7-31-17 THIS WEEK: A Visit to the Makeup Counter

July 31, 2017, 3:17 pm by MSP

A Visit to the Makeup Counter


Dear MSP SYSters, 

My recent makeup counter visit was long over-due. I'll be the first to admit it: my makeup needed some serious updating!

Call it serendipity: a brilliant discovery. I knew for a long time my makeup choices and application techniques were not all they could be. I told myself, "This is something you've got to do for yourself, girl". Then I suddenly one thing led to another and finally I made it happen. I couldn't be more delighted because I finally learned how to apply eye shadow properly and found out where my blush should be placed (who knew?)...even my husband said, "Oh wow! You have eye lashes, I never knew that!" LOL

I was lucky to nab an appointment with Bobbi Brown's Account Coordinator for the Carolinas and Georgia. I felt anxious, yet extremely excited to have the opportunity to acquire new skills and grab a few makeup tips. Boy, I was not disappointed! What had I been doing wrong all these years? How can I highlight my assets and minimize my flaws? How do I play up my fair eyes that blend right into my light skin? What is correct foundation and cheek color for me? Oh so many questions...yet they were all answered with Jason from Bobbi Brown Cosmetics!  


Bobbi Brown wants every woman to "Be who you are"...

Justin from Bobbi Brown says, "Our philosophy is teaching every woman to be a makeup artist"


Admit it, you’ve been applying your makeup the same way for years. Unfortunately as we age, we are guilty of not adjusting our makeup so that it enhances our more mature face and skin. This week at MSP get the latest makeup tips and find out what I have (and probably YOU have) been doing wrong with our makeup! 

Bobbi Brown's Justin gave me a 10-step skincare/makeup application guide to share with you + he gave pointers of proper skincare so your makeup will look it's best. According to Justin "Your makeup will never look right if you are not taking care of your skin". Find out everything you need to update your makeup and skincare this week at MissusSmartyPants...I'm excited to share it all with you!


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MSP's Weekly Style Mission

Buying clothes frequently can ruin any woman's budget. 

How often do you shop for clothes? 

This week's Style Mission: Buy nothing. Simply re-think your clothing budget and how often you shop and how much you spend your on clothing + how you care for your clothes.


The fact is: You should only shop twice a year to replace a few pieces and maybe add in a new trendy item or two. However, one of the biggest reasons (beside as a form of recreation) we find ourselves shopping frequently is most of our clothing purchases are of clothes that are inferior in quality. Truth: cheap stuff rarely lasts. You know it and I know it. However, with the intent to "save money" we often find ourselves buying cheap stuff hoping somehow (miraculously) these clothes will last a long time. But in the short run, we have wasted money on something that might only last one season! If you do this often you are simply wasting money and you will never have a decent wardrobe! 

Financially, it makes better sense to buy better quality. It also makes better sense to take proper care of what we do own by learning how to launder correctly and care for the clothes we have invested in. Not only will quality clothes last longer but when you care for them correctly, you will look better for it.


Hang dry your clothes to help them last longer...

With a heated dryer, clothes rub against each other and in a short period of time look pre-maturely worn out!


A 'greener' wardrobe saves you money! It's a fact: cheaper clothing needs to be replaced more often. Not only is continual wardrobe replacement more costly for you, but it's also not very "green" for the environment either. Cheap clothes are often made in third world countries and the clothes have to be shipped all the way over to you. Cheap quality means constant replacement (more driving to the stores) and constant shipping costs (tanker fuel) to bring more cheap clothes here from overseas. You see how this works... and we get suckered into buying and buying again by ultra-low prices!!! In reality you are spending more on your wardrobe than if you invested in quality clothes.

Sometimes it's your washing process that wears out your clothes prematurely. I hate to point fingers (because I'm guilty too) but HOW we wash (and dry) our clothes makes a big difference in how long they will last. Even good quality garments can't withstand being exposed to strong detergent chemicals over time.  As Americans we often over-do everything including over-washing our clothes. We use lots of product, wash clothes way too frequently (often after we wear something once) and over-do and over-use just about everything! We have the mindset: if it's good, then using more of it is even better. I never knew how much I over-consumed until I spent some time in England staying with relatives. They were more conservative about what they used. It wasn't just my English relatives either, it was how they were as a culture. Use just what you need-and no more. This idea really make sense in so many ways! And because of this experience, I have changed my ways and try hard not to over-consume. 


8 ways to care for your clothes in a healthier, greener way:

1. Wear your clothes more than once. This will cut down on use of chemical detergents used.

2. Buy concentrated laundry detergents means a smaller carbon footprint.

3. Do not dry clean! It exposes you to "perc" and other toxic chemicals.

4. Realize actual ingredients do NOT have to be listed on label. "Fragrance" is often listed as only "fragrance". What actually does that mean?

5. Avoid Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (a foaming agent) SLS or SLES and dioxane 1, 4 (by product of manufacturing and is often NOT listed on label)

6. Buy detergents with plant based enzymes not animal based enzymes.

7. Look for detergents that say: Phosphate and sulphate free.

8. Make you own detergent so you don't also have to worry about: petro chemicals, dyes, brighteners, etc. that effect your skin and body's hormones! (find DIY recipes online...it's easy to do)



When you invest in expensive jeans like these...they should look 'like new' for years to come. Proper washing (inside out, cold water, line dry)


Nordstrom NYDJ Stretch Bootcut Jeans (petite, misses)


What SYSters are Saying

"How do you acquire your wardrobe long term?"

