1-2-18 My Style Resolutions

January 2, 2018, 4:13 pm by MSP
MSP's Style Resolutions
It's a New Year and it's my 13th year of blogging! 
I didn't quite write this out in time to make January 1st
...but here are my 6 style resolutions:
1. Wear more color. I've certainly got lots of basics in black. This year I'm hoping to add more color by adding/replacing quite a few of my basics in COLORS
2. Wear unusual color combinations.  I just did this yesterday and if I do say so myself, it came off fabulously!!! Yesterday I wore a dark gray long-sleeved v-neck tee, a deep raspberry fly-away cardigan and a burnt amber necklace w/ my dark-washed jeans and boots! I need to do more of this interesting color mixing...don't you?
3. Purge my closet! Yes, even I (your favorite stylist) can get a closet that's out of control! A organized closet shows us much more style possibilities because it's not so chaotic and we can see everything in its place! Leslie: Get cleaning and purging your closet ASAP! Are you going to join me?
4. Change up my purse more often. Same 'ol, same 'ol is boring! Change it up Leslie (anyone else get lazy out there when it comes to changing your handbag?)
5. Re-arrange my jewelry. This is a big one for me. I'm way too blessed with gobs of jewelry from my former jewelry business (I LOVE accessories & jewelry still to this day). I have drawers full of jewelry. Each drawer: one for necklaces, one for bracelets, etc... Then I have a BIG jewelry box with my earrings and more (smaller) necklaces inside! What I need is a better way to SEE it all! Not sure HOW I'm going to re-arrange my jewelry this year---but a better system would help me dress and accessorize quicker!
6. Take more & share more style photos. Take more photos of my daily outfits. I come up with some pretty cool outfits...but then I fail to take pictures (like yesterday's creation). Oops. I've got to do this! I need more outfit photos to share.
7. A triathon or other fitness race? Okay, this is not really a 'style resolution' but something on my list...perhaps that's more for my bucket list, LOL! I actually came close to making this a reality last year...so maybe this year is THE year!
I'm also BIG on mountain biking...so more of that too!
What's on your list of STYLE resolutions
and improvements for 2018? 
 I'd love to hear from YOU!