suggestions you have for my flat bottom would be much appreciated. I'm so glad I found you because your style service has done so much for my self-esteem!

Sincerely, Carole M.


MSP HERE: Dear Carol,

You are quite welcome. It feels good to hear you are enjoying your new sense of style. That's what MSP is all about. It feels good to love what you are wear!

As far as dressing a flat bottom, here are a couple of suggestions I have to help you create the 'look' of a fuller bottom.

1. Wear back pockets (especially flap pockets) 

2. Look for pockets that are wide and a bit lower on the backside to create an illusion of more fullness 

3. Avoid narrow back pockets or pants that have none

4. Consider (in some cases) the use of enhancing shapewear (below)