3-11-17 The Do's & Don'ts of Resale Shopping

March 11, 2017, 7:18 am by MSP


MSP’s Do’s & Don’ts of resale/thrift shopping...
Do go with your wardrobe plan in mind. Need a black skirt, a dressy jacket, or a button down blouse to help you complete your list of basics?
Do ask for a discount if you are a senior citizen, a teacher or military (or take one shopping with you).
Do shop often. You never know what you’ll find! Merchandise arrives daily.
Do give yourself time to explore and shop. There are lots of one-of-a-kinds. You have to sort through sizes, styles, etc. and it takes time.
Don’t be disappointed if you don’t see anything. Bargain shopping is hit or miss thing.
Do buy it if you love it! Don’t set it back—it won’t be there tomorrow.
Do shop in the more affluent areas. Better stuff comes from nearby closet purges.
Do give it a sniff test. If the armpits are odoriferous—they will always be smelly! Yuck-o—put it back on the rack!
Do inspect your clothing for broken zippers, missing buttons. You don’t need to add to your alterations pile! It’s still sitting there, isn’t it?
Do check your attitude at the door. EVERY one shops here—don’t be snobby. Be friendly and tell the staff what you’re looking for. They are the ones that put new things out!
Do realize some things are best purchased new. Bathing suits and undergarments—no further explanation needed.
Do try on lots of things. If it doesn’t fit or look good—you’ll never wear it!
Don’t settle on less than fabulous. Buy only “like new” or items with tags still on. Nothing is worth your time if it needs lots of repairing or is too worn out.
Don’t buy without reading the label. There are lots of name brands that get cast-off from other people’s closets—take advantage. Better brand names equal better quality.
Do read the fabric content and care label before buying. Are you willing to dry clean the item?
Don't forget... the idea is to ADD more style to your wardrobe—not clothes that will need to go BACK to Goodwill. LOL! Avoid the pitfalls of shopping “resale” stores and you will find some fabulous treasures for your wardrobe, just like I do!