12-7-17 ~ 12 Things Your Closet Might Be Missing...

December 7, 2017, 4:23 pm by MSP
Is your closet missing one of these?!?...
Dear SYSters in style,
I've spent many years working as a stylist...and I love, love, love clothes. Parting with them is hard. I’ve found myself over time a "collector of clothes". Lots of years, lots of clothes...you do the math. My closet is always full of too many clothes, shoes and accessories. While every woman’s style is different, there are a few things that I know deserve a spot in your closet. Do you have these 12 essentials in your closet???
Below, is what my fantasy closet would look like...
Neat, organized, and just the right amount of clothes.
Are you missing any of these wardrobe essentials?
1. A black dress. Because duh. Actually, you could make a wardrobe of only black dresses if you were so inclined: a sexy one, an office-appropriate one, a casual one. With a blank canvas like a LBD means the possibilities are endless.
2. Three skirts: one pencil, one A-line, one maxi. You can have more, obviously, and you should, but these are easy basics that you can wear a thousand different ways. Purchase them in neutrals that are easy to mix and match.
3. Something appropriate for church. You never know when you’re going to have to go to a baptism or a funeral, so it’s good to keep a knee-length, relatively-modest dress on hand in a subdued shade. Of course, if you go every week, have several outfits you love for church.
4. A slip. Actually, let’s make that a collection of proper undergarments to wear underneath those tricky garments like sheer white dresses and shirts. Beige bras are the Most Boring Item ever, but they do have their place. And so do Spanx!
5. Something to wear to an interview – I’m not saying you need a suit. A slim skirt or dress with a jacket is just fine, and far more modern than showing up in a business suit.
6. Something sentimental. Maybe you’ve grown out of it or it isn’t your style anymore, but you hang on to it because it meant something to you once.
7. Something that makes you feel 100% you. I have a few items that I reach for when I want to feel most like “me,” including this sassy black Calvin Klein dress I got for cheap a few years ago, I also have a big gray sweatshirt from the Bellagio... I feel like myself when I wear these things, and that’s comforting.
8. A pair of jeans that fit you perfectly. I know that finding the perfect pair is really, really hard. But it’s doable. I think there’s an argument for having one pair of dark denim skinny jeans, one pair of black and one pair of casual, easy boyfriend jeans, but whatever silhouettes you prefer, find your “favorite” style and rock it.
9. A dressy coat. Wool and knee-length in black, navy or charcoal grey is a classic option. A dressy coat is always classy looking.
10. One pair of black boots, black flats and black pumps. I don’t care what style or heel height you prefer, but these are easy, go-anywhere basics. This is a pretty good way to pack for a trip, too. Of course, substitute black for brown if you prefer.
11. Sweatpants. Every girl needs a pair of sweats or yoga pants for Sundays, cold nights and extended bouts of the flu. The baggier the better. Just stay inside, put your feet up and enjoy!
12. An article of clothing that makes you feel super-sassy. Maybe it’s a killer dress or a pair of cutoffs. But you know the feeling when you’ve been slacking or you’re kind of sad and it shows in your clothing? That’s when you put on this magical item – and then bam! You feel amazing once again.
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