1-29-18 THIS WEEK: Jackets by Body Type

January 29, 2018, 4:10 pm by MSP


Women are always searching for the "secret" to fab style. I'm no different. I'm always on the search for better ways to look more stylish. From adding more color to my basics, to wearing accessories in a new way-we all need to stay fresh and updated with our appearance. We can easily (me, included) become green with envy when we see other women really owning their style. What's their secret? Why do they look so good? Well, it can be a variety of things; from knowing what flatters their shape, to wearing clothes that fit them correctly. 

TRUTH: Every woman can possess fab style. It's attainable because "style" is a learned skill. As you study your MSP Personal Profile weekly, you soon learn to select only the best silhouettes for your shape-and leave the rest.

"Figure-fixing" jackets are essential for every woman. When in comes to a great fitting jacket (or blazer) it's a must-have for every woman's wardrobe. Wearing your best styles not only will "balance" your shape; they will upgrade your style--instantly. A fabulous blazer makes even the most average outfit you're wearing, look suddenly more polished.


But wait! There’s more. Here's another significant reason why you want to wear a fab jacket or blazer. The right style can actually be a “figure-fixer” for your shape. Yes, that's right. The right style helps balance your body's proportions with its structure and cut. How cool is that?!


There are so many cool jackets that hint spring is right around the corner...

This week: MSP shows you the best ones for YOUR figure.


  Talbots Pique Aberdeen Blazer-petite, misses, plus sizes

Talbots Twill Jacket-Suede-petite, misses, plus sizes

A jacket or blazer can hide certain dressing issues. You can hide or minimize problems like larger arms and shoulders, a full bust or a small bust, or most importantly, cleverly disguise an undefined tummy. Yes, jackets can do so much for you! The jacket color, length, style, and cut, as well as your own body's shape, plus your height/weight are all important factors when selecting a jacket or blazer that's best for you. This week I’ll show you how to pick your best styles based on your shape and body "issues".


Jackets and blazers are essentials, therefore they are investment pieces. Buy the best quality you can afford. Depending on your lifestyle, jackets may be of denim, twill fabrics, or other casual styles. Or, if you have a more professional lifestyle, your jackets may be wool gabardine, or similar dressier fabrics. However, it doesn’t matter your lifestyle—all jackets do great things for your shape. By simply wearing the right jacket or blazer, your body will have more definition and shape! 

Find out this week your best jacket styles!


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MSP's Weekly Style Mission

This week it's all about jackets. So, it should be no big surprise that this week's Style Mission is to wear a jacket or blazer that complements your shape.

Based on this week's suggestions (from this Thurday's Personal Profile) wear a jacket that's just right for you. P.S. Be sure it's in a pretty spring color!


Maurices Solid Open Front Blazer


What SYSters Are Saying

Dear Leslie,

I am a "C" body type, and have NEVER felt good about myself--always comparing my body shape to that of my small and petite sisters.  

But after receiving just ONE of your weekly messages and shopping suggestions, I was finally able to catch on to the advice you were giving about what styles of clothes would look best on my shape. I went into my closet and put together ONE outfit with clothes I already had. I NEVER would have put these items together before reading your website and the personal profile, but I did it and wore it the very next day.  

I received probably the very best compliment of my life, from my 13 year old son--who told me "Mom, you look kind of elegant today!"  I was THRILLED!  And all I was wearing was a nice pair of jeans, a button shirt that had princess seams and small shoulder pads in it, and some flat loafer type shoes--instead of the typical jeans, t-shirt, and tennis shoes.  What a difference!  And I still felt like I was wearing casual clothes that I could get down on the floor and play with my two year old in!  

Thank you SO MUCH--for helping me to finally love and appreciate my body shape, and showing me how to accent my positive points!


Love, Susan


Dear Leslie,

I love your weekly style help! Since I joined about 2 month ago I have completely revamped my closet, got rid of the clutter and began working on only wearing what is flattering for my C body type. What a HUGE difference! I get so many nice remarks about how nice I look. This experience has been such a morale booster for me. 

Right now I'm in search of a new handbag. I want to invest in something that will last me for several years and of course I want to choose something that flatters my shape. My waist is somewhat undefined and my hips are rather large. How do I decide what handbag is best? I appreciate this service and hope you can help me with my request!

Sincerely, Christa


MSP HERE: Dear Christa,

If your hips OR tummy are large...keep attention away from your hips or tummy by selecting a handbag that tucks under your arm. Be sure the handbag does not end at your hips...but at your waist or above.

Avoid: handbags with long straps (that hit at the hips/tummy area). Here is a style handbag that would be quite flattering on you (use the short handle-only):


Francesca's Kimberlee Double Pocket Satchel