3-21-18 How To Spot A Deal

March 21, 2018, 5:38 pm by MSP


How To Spot A Good Deal

Dear MSP,

Could you please explain how to spot a good deal on clothes? I have a gift card and when I go shopping I get nervous that I may not wear what I buy. How do we know that we are making a smart purchase?

By the way I love your weekly shopping guides! The pictures are so helpful to me and my “C” body type. I am ready to start shopping better!

Syster in FL

MSP HERE: Dear Florida SYSter,

That is a good question. A bargain is NOT a bargain if you end up not wearing it!

Think about “cost per wear” before you buy. Some items will cost more than others. Divide the amount of times you wear it, by the price of the item. The Wardrobe Basics (in your Personal Profile) are clothes that will have a low “CPW” because you will wear them often. Other clothes, like a formal gown will have a high “CPW” because you may wear it only once or twice.

I also recommend you think of at least 3 different ways (or more) you can incorporate your purchase into your regular wardrobe —BEFORE you buy it.

If you buy something because it's a “bargain” and you have nothing to match it—then you are wasting your money.

When you bring home your new purchase, don’t just hang it up in your closet! Instead, get creative and pull out other clothes and make more new outfits (include accessories).

It takes time, but with a MSP wardrobe plan and thoughtful purchases you will enjoy your wardrobe for a long time to come!

Love, Leslie MSP


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