10-23-17 THIS WEEK: Coats & Jackets by Body Type

October 23, 2017, 3:13 pm by MSP


October's air is cool and crisp. This weather is ideal for heading outdoors and enjoying the vibrant fall colors. There's still time to take advantage of your local farmer's market or pumpkin patch before the weather turns really cold. To stay warm, all you need is a light jacket or a couple of layers to handle the fluctuation in temperature...but soon you'll need a real winter coat.

This is the best month to procure a new coat. Right now the selection is at its peak. Enjoy a large selection of top-quality jackets and winter coats...while the prices are just starting to drop! Hitting the stores right now means you'll get marked-down price on a quality wardrobe basic...which gives you the best CPW (Cost-Per-Wear) for years to come!

Do it now...it's going to get cold outside! Don't be left out in the cold (literally) without a good winter coat or jacket this season. I've been wearing the same winter coat for quite a few years. I put it on the other morning, and oh-no, it's got holes in the pockets! Time to replace this classic. This week we explore the latest winter coats and jacket trends for this season + help YOU select your best styles based on your shape. 


Bundle-up in style with MissusSmartyPants...

THIS WEEK: Winter Coat and Jacket suggestions based on body type!


When it comes to bundling up--what winter coat will you be wearing? Will it be last year’s coat or are you in need of a new one? If it is last year’s coat...are you sure this style is flattering on you? This Thursday's article will help you decide your best jacket/winter coat styles for your body's shape.

If you need a new winter coat, what styles are best for you? Since a winter coat is an investment piece (and not an impulse buy) you’ll want to get the most bang for your buck. You’ll want to invest in a winter coat that flatters your body type and in a color that is attractive on you as well. You’ll want to take notice of certain areas of fit like in the shoulders, underarms, sleeve and coat length. A little of style knowledge now will make your stylish coat investment pay off for years to come!

Your coat is often the first thing people see! Your coat should “Show Your Style” SYSter. What does your current winter coat say about your style? Since you rely on your winter coat (often daily) to make a good first impression as it protects you from the elements; make sure it's one you love. Think about your shape when selecting a new winter coat. Do you have a curvy shape or full bust? Or are you slender and tall? Perhaps you are petite. There are particular styles that are best for all of these body shapes and these dressing issues!

Whether you need smart-everyday casual or a business-elegant coat or jacket; you’ll want the right style to complete your fall/winter wardrobe.

Pssst! You can also use this week’s style guide to decide if you like the winter coat you already have!


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MSP's Weekly Style Mission

Strike a pose!!! This week's Style Mission is to take photos of your "award winning" outfits that have brought you compliments and smiles. 

Take a photo of yourself while wearing a fabulous outfit you have created (or lay the outfit on the bed and snap away). Use these outfit photos in the future to help you make more flattering combinations.

When you get your look right, the right silhouette for your body type...it is best to record the look so you can re-create it again and again.


Looking good? 

Take a photo to remember your fabulous outfit!


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Wondering what to wear? Scan through your saved outfit photos on your phone...then pick one!


What SYSters Are Saying


Dear SYSter Leslie,

First, I want to take this opportunity to tell you how much I am enjoying and benefiting from the advice you give each week in my personal profile.  I have not had to spend nearly the time or the money that I feared would be required to give my wardrobe quite a lift!  The best part is I am now receiving regular compliments on my appearance that I credit directly to you!  

Many thanks! Karen


Help Me MSP With Skirt Length....

Dear Leslie, 

I was hoping the recent article would address skirt length with boots and hosiery. Can you please tell me something about length of skirt versus height of boot? Can I wear a knee length boot with a knee length skirt, if there's just a couple of inches in between or would that look clunky? thank you, Kathy
MSP HERE: Dear Kathy,
Certainly. Let's first clarify what skirt length to wear with your boots and hosiery. Knee-high boots are perfectly okay to wear with a knee-length skirt, and they'll help keep your legs warm in colder temps. If you're going for a casual look with flat riding boots, keep the skirt fitted. If you're going to put on a heel, feel free to choose something in a fabric that flows, like chiffon, and wear a boot whose shaft is snug on your leg. Having a couple inches in-between the skirt and boot is okay to do...it's more about personal choice and what you feel looks best on you (with or without hosiery...see what works best for you in front of your full-length mirror).

It's really all about fit and proper proportion. A boot with a short shaft or a flat sole is going to make you and your legs look shorter, so your clothing should be fitted and sleek. A taller-shaft boot, and one with a heel, will give you height, so feel free to experiment with pattern and color on your top half. Stick to the basic leather colors of black and brown.

Love, Leslie MSP


Hi Leslie,

I signed up for MSP two weeks ago and I'm loving the personalized style program.  

I wanted to thank you because today I had (what is for me) a big step.  Even though I have all the head knowledge and know all the steps to cleaning out the closet, I have not been able to get motivated to make a dent. However, the regular messaging from you is very reinforcing and somehow when you said "edit" your wardrobe, that term really helped make it less painful.  I was able to embrace that idea and I brought 15 items to consignment today and they took them all.  I also filled three shopping bags of clothes and shoes for donation.  I have lots more to go, but your encouragement got me to make the first leap.  

Thanks for all you do!


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