3-12-18 THIS WEEK: 3rd Piece Rule

March 13, 2018, 11:25 am by MSP


Leave it to MissusSmartyPants to guide you (and your wardrobe) to new and improved style!

Over the seasons, I've shared with you tons of style rules. For example, only buy something if you can wear at least three different ways. It's not worth buying something on impulse only to have it become an "orphan" in your closet. I've also shared the value of understanding body proportions and the use of the 1/3-2/3 dressing rule. Another shared tip is having a goal of buying 1/3 less clothing, yet pay 3 times more on what you purchase. This means a smaller, yet fabulous wardrobe where every purchase was well thought out.

Guess what? I've got one more "rule" to add to your style toolbox...The Third Piece Rule

This "rule" is not new. I first learned of it back when I was sixteen and working my first retail job. My manager was a tall, thin older woman with a gray beehive stacked tall; like soft-serve ice cream. She wore mostly black and always the same black pumps with dark nylons as her work uniform. She ran the women's department like it was a well greased clock. Ms. Beehive was a stickler for following the rules. One of her rules was to always obey the "third piece rule". Ms. Beehive knew a stylish sales staff would sell a lot of merchandise; and the third piece rule was a necessity. The best thing about this style rule-it works well for every woman. Aren't you pumped to learn exactly how YOU can apply this "rule" to your own wardrobe?! 

This week at MSP we explore how to put into practice the third piece rule!

Ramp-Up-Your-Style. You certainly don't need to work a retail job in order to follow the "third piece rule". If you've ever wondered WHY a style blogger or a woman on TV (or anywhere, for that matter) looks so stylish-more than likely they are employing the third piece rule. It certainly sounds easy enough, doesn't it? Well, this week I give you the complete break down of how you can apply this style rule using what's in your own closet. With lot of style examples, this Thursday posting "Third Piece Rule" (for paid members) will give you everything you need to use the third piece rule creatively and with a touch of flair!


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MSP's Weekly Style Mission

Got closet clutter? This week, let's slowly cull through our clothing racks, shelves and closet drawers-and get organized. Let's release the clutter--then organize what's left. How do you organize and store you things in your closet?


This week's Style Mission: Declutter, then store your accessories and clothing--creatively!


This would cost NOTHING to make.

Yet, twine and cup hooks are quite effective for displaying hook earrings.


Paint your closet a bright color to make it feel like a boutique.

It's a fabulous way to make your closet your happy place to visit each morning!

What SYSters Are Saying


Dear MSP: I am looking better these days, and I have a new appreciation for pretty clothes. Thank you for what you do! Martha



Long cardigans for petites?


Hi! I am a "C" petite (5'2"), size 6, with a long waist and short legs. Can I wear the new longer cardigans or should I stick to shorter lengths? My sister is the same height but has thinner, longer legs and looks great in tunics. I look like I have stumps instead of legs. Thanks.



MSP HERE: Dear Carillon,


You are correct. The longer lengths are not right for women with long waists and short legs. Don't go there-this is not a style for you.


Being petite does not mean you can not necessarily wear a longer length jacket or cardigan. The longest a petite should wear a coat or long cardigan is at the knee. Even better is if the base layer is all one color from head to toe making her appear taller.


Thanks for your style question. Your best silhouette are short fitted jackets because they help you appear taller by "shortening up" your long waist.


Love, Leslie MSP