Dear MSP,

I was hoping you could direct some comments to how you plan and acquire your wardrobe long term. For example, how often do you go shopping for clothes, under what circumstances, etc?

I often find that I wait till all my clothes are either worn out or ill-fitting before I finally go shopping and then I get overwhelmed. I'm sure there is a better system. (Grocery shopping is so much easier because it's a weekly chore, but clothes seem much more arbitrary...)

Thanks, Paula

MSP HERE: Dear Paula,

Thank you for your email. To answer your question about how and when to purchase clothes, there really is no clear-cut answer.

Here's what I do in my wardrobe: I go through my closet at the beginning of each season (4 times a year). I re-organize my seasonal clothes to the front and make a list of what I might need to complete more wearable outfits. When I do this closet re-organizing, I often think about adding in a new or trendy item to keep my wardrobe looking fresh and up-to-date.

Of course you don't have to wait until the beginning of each season to purge your closet and start working on a basic plan. It can be done anytime of year. By purging all the unworn clothes, you get down to the "bare bones" of the clothes  you actually wear all the time. This will allow you to start building (slowly) a more usable wardrobe where your basics are your foundation.

When you have a wardrobe plan, you will find that shopping is not so overwhelming. In your personal profile each week are suggestions of styles based solely on your body type. This will give you a plan for shopping and make more it fun since you know what to look for!

Love, Leslie MSP

"If you clothes look cheap, so will you!"

MSP: Thank you for this important insight.  I just received some stuff I bought on an auction site. WHY?  Why did I do that to myself?  Oh, I know ... I thought I was getting a bargain!  Oops!  Second-hand clothes can be great, but from now on, I want to see them first!  Sheez.

Also, just wondering, what's the difference between "misses" and "womens" sizes?  And what, really, is a "plus" size?  Just a larger size, or fuller cut, or what?

Thanks for everything!

MSP HERE: Dear Moonchild,

That's a great question. Many women wonder about the differences between misses and plus sizing. 

There are actually 4 sizing categories for women: juniors, misses, plus sizing and then speciality: petites/talls. 

However, in the U.S. there are no specific uniform sizing guidelines. This means it's up to YOU to find the brands that fit you well.  Misses sizes are even numbers like 0-16 or 4-14. Plus sizing is sized even as well but have a 'W' after the size number: 14W-24W. They are cut fuller than a misses size. For example, if a woman does not find the fit of a regular 14 works well, she might want to try the 14W or even a 12W (however, this size is harder to find). 

If a woman finds misses is cut too full, she is often left to wearing 'junior' sizes. Junior sizing is labeled with odd numbers like 3-13. Junior sizing is cut slimmer for a young teen that does not yet have curves of a grown woman. 

I hope this helps you choose your best sizing needs. 

Love, Leslie MSP


Dear Leslie,
I love to read all of you ideas for dressing.  I have started to dress better since reading your site over a year ago.  People have started to notice and I have been receiving more compliments on my clothes, all thanks to you! 

Dear Leslie (MSP): 

I did the purge!!!  I did the purge!!!  You showed me how to do the 
purge, and I DID THE PURGE!!!!  I kept the black pieces, until I 
tried them on. One black, lace camisole and one black broomstick 
skirt is all that is left.  I never knew black washed me out so bad. 
:-(  I will stick with my neutrals that came with my Spring color 
chart.  I am a D. I have three pairs of denims, in medium wash (that 
has faded), one black pair of denims and one wheat pair of denims. I 
will wear these, until I can get them replaced, and wear a belt with 
them.  I joined NutriSystem and have already lost twenty 

Believe it or not, I actually have colors from my chart 
already in there.  Oh, and I found my scarves.... seven of them, all 
in my colors!!!  How about that?!  Well, I got the closet put back 
together and started on the five drawer chest.  Except for the 
jewelry drawer, they are all purged and put back together.  Dang, 
everything is SO neat.  NOW I know where everything is and it is such 
a joy to "shop my closet". Oh, did I tell you that I am a full 
time RV'er?  Yup, I live in a 40 foot 5th wheel!!!!  That means that 
my closet is only six feet wide, no top shelf. So, this purge was 
absolutely necessary anyway.  I can't believe how good this 
feels.  To know what is in my closet and chest of drawers and know 
where everything is.

I bought your Personal Profile (a whole year) 
and the Color Chart.  Boy howdy, am I excited or what?  Can't wait 
till Thursday, I printed out all the other ones available and put 
them in a three ring binder so I can go over them again.  Just wanted 
to let y'all know how well I'm doing, how impressed and grateful that 
I have found MSP.  (Like finding the FlyLady) Thank you soooo much. 
More later. 


MSP HERE: Dear Angel,

I love hearing closet success stories from my SYSters! You are on the right track by organizing your closet first, then working on your wardrobe basics using your Seasonal Color palette. Each week I give you style tips to help you re-make your style one baby-step at a time!

Love, Leslie MSP

P.S. If you don’t know your Seasonal Colors have a color analysis done today so you can plan your wardrobe just like Angel did.