4-24-17 MSP's Travel and Packing Guide 2017

April 24, 2017, 4:27 pm by MSP

Get ready to travel in style!

This week: MSP’s 3-Day Packing List/Guide!

Tis the season to start planning and taking family vacations, plus air travel peaks at this time of year. Whether your vacation is all about relaxing at a resort, scooting away to the beach for a couple of days, or taking a 3-day business trip... this week’s style article has everything you’ll need to pack efficiently for a 3-day trip (business or pleasure)

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By far the biggest travel mistake is over-packing! Having just what you need and nothing more will make your travel fun and hassle-free. With a good packing list you will be able to pack lighter and that makes getting to your destination easier (since you won’t have to check-in any bags)!

If you are traveling by air, you will find there are many restrictions on what you can take and how much. I will help you make sense of what you can take and how to pack everything into one (1) carry-on suitcase with what you need-and nothing more.


Let MSP show you what to pack, how to pack it...so you'll avoid over-packing!

Have you ever reached your destination only to find nothing you've packed looks good together—or you are missing a key piece? How do you know you’ve packed the right things? Over-packing is not the answer. Your goal should be to take the minimal amount of clothes with the maximum wear-ability.

STOP packing extras “In case I need it, I’ll pack this too”. A successful trip is all about planning and packing correctly. This week, learn how to pack like an expert so all your trips will be smooth sailing from here on out!

Whether you are going on a business trip or for pleasure—if the packing isn’t right, your trip will be less than what you hoped for. If you don’t pack correctly your clothes will end up wrinkled or you will end up not packing what you really need. There’s nothing worse than over-packing and having to lug around a heavy suitcase. Packing too much makes your trip more cumbersome because you will be lugging around too much— and most of it won’t be worn! With a good packing list your suitcase will be lighter; you will save time by not checking bags; travel will become easy and fun!

Ask any well seasoned traveler and they will NEVER say the next time they travel they will take more. Instead a good traveler knows—less is more. The secret is in the planning and packing... and this week I'll help you become a savvy traveler with just the right things you need.


Learn how to put together a basic travel wardrobe so you ONLY take what you need. Every time you pull out your suitcase and prepare for travel—you’ll be ready without the stress of what to pack (you'll have your print-out travel guides to help you). Of course, what you pack depends on the type of trip you are taking, the number of days you’ll be gone and the events you need to dress for. 

This Thursday, I’ll explain the basic pieces you need for your travel wardrobe & how to pack them. Finally, a LIST of what to pack!

Of course MissusSmartyPants wouldn’t want you to go anywhere without wearing a cute accessory or two! I’ll also explain how to maximize your accessories while traveling. Let’s pack it right so from now on you will enjoy your trips even more!

Love, Leslie MSP

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MSP's Weekly Style Mission 


Weekly Style Mission: Pull out your pearls!

To me, nothing says spring like wearing pearls (okay maybe white jeans, strappy sandals, or shell earrings say spring)! But pearls can be some striking style arsenal if worn correctly! There are so many ways to wear pearls besides with your black cocktail dress!

Successfully mixing pearls into your wardrobe repertoire means knowing when to match them with classic clothing and when to contrast them with trendy styles. Pearl necklaces don’t have to be a single strand. Look for multi-strand necklaces and colored pearls as well as super long lengths (you can tie a knot in them like Coco Chanel).

Watch out because pearls can add years when worn with “serious” tailored clothing. However, they can add a “youthful” spark when worn with jeans and other fun separates from your wardrobe! 


Wear your pearls girls!!! Get creative and have fun with this week's Style Mission :)


I’m often asked how to wear pearls without looking frumpy or too matronly (like grandma--even if you are one, LOL). 

Here are my favorite ways to wear pearls:

With A Sheath Dress...
When the day calls for classic, you can never go wrong with pearls and a sheath dress. But, that can be a bit boring so add a twist with a bright color fitted jacket or sweater over the top.  Finish your outfit with a sassy d’orsay pumps.

With A Button-Down Shirt...
For a structured look, pair your pearl necklace with a button-down shirt. It’s a timeless piece that keeps your look believable especially on the job. Complete this look with this great new pencil skirt and a spectator pump.

With A Print Blouse...
For something a little more casual, wear your necklace layered with a colorful paisley top and a cardigan. FLORAL prints are all the rage this spring and are great at hiding an undefined waist. Add a white pant or skirt and bright tote will finish off your look.

Girls 'n pearls this week...I love it. 

Love, Leslie MSP


What SYSters are Saying

A Big Thank You!

I was looking for a testimonial spot! I could not find one! I just wanted to say a BIG thank you! I have never had a sense of style. Because of the MSP site I have been getting compliments like crazy! Too much fun! I recently went on a cruise with my husband and son. I have a picture of our elegant night that I would like to share with you! please let me know where I could send it! 

Thanks again, Marvella- Indiana


MSP HERE: Dear Marvella, 

You can always send in style testimonial (like you did by clicking on the 'contact us' link at the bottom of the website)...however, you can send your 'before' and 'after' photos to me at: missusmsp@yahoo.com

I would love to see what you wore on your cruise after using your MSP Personal Profile to help you!

Love, Leslie MSP


Dear Leslie, 

Since becoming a SYSter I have received so many compliments on my fashion 
savvy, style smarts and "wow you look great!" I can shop quickly with a, 
no...that neckline just won't do for me, nope--that's not a good color, too 
young, too old, already have it...YES--this one's for me.

Before MSP I would buy loose, blousy, "big" shirts thinking it would make me look thinner, I now wear more fitted clothes in just the right shades and the 
compliments just keep on coming including--"have you lost a lot of weight?" 

When catalogs show up in the mail I hear myself saying...oh no those are 
just too big and loose, that's not for me. 

Thanks for guiding me to finding 
my true loveliness. 

PS. I always tell folks I owe my sense of fashion to Missus Smarty Pants! 

Thanks a million, Cindy


Dear MSP, 

I’ve been a SYS sister for two years now and I dress more stylishly now than I ever have. The two most important changes you’ve helped me make are to know what basics I need to look put-together and to wear body-skimming clothes – no baggy shirts, pants, or dresses. My waist is almost more short than petite sizing, so shopping was understandably frustrating for a long time. Baggy shirts were almost my only option, dresses never fit quite right, and a good-fitting jacket seemed nonexistent.

Thanks to changes in the clothing industry (more petite-sized clothes available in more styles) and your help to open my eyes to the options, I’ve found a great jacket to wear with pants – something I thought would elude me forever. Thanks for giving us visual examples of the principles you’re trying to teach us and for encouraging us to keep trying. 

Your Style Sister,