5-22-17 THIS WEEK: Reveal and Conceal

May 22, 2017, 4:30 pm by MSP


There it was! The message I needed to hear. Do you sometimes wonder how things come to you at just the right moment? I'm not sure how it happens, but I call it providence. I got this message (actually it's a sticker) that was left on the counter at my local gym. It was left there intentionally to share. Reading its message made me smile (and pause to think about it) since my day was rather hectic and stressed.

I'm not sure exactly how this "intervention" happens, but I'm glad I got this message when I did. It helped me hit my "reset button" inside my head. Yes, reset your attitude, girl! That is what I told myself. All is good with the world, so stop and BREATHE and appreciate this present moment. Sometimes life gets off kilter or out-of-sorts. We have to pause and hit reset.

This timely message reminded me about finding "balance" in all things. How can this message help YOU? This week, I help you find balance with the clothes and accessories you wear~everyday! Keep reading...


As humans we are attracted to balance.  You know, the comfort that comes from knowing your daily routines and having a fairly set day-to-day schedule. So when our lives get off kilter, and become a bit stressful, we withdraw so that we can reestablish our sense of balance. Just as we continually seek out equilibrium, we are also naturally attracted to symmetry. Studies have shown, the human eye gravitates towards symmetrical objects (whether they are part of a landscape or the shape of another person's face). Symmetry is visual balance.


Do you consider "symmetry" when you dress?


Is your outfit balanced? How do you know? Well, that's something we'll discuss this week.


Symmetry is a beautiful thing-and so are you! When your outfit is balanced, it looks proportional, and we're attracted to this pleasing look of symmetry. It is also why some face and body shapes can be considered more attractive than others. Learn this week how to work with what you've got to increase your symmetry-it's fascinating how it works!

If one proportion is bigger/smaller/longer/shorter than the other, you will need to balance these proportions visually. Adjusting your body's proportions can help you create a balanced silhouette every time you dress. I call this dressing technique "Conceal & Reveal" Strategies. It's about taking from one area, while adding to another area of the body to create a balanced shape-the symmetry you want. Once you follow this way of dressing...you'll NEVER think of getting dressed without using "conceal-reveal" strategies.


This week at MSP...learn how to create a balanced look by using my "Conceal & Reveal Strategies" chart.

This works for every woman! Just select the body part and follow the instructions!


Get "Conceal & Reveal Strategies" when you order your MSP Personal Profile today!


Where is MSP? 

I'm at the races!

I went to a Nascar race here in Charlotte NC. It was a beautiful day to be outside! Okay, it was a bit warm and humid, but precious time spent with family is always a blessing!





MSP's Weekly Style Mission

Make friends with your tailor! Take at least one item to your local tailor and have it altered. Why do we expect "ready-to-wear" off the rack clothes to fit us right? Alterations are the only way to have the perfect you deserve!

The fact is, we all have unique curves. Some of us have a fuller bust, some of us have a full booty, while others have a little extra in the middle. Since we are all a bit different (even if we wear the same size) this is why the fit of our clothes might be close, but not quite right.


Take thee to a tailor!

You deserve clothes that fit right!

A good fit can make even a low-priced item look polished and expensive. Don’t be afraid to get items tailored, even if they were cheap in the first place. For a few dollars, a tailor can transform the most inexpensive item into a custom fitted piece just for you. 

Go ahead and do it! Grab just one item from your closet you would wear more if it fitted your better. Now go take it to your local tailor. You can thank me later! (Really, you can thank me by sharing your "got it tailored" story). Email me at: missusmsp@windstream.net


What SYSters Are Saying

Dear Leslie,

I am a new syster and recently got a compliment from a co-worker who is quite stylish herself. I follow your advice and guess what happened? It worked! She told me what a cute jacket I had and how great I looked. (I followed what YOU recently said about the right jacket) I am happy with my “makeover”.

Thank you for helping women, this is a great service!

Blessings, Barb


Hi Leslie! 

I've been a "syster" for about 6 months now and what a difference! I'm a petite "A" that used to wear black and brown and wore clothes too loose for me! Now I am wearing the right colors (Yay for seasonal colors!) and the right cuts for my body type!  

Today a young mom complimented me and said that every time she sees me I am always put together and look nice! :o)  I wore a pencil skirt, a nice tank under a sunshine yellow cardigan, a pearl beaded bracelet, and sandals (and of course light make-up).

I always vowed to myself that as a wife and a new mom... that I would be a "hot wife/mama".... and not the opposite! 

Thank you for helping me build more confidence in myself! Now I am more willing to interact with people because I don't worry about what I am wearing! 

And my husband still thinks I'm a "hot mama!" :o) 

-Anna in San Diego


Dear MSP,

I've told everyone at the store about Missus Smarty Pants... I am so happy!  And my new wardrobe is fabulous.  I can shop well at a discount, knowing exactly what I am looking for...  Your program ROCKS!  Love from your SYSter,  Pat