9-18-17 THIS WEEK: Remix Your Wardrobe

September 18, 2017, 2:57 pm by MSP


Just when you thought the 'dog days' of summer were beginning to drag on...along comes something new, exciting and fun! 

... It's re-mix week at MissusSmartyPants.com! This is a BIG WEEK at MSP. Learn how to create some pretty cool outfits using only 4 items. Yes, that right. You will be able to create over a dozen different looks using only four pieces!

4 clothing items equal a dozen outfits! That's right, 4=12 outfits. That's my kind of math! These stylish looks are ones you'll surely to want to copy. You will learn how to maximize your wardrobe potential while saving money...plus, more importantly you will learn how to be more creative with only a few clothing items...and that's makes YOU...one stylish gal!

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Do the style math. By taking a few pieces and mixing them...your style multiplies. You will soon realize a good core wardrobe is all you really need. You will longer feel the need to go and buy more clothes in order to be more stylish! You have plenty right now.

Before shopping for fall; work with what's in your closet. Let's take the same clothes we wear over and over the same way, and this week get creative (remix them) for new looks. 

Let my visual presentation inspire you. I've taken items from my very own closet and mixed them to create "new" outfits for a variety of occasions--from weekend casual to weekday business. There are twelve outfits using pieces you probably have in your closet too.


Here's one of my "remix" outfits using a cotton summer sweater...


I'll guarantee that you will see outfits you've never dreamed would go together! These clever suggestions will help you create your own unique looks using your current wardrobe. 

Try this. Take one of your closet orphans and give it another chance. If it's a one of a kind type of item, pair it with basics. If it's an unusual color, pair it with a neutral color. By doing this, you learn how much of what you already own can be worn as new combinations. You will then begin to see less is really more. It's like playing dress-up! See what works, or better yet, use MY IDEAS from this week's article and create something similar.

Get ready. This week you turn into your own brand of "style diva"--and the best part is there's nothing you need to buy! 

Love, Leslie MSP


“Remix Your Closet” will be posted this Thursday. Get access to it by ordering your MSP Personal Profile today!


MSP's Weekly Style Mission

Dear SYSters, 

This week's style mission seems appropriate since the weekly style topic is about "re-mixing" your wardrobe.

This week's style mission is to "mix it up"!

By organizing and going through your closet, you'll probably create quite a mess. But it's okay, don't worry. Why? Because by cleaning out your clutter, you will rediscover clothes and accessories you've probably forgotten about. This allows you to see what you have in a new light. You can now create some new combinations. Pick a garment, then select an accessory OR start with the accessory, then create an outfit just for it! 

Think out of the box. Mix fashion and expensive jewelry together for a unique look OR mix classic clothes with trendy accessories...you get the idea~


Why not layer several necklaces for a unique look?



STYLE TIP: Record your stylish outfits! Go old-school by using 3x5 notecards (and keep them in your Style File). Or another option is to take photos using your phone to keep track of new looks you create. This "outfit cheat sheet" will help you on mornings when you are short on time.  

Love, Leslie MSP

Dear MissusSmartyPants...

Dear MissusSmartyPants,
I've been a subscriber since June, and I think I'm 'getting it'! The other day I tried dressing 'casual chic' with items already in my closet and while I may not have hit the bull’s-eye, at least I was on the board! I was at the mall today and for the first time in my life, I was consistently seeing how clothes can work together to create outfits! This is so exciting!

I was also raving about you to my friend, and I think she will sign up too! We're both new moms with kids under three, but we still want to look our best without spending a lot of money. For us, that means finding pieces that work multiple ways, and also are practical and comfortable since we're moving around a lot with the kids.

I do have a question: I live in a warmer climate and am struggling with layering for fall. In summer when it's 90 or 100 degrees I don't want to wear a jacket, sweater, or scarf, and most of the year it's over 80 degrees and I don't really want to layer then either! I'm an A profile which I guess means no thin strappy tank tops, so I feel like that limits my options. Do you have any advice for me and others in warmer climates?

Also, I would love to see a 'baby steps to MSP' similar to Flylady's babysteps. As someone who has had no fashion interest or sense for most of my life, it has been a bit overwhelming to try to figure out where to start. I purged my closet and found some great jeans that fit me well, but I'm not sure where to go from here to figure out my style or round out my wardrobe.

Sorry this is so long, but I have to also say thank you so much for what you do! I don't have the time to hunt down the fashion tips you provide in your e-mails, so if it weren't for you and FlyLady, I would probably still be in my maternity sweats and flip-flops several years from now! You have both helped me change my life for the better.

Thank you so much!
Please sign me: New Mom in Texas
MSP HERE: Dear New Mom in Texas,
I’m so happy to hear you are ‘getting it’. Style certainly does take some trial and error and we don’t get things ‘right’ every time, and that’s okay.
I believe that every morning when we decide what to wear, it is much more than just putting on clothes, it’s an opportunity to express who we are.
To answer your style question about dressing in a very warm climate, you are limited in your choices due to the heat. Instead of trying to wear scarves, lightweight jackets and such, it’s best to play up your style with COLOR. For example, look for ballet flats in bright colors, large rainbow striped totes, colorful bottoms or floral skirts. You get the idea: wearing less is more when the heat is on.
I do understand when you start a journey of improved style and begin dressing for your body type; it can be a bit overwhelming. However, if you use FlyLady’s philosophy of “one babystep at a time” you will begin to have “AHA” moments where understanding more about style makes sense.
4 tips to help you become more stylish:
1. Start with a closet purge. Remove what you are not wearing, so you can see what IS being worn (you are probably only wearing 20% of what’s in your closet).
2. Review the weekly shopping guides for your body type. This is the best way to help you understand which clothes flatter and balance your shape best (and why).
3. Read (and save for future reference) the weekly Style Articles. They will give you very specific style: like understanding the basics of body proportion, dressing an undefined waist, how to select the right shoe for what you are wearing, and more!
4. Use my List of Wardrobe Basics (posted in each Personal Profile) to help you build your list of essentials every woman should have. There are lots of great style tips listed there to help you as well.
Please enjoy your style journey because this is something every woman needs to do for herself. Remember: it’s not about the destination, but the journey itself.
Love, Leslie MSP