6-12-17 THIS WEEK: Hot Summer Style

June 12, 2017, 3:03 pm by MSP

Summer is here! 

Wasn't it just a few weeks ago we were waiting impatiently for nicer weather to arrive? Now it's getting unquestionably hot out.

What can you wear to beat the heat? Obviously you've got to wear something LOL! The key is to wear LESS...but in a stylish way. 

June brings the start of the summer sales-and we'd be silly not to take advantage of deep discounts on a few summer basics. 

Summer style is about finding the right balance between comfy and casual-chic style. This week in your MSP Personal Profile (all 5 body types) you will get eight (8) outfit suggestions to help you look stylish and beat the heat!  


So many stylish outfits this week, many of them are not sleeveless (if that's not your thing). 

MSP has amazing stylish choices for every SYSter in this week's article, "Hot Summer Style".


Talbots Cotton Voile Button-Front Shirt (Petite, Misses, Women's)


Don't be a hot and sticky mess this summer! You can look stylish, even in super-hot weather. This week, with MissusSmartyPants' style tips, summer outfit suggestions, and warm-weather strategies, you put it all together!


Feel like a million bucks by dressing for your body type! Order your MSP Personal Profile today!


MSP's Weekly Style Mission

This week’s Style Mission: FLING at least two (2) items from your closet you have not worn in at last 6 months. 

Be honest. You know there are at least two items in your closet taking up valuable real estate! You have no plans to wear them because either they don’t fit you, or they are the wrong in color, etc. Release the clutter and lose the closet guilt!

“Give and you shall receive”. You will get more closet space when you give someone else something they will wear. It’s a win-win Style Mission this week!

Love, Leslie MSP


List of Summer Basics for every SYSter...



14 Things to Buy at the Summer Sales (many of these items will be featured in this week's style article. Find out how to mix them creatively)

_White tee-shirts. These need to be replaced each year. Buy a few now during the July sales.

_Accent colored-tees. Have fun with these!  And remember fit is important. Nothing baggy! V-neck, wrap styles, crew-necks, ¾ sleeved, etc. Great layering pieces come fall.

_Camisoles, thin tank tops. Wear now and later as a base layer under cardigans and jackets.

_Button-down dress shirts. Short, 3/4 and long sleeved. Look for no-iron options.

_Classic shorts. White, khaki, dark brown, olive drab, black.

_Jean shorts. Knee length (or just above the knee) are most classic and versatile.

_Classic 5-pocket denims and colored twills. 

_Sundress/warm-season LBD (Little Basic Dress).

_Cotton A-line skirt. 

_Denim skirt.

_Cardigans. In your wardrobe colors...short-sleeved, 3/4 and/or long-sleeved.

_Lightweight jacket.


_Straw/canvas handbag.



What SYSters are Saying

Dear Leslie,

I am a "C" body type, and have NEVER felt good about myself--always comparing my body shape to that of my small and petite sisters.  

But after receiving just ONE of your weekly messages and shopping suggestions, I was finally able to catch on to the advice you were giving about what styles of clothes would look best on my shape. I went into my closet and put together ONE outfit with clothes I already had. I NEVER would have put these items together before reading your website and the personal profile, but I did it and wore it the very next day.  

I received probably the very best compliment of my life, from my 13 year old son--who told me "Mom, you look kind of elegant today!"  I was THRILLED!  And all I was wearing was a nice pair of jeans, a button shirt that had princess seams and small shoulder pads in it, and some flat loafer type shoes--instead of the typical jeans, t-shirt, and tennis shoes.  What a difference!  And I still felt like I was wearing casual clothes that I could get down on the floor and play with my two year old in!  

Thank you SO MUCH--for helping me to finally love and appreciate my body shape, and showing me how to accent my positive points!

Love, Susan


Having this eBook made all the difference...

Having received the emails from MSP for a couple of years, about 6 months ago I decided to act. Did the big wardrobe cull and rearranged it with new storage units etc. Then I printed out the Styles eBook. I, too, am a visual person so I then read every style article I could lay my hands on and cut and pasted all sorts of pictures that MSP sent and put it with the Style eBook.

