10 Ways to 10 Years Younger

October 11, 2017, 11:18 am by MSP


As a stylist over forty, okay fifty, of course I’d write an article on anti-aging. In fact, since I’m in the trenches on this one-trying to look my best as my body and skin ages, I feel it’s a requirement I do so.


So, here are my top ten ways to keep yourself looking “in the game” and looking your best; and quite possibly ten years younger!


Add layers to your hair. Layers add lift and bounce (something you lose as you age).


Go lighter. Lighter makeup application is better. Wear a smokey eye-but with lighter neutral colors. Avoid deep red lips.


Get your sleep. You need your 7-8 hours a night. Sleep resets your body, de-stresses and restores you, in mind, body, and spirit.


Exercise. Find some form of exercise you love. It’s your body, take care of it. Weight bearing exercises (even fast walking) are good choices for older women. As they say, "Move it, or lose it"...I couldn't agree more!


Stand tall. Stand proud. Better posture makes you look thinner, more confident and yes…youthful! Consciously work on stretching your back and your pectoral muscles to improve your posture.


Lose weight. Shed the pounds; gain your health and years. Tweak your diet and feel better for it. Remove the “white stuff” (sugars, pasta, bread) completely from your diet. Up your intake of clean proteins and vegetables.


Hydrate. Getting your daily water intake will give your skin a youthful glow. Not enough water and your skin will look like a dried out leaf. Also exfoliate and moisturize your skin daily.


Add a trend. Add a few trendy pieces to your classic wardrobe to help you  look current and up-to-date. Lose the matronly look by adding something trendy to what you wear. No need to dress like a 20-something (which you no longer are)...just add a trendy accessory to your basic outfits. You get the idea ;)


Meditate. Unplug, relax and check-in with yourself. Find quiet “me” time every day. You’ll be surprised how this keeps “aging” at bay!


Love yourself. Live life to the fullest-don't hold back. Be you. Love yourself, love others, smile and share your heart.



Did anything on my list surprise you? As a stylist that’s been doing her “style thing” for many, many years-I still stand strong with each and every one of these anti-aging tips. Are you surprised not everything has to do with fashion? Is there anything you would add to this list? Tell me what YOU think....Contact Us