3-26-18 THIS WEEK: 4 Steps to Chic

March 26, 2018, 12:47 pm by Leslie aka MissusSmartyPants


Some women naturally have a unique sense of style and putting together outfits comes easily to them. For others? Not so much. That's where I come in. As your "cyber stylist" I'm here to assist you.  

Since I've got a passion for fashion...I share everything I can to make you successful with your style. From last week's article: "15 Pieces = 1 Month of Outfits" to the "Big Spring Previews". Everything you need to "up" your style!


Keeping you in the know on the latest trends-plus essential style tools-helps you succeed at style...

And that's what MissusSmartyPants is all about... 


Huh? Start with and pair what with what?

What exactly are the 4 Steps to Chic? Find out...in this week's article!


Isn't it time to re-discover your style? Get affordable help with MissusSmartyPants!


MSP's Weekly Style Mission

This week’s Style Mission: It's a jewelry box raid!

Dig in to the depths of your jewelry box(es) and pull out a few forgotten "vintage" pieces. Items like statement necklaces, interesting earrings, unique brooches, lockets, etc. Anything you haven't seen or worn in quite some time. This week we give 'em a second chance to help you "Show Your Style" SYSter!

Got a long strand of pearls you never wear? How about layering them, along with a long-chained locket for an eclectic look or simply tie them in a knot! Pull out a one-of-a-kind bracelet and plan an outfit based on the colors of that bracelet (you can do this with a brooch or scarf as well). Get creative and have fun making up "new" looks with long-lost jewelry!

My 2 jewelry boxes and 2 top dresser drawers (yes, I have 2 large drawers packed full of jewelry since I previously owned a jewelry business). They are in desperate need of organizing and there’s lots of great stuff in there I really should be wearing. This week, I’m going through all of it and will post on our MSP Facebook fanpage a piece of jewelry getting a second chance.


Cool necklace ideas:

(On left) Wrap a long strand of pearls around your neck several times--then add a brooch.

OR (On right) intertwine 2 necklaces to create 1 unique necklace!


Love, Leslie MSP

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How To Spot A Good Deal

Dear MSP,
Could you please explain how to spot a good deal on clothes? I have a gift card and when I go shopping I get nervous that I may not wear what I buy. How do we know that we are making a smart purchase?

By the way I love your weekly shopping guides! The pictures are so helpful to me and my “C” body type. I am ready to start shopping better!

Syster in FL
MSP answers here................................

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What SYSters are Saying



I've been a member of MissusSmartyPants for some time and quite enjoy it. I save money now that I know what clothing to buy.

My closet is leaner than when I first subscribed to your service but I actually have more wearable clothes. I feel so confident now that I know how to put together outfits. People say I look "put together". Haha, you have to love that!!! 

Thanks so much, Rose

"Help! My company is changing its dress code!"

Dear Leslie,

My company is going from casual to business casual.  Can you give some ideas how to update my wardrobe on a budget?  

MSP HERE: Dear Gail,
A business casual environment allows you to work comfortably while it expresses a professional working culture. This means not all casual clothing is acceptable. Things not to wear: anything you would do the yardwork in, exercise in, attend a sporting event in, or wear to a night club. Any clothing that shows too much skin, too low cut, high cut...well, you get the picture.
To update your work wardrobe on a budget, create a small work capsule. It should include: several nice slacks, several skirts and/or dresses (if you wear them), a small collection of pretty blouses and tops that coordinate with the bottoms.
To keep your look professional, avoid sleeveless tops and always add a few jackets (include several short-sleeved jackets and a few regular blazers) to complete your work capsule. Your shoes should be modest, classic and well made. Add complementary accessories and you will look fabulous every day!
Your look will be a bit more dressed up, but you'll feel much more professional. Always error on the side of dressy vs. too casual. When in doubt about something, always ask HR before wearing it to the office.
Below is an outfit suggestion for summer at the office.
Love, Leslie MSP