Now I have clothes that I wear and that can be worn in many different ways so I don't need as many clothes. I have gradually built up my basic wardrobe and bought some nice accessories while reading and re-reading the e-book. I am 68 and I have to say I have never received so many compliments about my way of dressing as I have in the past 6 months - my way of dressing before wasn't that bad just a bit conservative and too many style mistakes and no accessories. My whole attitude has changed. Thank you MSP for the Style eBook and everybody here in the Forum. Carleen


HELP! Covering my upper arms in hot weather...

Dear Leslie,

On most days unless it's extremely hot outside, I prefer to cover my wobbly upper arms. I really do feel more comfortable when my upper arms are covered rather than exposed. I live in the south so most days are pretty warm but I try to keep them covered. 

Can you recommend a cute style of top that I won't overheat in and one that still allows my upper arms to be covered? I'm a body type C in case that helps. I have learned so much from your program and really love getting it every Thursday. Thanks!

Fondly, Maureen


MSP HERE: Dear Maureen,

Thanks for your style question. 

I feel any woman that wants to go sleeveless should. There is no reason to feel we must have 'perfect' arms (most of us don't). But I also understand if you aren't comfortable, well then you aren't comfortable--end of story.

If you choose to cover your arms, there are lots of cute and trendy tops to choose from that will keep you cool. Use these style tips to help you find the best sleeve/top styles: 


1. Avoid styles that are too constrictive

2. Avoid sleeves that stop at your wide part of your upper arm (like a cap or short sleeves)

3. Look for tops that stop around or close to the lower-bicep to elbow area (most flattering sleeve length)

4. If upper arms are heavy, yet you want to go sleeveless, look for tanks with wide straps (avoid spaghetti straps)

Love, Leslie MSP


This top style (below) is by far one of my favorite tops for summer! 

(P.S. Come fall, you could wear a long-sleeved thin layer underneath and add a belt, or wear it over a summer sundress...oh, the ideas are endless!)

Talbots Flounced Ginghame Top (Petite, Misses, Women's)

Hi Leslie,

I really wanted to email you after my experience last night. Anyway, I love you! I don't even know you and I thank you sooo much for the service you provide.  I am a relatively new flybaby and I am finding that a lot of my clutter in my head involves my body in different ways, weight, how I dress etc.  So I was scared to sign up because I didn't think I would be able to follow what you told me...fashion sense stuff I have read before never really helped at all, but I decided to TRUST a really tough concept for me, that it would pay off and it would help. 
Well just signing up helped.  I kept looking at the clothes in my closet and thinking, I should get rid of this now and I have been so excited about the prospect of getting a "makeover".  I have donated literally 20 to 22 bags of clothes all of which were piled in the front of my closet choking up my bedroom. I wanted to get some clothes after the tax return came in and I typically go to a men's XL shop and get stuff not even made for women. I literally said out loud "Come on, you just paid someone to help you find nice clothes that compliment you...do you think she is going to tell you to go to a men's XL shop?! Please SYSter!"  my husband looked at me like I was nuts LOL.
Last night I signed onto my profile and printed everything and then went to the stores and most of what I purchased ended up being from the sales racks. I was in need of tops, I actually do have some nice pants.  So I concentrated on that, I tried EVERYTHING on, and I found the stuff that I looked at on the rack and said "OH that's me!" when it was on my body was sooooo not me.   And when normally I would think I'm too fat and start beating up on myself....I thought wow Leslie was right this does not compliment my body.   I am in purple puddles; I have never experienced clothes shopping like this ever in my life!!!

I know this is a long email I pray you read it all cause you have changed my life.  I have not felt comfortable being female since I was raped, and I can actually wear the clothes I got last night and I feel feminine and not vulnerable.  Thank you  sooo much. thank you thank you thank you..  not to mention it was all 65% off and I came home bouncing and I cut all the tags off right away. I feel like I can actually make those changes I've been trying to make for such a long time...one babystep at a time. =) 
Thank you again I hope you are as blessed by what you do as those of us who receive your services are.
Kerri a grateful SYSter