11-6-17 THIS WEEK: Revamp Your Wardrobe

November 6, 2017, 3:26 pm by MSP


Lost your style and not sure where to find it? 

It happens. You're going along just fine, then one day, you catch a glimpse of your reflection in a storefront...and suddenly you realize you're not the woman you once were?! What you see is an older, tired and often unstyled woman staring back at you.


The years have passed. Your style should have been evolving throughout the seasons...but it wasn't. It seems you've lost it somewhere between motherhood and working. Your body has changed too. More and more frequently you are becoming frustrated with getting dressed. You can no longer find anything to wear that's even remotely stylish. How did this happen?

Stuck in a state of unstyled limbo? Relax. This week at MissusSmartyPants.com is going to help you get "unstuck"! Together, we will examine lots of ways to "revamp" your style. I've concocted quick ways to help you bring your style up-to-date! Sounds almost too good to be true, but with a little style panache that I'm dishing out--you'll take years off your appearance~instantly!   

If your wardrobe is stuck-in-a-rut of boring and repetitive (bordering on down-right frumpy) because you're wearing the same things over and over--this week is for you. Using this week's article you quickly revamp your style and feel like a young twenty-something (or pretty close to it, style-wise).


Bought a new jacket you love...but it doesn't look good? 


What's wrong with this jacket (pictured below).

Notice: she's not super heavy, she's not short or tall, either.

Yet, something is wrong that makes her look frumpy?



If you've lost your style and don't know where to find it...this is YOUR week at MissusSmartyPants! You'll dump the frump with these style tips from MSP (in Thursday's Personal Profiles). Find out how NOT to look frumpy-join today!

Love, Leslie MSP


MSP's Weekly Style Mission

This week, let's brighten up by wearing lots of pretty COLOR

THIS WEEK'S STYLE MISSION: DO NOT WEAR BLACK. That's right. This week, I challenge you to NOT wear ANYTHING that is black in color (handbags and accessories are okay). CAN YOU DO IT?!?

Can you do this style challenge (with me) for a whole week? I double-dog dare you! Don't forget... I'm doing it with you. I'll report back next week on my progress (and share your 'no black' style stories you send in) and we'll see if we have any temptations during the week to wear something black (I'll bet we all have way too many black clothes in our closets...don't you agree?). 


Take this week's challenge. I double-dog dare you!

Don't wear anything in black all week...

Need color mixing suggestions? (I made this handy list below to help you stay away from wearing black). For more color mixing suggestions and how to build a core wardrobe based on your color season, please read "The Must-have Basics for Your Wardrobe" posted in your Personal Profile (posted all 5 body types) .


·    Soft pink: browns, tan, mint green, olive green, gray, turquoise 

·    Fuchsia: gray, tan, yellows, lime green, mint green, browns 

·    Tomato red: baby blue, mint green, winter white, gray 

·    Cherry red: blues, gray, pale orange, pale yellow

·    Light brown: pale yellow, creamy white, blues, greens, purples, reds 

·    Dark brown: lemon yellow, robin’s egg blue, mint, soft purple, lime green 

·    Tan: soft pink, dark brown, blues, greens, purples 

·    Pale orange: gray, browns, forest green 

·    Dark orange: pale yellow, forest green, browns, cherry red 

·    Lemon yellow: cherry red, browns, blues, gray 

·    Pale yellow: fuchsia, gray, browns, tan, reds, blues, purples 

·    Golden/mustard yellow: gray, browns, blues, reds, black 

·    Lime green: tan, browns, pinks, dark orange, navy blue, gray 

·    Forrest green: oranges, light brown, tan 

·    Olive green: tan, browns, grays, creamy white, black 

·    Mint green: brown, gray, navy blue, reds, gray, tan 

·    Turquoise: fuchsia, cherry red, tan, browns, creamy white, dark purple 

·    Electric blue: golden yellow, tan, light brown, gray or silver 

·    Baby blue: reds, gray, browns, dark orange 

·    Navy blue: soft purple, tan, brown, gray, yellows, oranges, greens, reds,pale colors 

·    Purple: dark orange, dark purple, olive green 

·    Dark purple: tan, pale yellow, gray, turquoise, mint green, pale orange


Memorize this saying. It will help you remember what colors go well together:


What SYSters are Saying

Hi Leslie!

I subscribed one year ago, and I'm thrilled with all I have learned. I get compliments when I follow the MSP style guidelines, and I KNOW when I look in the mirror and something looks good.

I have purged my closet, but still struggle to let go of everything I know I need to. It is time again to do that in fact~ maybe I can manage to pull out more that just doesn't work! When I do put myself together well it is totally due to the advice I've gotten from you, between your blog information and my specific body shape (B - Beautiful Me).

I get compliments on my clothing, and get asked if I lost weight, when I dress well. It is so awesome to feel that I know what I'm doing!!!

I do still struggle though, which is why I so need the reminders and the advice, and why I'll continue to follow MSP! For instance, I travel every week for work. Sometimes I have to be more business (and I have that 'uniform' pretty solid!) and other times more business casual. I might grab clothes for the suitcase thinking certain things will look good together, or I'll have a top I want to wear, and everything goes with black slacks, but then it doesn't quite look right once I get it all on. So, I'm certainly not perfect, but I'm so much better, and more confident. I always try to find a completer piece, even if it doesn't stay on all day....

When I know I look good I feel good, and project confidence. I have been told I am now dressing 'like marketing.' Since that is what I do now, I feel good about that!!!

Thank you, Leslie, for your assistance in making me more confident, showing me what flatters me. Keep pushing me to purge anything I wouldn't buy now, that doesn't fit or doesn't look great on me. And THANK YOU for helping me to NOT spend money on clothes that I might like while on a hanger, but that won't look the best on ME.

Have an awesome day! Lori


Dear Missus Smarty Pants,

Here's another testimonial for you to share. :)

I've been taking your closet-editing and closet-purging to heart lately. We are on the brink of a big move and I really like the idea of getting rid of all our unworn and unwanted clothes so there are fewer boxes to pack and move! I've packed up tons of stuff for Goodwill over the past week (some of it impulse buys from Goodwill, oops) and I don't even miss the clothes that are now missing from my closet... because I wasn't wearing them anyways! It is a relief to have more free hangers and more space in my closet to see what I actually like and what truly looks good on me.

When I originally signed up for your service, I identified my body type as an B. After a lot of soul searching, picture taking, and even some sketching, I finally figured out that I was a better fit as a C. I was on the fence about keeping a few questionable pieces in my closet, but remembering my C shape helped me decide which ones to get rid of.  I would have never described myself as "curvy" before, but I love embracing my smaller curves in my evolving style.

Thanks so much for helping me edit my closet comfortably and accept my body shape for what it is.  Melissa