6-5-17 THIS WEEK: Penny Pinching Panache

June 5, 2017, 2:16 pm by MSP


Penny Pinching Panache

It's no secret that the retail industry has been struggling to keep their profits up. Many stores are finding that their sales just aren't what they once were. As consumers, we are shopping LESS and because it this trend, the retail industry has had to make some serious adjustments. Lots of stores are keeping their inventories to a minimum so that they won't be left with too much merchandise at the end of each season. If you want more variety, you must purchase online. Also, if you don't shop early in the season, you will often find your size is no longer available.

We are smarter consumers. The trend of buying only what we need and not much more means we are no longer willing to spend tons of cash on clothing that falls apart after only a few washing. We got the memo...(after years of buying cheap clothing) that poor quality in clothing is no bargain. As grown women, we desire (no, we demand) that our clothing wears well, lasts season after season, and that they are wearable for a variety of occasions.  


Smarter clothing purchases means insisting on better quality and knowing where to shop...

MSP's "Penny Pinching Panache" has all the answers you need!

Talbots Tie-Sleeve Top


Time for celebrations and vacations! More than likely you're going to need a couple of new things to wear. For sure, new clothes always invigorate a woman's wardrobe~instantly. But with so many SYSters trying to buy top quality and stay on budget, there is a need for quality clothes at decent prices. Perfect timing...this week's style topic is: Penny Pinching Panache! I'll show you how to get the best quality clothing, yet at bargain prices!

This week "Penny Pinching Panache" will help you get the most out of any clothing purchases. With my style tips in hand, you won't need to cut corners or do without! You can have an updated wardrobe and stay on a budget.

Smarter clothing purchases saves you time and money. I've got the tips on where to shop, how to get creative with your current wardrobe (so maybe you don't need to buy a thing!) and how to shop smart at second-hand stores!


Love, Leslie MSP

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MSP's Weekly Style Mission

This week's Style Mission: Dig into your jewelry box and make your own statement necklace using jewelry you already own (or you can buy these items inexpensively).


To make your DIY "statement necklace" you will need:


__One long faux-pearl or beaded necklace


__One colorful brooch (to attach to the necklace)


__A long strand of pretty ribbon for tying at neck


Fold your pearl or bead necklace in half. Now on each side of necklace, loop a long strand of pretty ribbon to the necklace ends. Secure the ribbon in place by tying knots. Lastly, pin your brooch on one side of the ribbon to create a unique statement necklace. Voila! Instant style.


STYLE TIP: When wearing a fancy necklace-keep other jewelry you are wearing to a minimum. Let your DIY necklace stand out!


Love, Leslie MSP




What SYSters are Saying


I really appreciate your suggesting it would be OK to try lighter-colored column dressing, even for a Body Type C.  I noticed that you included in a recent style article some photos of larger women in white and they didn't look so bad.  I've really benefitted from your fashion advice, so I can't wait to try on some white pants! Who knew they could be for me!

Thanks, Holly


I'm a type E who has lost almost 30 pounds since the beginning of the year. Nothing fits any more! I still have at least another 30 pounds to lose, so I have been really hesitant to go out and buy new clothing that will be too big on me in a couple of months.

I had to purchase a couple of bras and I managed to find one pair of good-fitting pants at a consignment shop. Otherwise, nada. I've been wearing a lot of dresses lately because they seem to look less awful when they're a little large. My biggest problem, though, is that I look SLOPPY in too-big clothing. Nothing fits right, and fit is terribly important, as you have always told us.

Any suggestions for developing an interim wardrobe that will tide me over until I am closer to goal weight? Once I get there, I plan to splurge on a nice wardrobe. I just can't afford to do that several times as I slowly whittle off the flub.

I work at a place that requires "business casual," which for me usually means slacks and a top with a sweater or jacket. I occasionally have to pull together "power outfits," but my LBD and a piece of decent jewelry usually cover those circumstances. It's the every day sloppiness that's getting to me.

Any suggestions you might offer will be greatly appreciated!

Thanks! Camille



Thank you for your style question. You will need to invest in a couple of basic and simply constructed garments to get you through your weight loss journey. Buy basic wardrobe pieces and rely more on stylish accessories to get you through. You can even ‘treat' yourself to an investment handbag when you reach a certain weight loss goal. 

Any tailor can (inexpensively if the garment is of simple constructed) take clothes down 2 sizes before you need to replace them completely. 

Do NOT compromise on fit!!! I can't stress this fact enough. You need your clothes to fit you correctly. Baggy clothes make you look bigger PLUS they won't help inspire your weight loss goals either. Consider an inexpensive skinny belt to draw in loose tops and dresses. 

Best of luck!

Love, Leslie MSP




I wanted to thank you. Since joining, I have cleaned out my closet so that everything in it now is both flattering and well-fitting. I have the basics I need to create outfits in colors that go together well and the system has worked great on a daily basis for me.

I want to tell you what happened that has amazed both my husband and me. Three weeks ago, I broke my foot and cannot go upstairs to my closet. My husband is able to pull a skirt, a top and a jacket/sweater or scarf out of the closet for me and I have a great outfit for the day (pants don't go over the cast!) That has been wonderful and has made it easier for him to help me. Since my injury, I have been both to our son's college graduation and to a business conference and it is amazing how you have helped us be able to deal with the packing. Both trips were twelve hours away from home and required extensive travel. Through your "Travel Tips" article it was easy to put together a list of exactly what I would need for each trip for my husband to be able to pack for me (remember I can't get to the closet). I had everything I needed in just one carry-on-size bag and my purse, with nothing extra to weigh me down, and travel has never been so easy. When I came back from each trip, I left the lists of the pieces needed for each outfit that I wore and how they went together in my suitcase so that the next time I travel, I will have ideas of what to pack that work perfectly together for a week.

Thanks so much for making a difficult time so much easier! If my wardrobe had not been set up like it now is, this whole experience could have been a nightmare for us both instead of just an inconvenience. Blessings - Cheryl


DEAREST MissusSmartyPants,

Thank you for your website.  I was once a size 4/6.  I married, had children, dieted, exercised but am still a 16/18.  Big change.  On good days I am heavy, on bad, fat, sometimes obese depending on what magazine I am reading.  

I got a personal profile and suddenly I have cute curves!  It's amazing the difference a change of label can make. In that instant I became Marilyn - attractive and alluring.  When I looked in the mirror I no longer saw flaws, but saw beautiful eyes, great skin, a chest that some people pay thousands of dollars for.  I have even started to buy clothes after years of wearing whatever.  

Thank you so much.  I have always been a basically happy person, but now I have an even brighter outlook with more confidence.  Thank you!