11-13-17 THIS WEEK: Figure Fixing Jackets

November 14, 2017, 8:38 am by MSP

Great style is an attainable thing. However, I know plenty of women who would strongly disagree. Their reasoning might be that some women don't have the ability to put together anything stylish because they were never taught HOW. They also might further suggest that some women weren't born with a "fashion gene" and therefore just can't look stylish-no matter what. I firmly...disagree. By taking the time to learn the style basics and what your best colors are, plus a few style "tricks"... you're golden. Jackets are one of those "style tricks" every woman should know about and use regularly!


The right style of jacket is style-fixer for every woman.

This week I'm showing you WHICH STYLES flatter your shape!

Style is a learned behavior. Really? Yes, because as women learn about style (week by week, as they do here at MissusSmartyPants.com) they soon learn how to select only their best silhouettes and proportions. That's one of the biggest components to having great style--wearing only what's flattering on YOU. When you learn what to select---you leave the rest on the racks! This means you've learned how to be stylish! The bonus is it makes shopping so much easier (and this makes shopping fun again)! 

A couple of weeks ago I was interviewed and asked"As a fashion stylist what would you say is the ONE item should every woman should own?" That's an excellent question, however, I could not just pick one item. I quickly thought of four must-have's for every woman's wardrobe! Here is what I selected:

These four pieces below always work for every woman...

1. A structured jacket

2. Straight-leg slacks

3. An A-line skirt

4. A classic quality shoe

Your best "Figure Fixer"... is a structured jacket!

A stylish jacket can add an edge or a more polished look to any outfit from jeans to dresses...Even better, wear the right style and you'll balance your shape!



What?! Your body is not "perfect"? Shocker. Here's a not-so-surprising news flash for you... "Perfect" bodies are extremely rare. So, relax and just be YOU...and while you are at it...wear the right jacket for your body shape!

This week we focus on one of the four must-have's for every woman's closet: A structured jacket and how it can 'fix' your figure!

Wear the right jacket! The right style jacket is a figure fixer. It's a style tool you can use to balance your shape. That's why a structured jacket is a must-have for every woman's wardrobe. If you have larger arms or shoulders, a full bust or a small bust, the correct jacket will help you balance your upper body. The right style will have a slimming effect on your upper body. A structured jacket can also cleverly disguise an undefined tummy. The right length can help adjust your body's proportions too. Isn't it amazing what the right style jacket can do?

Add "instant style" with a jacket. Add a jacket to magically change even the simplest outfit into something more dressed-up and special. Use a jacket not only as a style tool to balance your shape, but also as a great way to "sassy up" even the most basic outfit. Who needs a closet stuffed-full of clothes when having a few structured jackets makes you look instantly fabulous?!!!

From business professional to stay-at-home mom. There are jacket styles for not only every body type, but also every lifestyle! Choose from denim and twill fabrics if you have a casual lifestyle, or if more professional your jackets should be made out of a fine wool gabardines or similar dressier fabrics. Regardless of lifestyle needs, be sure to add in a few jackets to complete your sassy look.


This week at MSP~ Be in-the-know on jackets! Find out your jacket color, length, style (classic and trendy styles) and those best for your body shape (as well as your height/weight). All are important factors when selecting the right jacket style. This Thursday (in the Personal Profile sections) I'll show you the best jacket styles for your shape! 


Rediscover your style with a MSP weekly Personal Profile


MSP's Weekly Style Mission

This week's Style Mission: NO shopping allowed! This week, is care of what you already own week.

Think about how many clothes you have relegated to the back of your closet (or shoved to the back of the top shelf) because they are missing a needed button or the hem is coming undone or perhaps the zipper needs replacing? Wouldn't you LOVE to put these clothes back into rotation?

It's anti-procrastination week at MSP! This week I challenge you to gather up all the clothes that need mending/altering...and get 'em done! Now that you have removed everything that needs fixing, take inventory of what needs to be done. If you have the ability and/or tools to fix these items... do it right away. If not, put everything into a bag (and into your car) for the next time you run errands, take them to a tailor!

For just a minimal cost, you'll get these clothes (previously just stuffed into your closet) back into rotation. It will feel like you've got 'new' clothes to wear again, LOL!

Love, Leslie MSP


What SYSters are Saying


As I read your recent article about navy and gray together, an outfit came to mind. I immediately went to my closet and combined gray denims with a navy stretch denim jacket and a gray and striped v-neck 3/4 sleeved tee/sweater and added a tomato red t-shirt scarf that I made last year from one of DH t-shirts. Now I have a grab 'n go outfit all on one hanger! Thanks MSP!



Dear Leslie,

I am slow to change and accept my body type. I don't have a weight issue and look slim to everyone else, so I couldn't accept being a Cute Curve type. After soliciting the help of a wonderful females sales person - giving her my needs to jeans and my color preferences - she quickly offered to pull some items together for me to try on. 

Your article on jeans and fit were so helpful to me. I bought the NYDJ Jeans and it fit the best of any I have ever tried on, teaching me that Missus Smarty Pants recommendations are about shape - not about how much I weigh. I got to take a look at how I have been judging myself and comparing myself to so many women I know. 

Following your recommendations for my C type in addition to those for tall women - helped me finally gain more comfort and confidence and I learned to ask for help from a very sweet sales person who saved me so much time. I appreciate what I am learning and hope to learn to shop for a few items at a time, learn about which stores carry brands that work for me and cultivate relationships with helpful staff. 



MSP HERE: Dearest Janis,

By accepting our bodies, our style really starts to come together! Sounds like you just had this "AHA" moment.  

The "Cute Curves" shape is named that for a reason, LOL! I'm glad you are seeing the light...you are beautiful just the way you are! Enjoy your sassy new jeans. I'll bet you look fabulous in them <smile>

Love, Leslie MSP


Dear Leslie, 

I just want to THANK YOU!! Your advice and help have been wonderful. cleaned out my closet this week and got rid of 100 things!!! I had clothes that didn't fit right and things I was just hanging on to. Now I know what type of clothing looks best on me, I know what basics I need to buy, and I am very picky about my purchases. I stopped by a new thrift store to check it out today and laughed when I saw some of my donated clothing in there. Thanks again for all of your help!